The Emperor Has No Followers

Oh, the irony! The pope who, more than anyone else, seeks approval among the people is the one who is most ignored by Catholics, non-Catholics and… tourists alike! 

The attendance figures from 2013 to 2015 are here, and they are shocking. The figures shop a drop almost as big as the drop in donation for the Clinton foundations. The people of the peripheries just can’t stand this man.

From 50,000 to 16,000 in two short years until 2015 (with the novelty effect built-in at least in the 2013 figures) already speak a clear language. The figures for 2016 are told to be around 10,000, only 20% of the first Francisyear. This 2017 which now goes to an end was very probably even worse. 

No one is interested in a Pope who “doesn’t pope”. It’s full of comedians on TV and they at least are funny. A clown with a dour face and a hypocrisy that can be smelled one mile away is of no interest but to those who go for circus attractions and freak shows. Heck, by the numbers of tourists visiting Rome at pretty much every time of the year, one wonders how the figures can be so low.

But then one knows Francis, so this is par for the course.


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  1. Investigate Bergoglio and Gustavo Vera.

  2. Very sad, but indeed a Pope who even by VII has no patina of piety and despises Catholicism does not attract any pious soul. For secular humanists, they better take a vacation and indulge in some pleasured rather than listening to a counterfeit Tony Robbins peddling liberation teology and eco-rubbish.

  3. Doubt if he cares anymore what his popularity rating is. His job is almost finished. He has done his job well. He has finished the course almost. He has wrecked the faith. Well we still need to pray for his soul. St. Jacinta asked it.

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