Arrogant, Lazy And Dumb: Francis Speaks About Himself

Willing to take risks.

One can only be grateful that the Lord, whilst punishing us with this nincompoop, gives us the possibility to understand what an ass he is. 

In his umpteenth interview, anticipating the umpteenth book not written by him,  Francis allows us to have a glimpse of the life of an idiot when he becomes Pope. 

An interview is not a lecture.

Boy, I though a Pope was given the job to do exactly that. 

He values “spontaneity” and avoids “rigid formulas”.

Translation: “I don’t know jack of Catholicism and every time I open my  mouth I put my foot in it. Therefore, I prefer to call it spontaneity. Not that I care about learning anything of it anyway”

Interviews have “pastoral value”.

Good Lord, if they have to have any value one should take care that they are precisely and correctly formulated, eh, no? This idiot seems to think that if you want to be “pastoral” you have the right to be confused, and confusing. The stupidity of this man is so mind-boggling that it’s a mystery how anyone can still believe he is not an utter idiot, besides being evil. 

He never prepares for interviews.  

What a lazy, lazy ass. He is the Pope, and he can’t be bothered to be prepared when he wants to speak to his sheep. Let me say it again: what a lazy, lazy ass. 

Being misinterpreted is a “pastoral risk” he is “willing to take”. 

What arrogance. Can you imagine a Mathematics teacher saying that he prefers to be spontaneous and his pupils getting his wrong is a risk he is willing to take? How more important is Catholicism than Mathematics? 

“I have the nerve, but I am also very shy,”

You have the arrogance, but you are also very stupid. 


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  1. Darn it Mundabor, I wish for once you would not mince words and would tell us how you really feel.

    I enjoyed your candor, as usual. We Catholics, in the face of the horror, are kind of horrifyingly constrained. We are simmering, maybe even festering. At some point, it’s gonna blow.

  2. ‘I have hit a nerve, it is in the rectal area.’ This is what he meant to say.

  3. ilovevictoriasbows

    And always remember that he has “the humility and ambition to want to do something.” Well, at least the ambition.

  4. God is in control now. Have you seen that it is a purging time which Francis and his minions being exposed as traitors who are so ignorant and arrogant to think that they can overthrow the Christ’s Church? They’re so dumb to realize that “Nothing is more degrading than to make one’s self the servant of that murderer of souls (Devil), by helping him to lay his snares for them.” (Fr, Delaporte in “The Devil: Does he exist? and what does he do? Page 127.”

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