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Bishop Egan has just another article of encouragement to good Catholics to be good Catholics.  

There are much worse bishops than Egan, and the man is trying to at least send out a Catholic message. However, there are a couple of considerations that I think I should add to his. 

Our forefathers knew (but we are too stupid to realise) that you can’t defend the family without shaming those who, with their behaviour, undermine it.

You can’t be “sensitive” to “single mothers”, wonder how you should “better integrate” public concubines in the life of the Church, and call to “awareness” for the “difficult situation” of every sort of public sinner and then be surprised that the family as an institution goes to the dogs. It is, in fact, your very sensitive attitudes that causes this.

I am old enough to remember how family was defended, when its defence was more than a lip service. Shaming of sluttishness, utter contempt for those men who dared to leave their families, and general call to act like adults in everything concerning family matters, this is how it was done.  

No more. Today, the “pursuit of happiness” (intended, often, as “romantic love” in an age in which adolescence seems to extend well into the Sixties) is the new religion, and it would be considered impious to counter to it something so old and stuffed like Christian values, and expectations of decent behaviour. We don’t do “judgment” anymore.

Who knows, perhaps Mrs X was so atrociously tortured with a rusty knife by Mr X every day, that she had to leave him and marry Mr Y, who is oh so nice? How can anyone even imply that for both of them it’s either repentance or hell, and nothing else?

Who knows, perhaps Mr Z was having a strange kind of depression, which made him do a very strange thing like leaving wife and children; and now he has another wife, and little Shaoean with her; and he is sooo cute, how could you say their union is wrong? How could you call little Shaoean son of sin? Isn’t this cruel?

Who knows, perhaps young Shoshaena did not know how children are made, or thought pregnancy only happens after 18? And how can you condemn lurv? Can’t you see how beautiful the little girl, Full Moon, is? She’s all her father, DeShawn, though obviously officially there is no father; because of the council flat, you know… 

Well, I know.

Mrs X is a bloody adulterous cow, and even her female friend will refuse to have anything to do with her. Mr Z is a shame to his sex and an irresponsible cretin, and no decent man will honour him with his friendship. Young Shosheana is a slut, and no decent girl will have anything to do with her. Shaoean is a bastard at least for the Church (not his fault, but hey…).  Full Moon is a bastard for both the Church and everyone else (see above). DeShawn is a bastard at least figuratively. Probably literally, too. 


In case you wonder, I have seen all these cases at work. If it seems unbelievable to you, this gives you the measure of how far we have sunk. 

Those above were the words that made the round when family was important in actual fact. And when this happened, the social shame helped preserve the family, big time. The preservation of the institution was more important than individual destinies. You don’t want to suffer the consequences? Avoid the behaviour. The only way out of the social pariah-dom was the Christian one: sincere repentance and change of life. I have seen such cases, too. 

You can’t have your cake and eat it. If you want to protect anything you must, you must condemn what goes contrary to it. There’s no other way. It’s the only way it can work.

This is elementary common sense. But we don’t live in an age in which elementary common sense is held in any respect. Rather, the continuous desire of almost everyone to a) feel good with themselves, and b) be seen as “nice” is what counts.

This is why the family is imploding, and almost 50% of the newborn in the United Kingdom are – you guessed it – bastards.




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  1. Thank you for yet another timely cold shower…

  2. I’ve personally had to deal with friends all atwitter and gushing about a mutual homosexual acquaintance adopting a baby with his partner. Poor, dear child! Damn the adoption agency who deprived this child a mother and a father.

    And living in a university town said to be “lesbian friendly”, the number of children growing up with two mothers is not insignificant.

    These are the new spins on the degradation of the family.

  3. Have also lost friends when I expressed disapproval with one being a surrogate. She actually had a donor egg (fertilised with her husbands sperm!) implanted in her post-menopausal body which was then pumped up with hormones to maintain a pregnancy. She is now the birth (?) mother of a son unrelated to her.

    And we all know the case of the 60+ year old Italian matron, the worlds oldest mother, do we not? She underwent the type of pregnancy described above. Alas, she died when the child was about 3 or 4.

    This is far more common than you think. Some countries want to reign in anonymous donor sperm. No one considers the rights of the child.

  4. I would be a tad hesitant towards heaping shame on a woman pregnant out of wedlock. That is a motivator for abortion, as they want to abort before the pregnancy is evident. I’ve seen that quite a bit in my 20+ years in front of abortuaries. Some discretion would be advised here.

    • False argument.

      “Do not condemn what is wrong, because something worse may come out of it”.

      With this reasoning, nothing will be condemned anymore: not adultery lest divorce ensues, not terrorism lest more terrorists are recruited, not perversion lest it results in suicide. The list is long.

      That abortion would add a murder to the other sin is obvious, and this must also be said. But again, this sensitive mentality is what creates the diffused slutdom in the first place.

      Shame must be public, and brutal.

      I’ve seen it work.


  5. Friends of mine, are going through divorce right now, 20 yrs. & 4 kids later. I refuse to have anything to do with that pigman that left because of depression or whatever. Have made it known to my husband that if I find out he has been talking to or in any way giving support(approval) to this sad pathetic, jerk, (who gets my fervent prayers), my husband can go live with his buddy. Prayers and shaming, outright rejection of this man is what he needs, not a buddy to complain to about the choice he made. My husband was angry with me at first, but I think now he understands.

    • Your feelings are right, but I think your reaction is wrong.

      It is not for you to give orders to your husband, much less threaten him with separation, or (God forbid!) kicking him out.

      Let your disapproval come from the position of a strongly catholic, but dutiful wife. He will understand even sooner.

      And yes, your husband is wrong. Buddy must be obliterated from the friend’s list. It is what it is. Make your bed, etc.


  6. Dear Mundabor,

    Would you please send me an e-mail message so I can send you the canonical petition that Mary’s Advocates offers to any reliable spouse who is being reluctantly divorced by an abandoner or adulterer WHILE the wayward party is professing to be a Catholic. You may find “fodder” for a blog entry. In all seriousness, the faithful can petition the bishops to do what you ask – to at least stop the giving of scandal.

    Bai Macfarlane

    • I do not give away my email. I publish the message for the readers.

      Where I grew up, to collaborate in any way with divorce proceedings would exclude one from communion (Italy also had the institute of legal separation, which didn’t).

      What has happened to us…


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