Please, Please, Please Pray For Francis’ Security In Egypt!

It appears the Evil Clown is engaging in another one of his easy stunts, concerning his security in Egypt. All smoke of course, but it let me to think – with horror – at the consequences of an attempt on the life of the Pope Clown.

If he dies we would experience the Immediate Canonisation of the man, with FrancisChurch officially becoming the received wisdom in all things Catholic. If he survives, the Vatican news people will spin the attempt to death, in a similar way as it happened for John Paul II. Not nearly as tragic, but not good at all.

No, let's hope nothing of the sort happens. Let's hope Francis dies a painless death within the oh so humble confines of his entire luxury hotel floor. Let's hope he goes without giving his supporters and minions of Satan any weapons to further the work of their dark master.

Please pray that Francis may stay alive and well. Intercontinental trips don't go on forever.



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  1. Sorry…I tried. I REALLY did!

  2. True enough. I don’t know why it would be attempted. He is the best friend they have ever had, and is making their caliphate dreams come true. Europe is de-Christianizing more and more each day.

  3. There’s a very real danger going there; he’d be such an easy target.

  4. I can’t imagine that he will visit a Coptic church, so he’ll be perfectly safe.

  5. Here’s another scenario.

    The Amazin’ Man thinks to himself “I’m not getting front page coverage like in the old days [i.e., four years ago.] How about martyrdom? I’d be the first pope in over a thousand years to go that way. They’d never be able to ignore me then; and look how it worked for the Buddhists in Vietnam.”

    Just saying…

  6. Isn’t there something in the Bible about the anti-Christ coming back from the dead after a head wound? Oh well, he, and all of us are in God’s hands.

  7. PF is doing his assignment of NWO’s agenda that to bring all religions into one fold, One World Religion. Nobody has capable to hurt him. Praying that God will stop him before he causes more damages to the Catholic Church.

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