Excellent Michael Voris Video. No, Really!

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  1. Mike , like all Catholic bloggers and evangelists has his moments of being deceived and confused also. This video is not that different from what we have seen from Voris all along…those of us who have followed him for a long time on a fairly regular basis. I have never doubted that Voris is sincere in his motives.

    • The video is a spoof, though.
      It sends the message that Voris says the right things, and does not apply them to the huge elephant he has in the room.

  2. Sometimes he does and sometimes he just doesn’t…I think he gets disinformation for sources whom he trusts, some of whom may be deliberately deceiving and manipulating him and others who are just wrongly informed themselves.
    Another difference between Voris and some other blogs that deal with Catholic issues is that Voris is also an Evangelist, and he has on his program, hundreds of hours of video instruction on various aspects of the Faith, so when discussing the hot news he tries to be extra careful not to dissuade young people from becoming or remaining Catholic.

  3. From the comments made by those watching his videos, it is obvious that many of them are not deceived. Presumably, MV and staff read those comments quite carefully. I am surprised that they permit so many that, sometimes obliquely and sometimes fairly directly, criticise the Pope for his many strange views and his overall complacency.

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