The Problem With Francis Is Francis Himself




Francis’ Ideal Bishop



The Mexican Bishops are angry at the Pope.

They are angry because the Pope rebuked them fairly openly during his recent propaganda-trip (they are, I am told, not so angry when the Pope spits heresies, which is fairly often; sed de hoc satis). They are, interestingly, willing to see in the (apparently) reasonable work done by them against Secularism and Protestantism (that is: something more than most of their South American colleague, which tends to zero) the ultimate reason for the Pope’s not-so-veiled rebuke. Now, the analysis comes from the Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Carrera. But it is reasonable to suppose the man shared thoughts with his colleagues before giving vent to his justified anger.

From this we learn one very important message: whenever the Pope attacks some Bishops, the first thing the Bishops think is that the Pope attacks them because they are being Catholics.

Absurd in normal times. Perfectly reasonable in Francis’ times. 

With the usual half-baked effort in diplomacy, the Cardinal asks “who advised the Pope so badly”. The question is wrongly posed. Francis is not a good man badly advised. He is an evil man, a profoundly dirty mind, a person corrupted in his bone marrow. Whatever bad advisers he has (I am sure he has a number of them, though I am sure others try at least limit the damage), they are merely the result of his own badness.

You also read in the article that El Mundo not only confirms great tensions between the Evil Clown and his Mexican Bishops, but also forecast a “renewal of the top of the Mexican Church”. It seems to me that what is in the cards is something akin to what has already happened in Paraguay  . But you see, Bishop Livieres Plano was isolated among his modernist colleagues; in Mexico, it could be very different.

The problem with Francis aren’t his advisers. They are, bad as they are, just the consequence of the root problem. The problem with Francis is Francis himself.

The Mexican bishops got it. And, besides the half-bakes diplomacy, they want you to know it, too. 




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