Oil Your Guns For Dublin

The “World meeting of Families”, which will be held (if Francis is alive; please pray today that this be not the case) in Dublin in August of next year, is going to be quite the homo-fest.    

The intent is very clear and it is being aggressively pushed already now, many months before the main event: to smuggle every kind of perverted fake relationship as “family” in some way or other, with the usual excuse of the “accompanying” (to hell) and such like rubbish. 

This will be the greatest homo-push ever perpetrated even by the satanical Francis’ pontificate. Prepare yourself now to read so-called “c”atholic news outlet of the “Aleteia” variety to celebrate the “evolution” in the doctrinal understanding of evil filth, which is just as logical as if the same outlets would celebrate Francis’ new understanding of logic or mathematics. 

The homophilic hell-fest must be countered with an extremely aggressive stance from us, those who think that two and two will always be four. I encourage every blogger and every commenter on whatever site or blog to sharpen the tone and call this pope and his minion what they are: atheist, perverted, heretical, Christ-hating scum that must be ridiculed and insulted in every way by the militant laity until other events – outside of our control – get us rid of this unspeakable filth.

Bloggers, commenters, readers, think of this: one day you will die; how will the saying that in front of the greatest onslaught on truth in two thousand years of history you did not want to appear impolite make you look? 

What the heart feels the mouth must cry. If the mouth remains oh so polite, is the heart really wounded? 

Start the offensive now. Go on blogging, commenting, and praying. Talk about this mess with colleagues and friends. Do not eschew the confrontation, embrace it.

Be a Crusader, raise your voice if needs be, lose friends if needs be! 

You will have enough friends in paradise. 






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  1. To take place in an ex-Catholic country!

  2. One-lunged Bergoglio is seemingly going strong. I understand he will make an appearance at this Joy of Sodomy Fest.

    It would be fitting for a future pope to impose excommunication upon all who promoted, spoke at, or attended this evil event. The venue should be condemned, imploded and the rubble exorcised and buried or burned. A Cathedral of St Peter Damian dedicated to Our Lady of Victory should be built on the site.

  3. My grandfather was born in Cork. We have always been proud of our Irish blood. No more. This is a heinous embarrassment, and we lament what has happened to the Emerald Isle, where the faith has not only been lost, it has been buried. Tourism should dry up like the desert.
    What is that saying, in fine velocitor? (things speed up at the end?). They certainly are, in the church and in the world, things are deteriorating at a stunning clip. At the end, I want to be counted with those who did some little part to defend Christ and the faith.

  4. Methinks you’re channeling Pope Urban II: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/urban2-fulcher.html . Good advice in any age regardless of who they are that attack the People of God.

  5. I am so offended and saddened by my relatives who do not even know about this, as far as I can tell. I find it very difficult to visit the land of my Catholic forebears when there is nothing Catholic left in the island.

  6. Irish Catholic has been defeated badly due to corrupted to the bone, betrayal hierarchy. Saint Patrick has foretold that Ireland will be inundated and submerged under the sea. The Polish Catholic has replace Irish for favorite God chosen.

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