“Bundle Up!” Why Trump Is The Troll Emperor



I never liked the expression “God Emperor” referred to Donald Trump; I never did it because, whilst having its obvious roots in the Roman Empire, it does sound vaguely blasphemous to these Christian ears.

However, Trump truly is a guy that seems to keep doing what he does so well (not only running a country, but enraging snowflakes whilst having a lot of fun in the process) with great energy even as a President.

Take the tweets he sent about do-called Global Warming.

It’s funny and ferocious. It’s sound common sense and ferocious mockery. It’s what other Heads of State don’t do, because they are too dumb and conformist for that, and could never pull it off the way Trump does. Trump is an oasis of sanity in a world run by conformist, incompetent nincompoops, the obvious product of the Age of Madness in which Western democracies have descended.

Dumb voters produce dumb leaders. It’s the bane of democracy.

Trump’s religion is Christianity, not global warming. This would be good enough in itself. But what is even funnier is to see this man having a laugh at the stupid priests of the new religion of non-existing “consensus” and even more absurd (an oxymoron is there ever was one) “settled science”, and enjoying “triggering” all those pothead and assorted retards of the vast Losers’ Galaxy.

Trump has remained Trump. He has not transformed himself into another tofuhead spouting platitudes. He keeps attacking, keeps provoking, and keeps having fun as he teaches Libtards how to think or, more likely, enjoys their inability to do so.

We need more of this on our side, too. The Catholic blog world keeps being too nice, too afraid of “offending”, too much concerned with polite discourse and with the gentlest rules of engagements. Our enemies don’t return the favour. Many more of us should forget the white gloves and start trolling these people relentlessly. If a President of the United States can do it, so can a humble blogger.

Thank God for this exceptional man. God willing, 2018 will bring not only more winning, but a lot of fun, too.



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  1. So well put, thank you for it.
    The man is a phenomenon. What is also amusing is that often, it’s his “arrogance” that is cited by the NeverTrumpers as why they don’t like him. As if that were sufficient reason to discount the best thing to happen to us since perhaps, George Washington, also a man of his time. But it’s not arrogance when it’s the truth. We have never seen the likes of this man before, and it’s doubtful we will again. He is a study in complexities of personality, just about the only person I can think of that I feel some curiosity about. Most people are rather mundane, very much like someone else we may know, but not Donald Trump. Now I have no illusions about him being a perfect man at all. No, he’s flawed, like the rest of us, but he is more than the rest of us as well. He’s a plain spoken man who is undoubtedly brilliant, he’s a man who’s had everything but somehow appreciates the small things, the unconnected people, his country, his nation’s founders and their principles. He’s been immersed in a world of profit and losses, but he champions Christianity and acknowledges publicly “Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior”, and he does this when it is not convenient. His tenacity and perseverance in the face of enemies should already be legendary. He understands the existential threat from Islamic attacks and demographics and wants to protect our nation from both. He understands economics and wants to bring those forces to bear in a nation that has seen nothing but economic irresponsibility for years and years, and can’t throw away enough money to foreign entities and on globalist schemes. He gets that a strong military is a necessity, and he’s unashamedly pro-life. Those babies can’t vote, and it only earns him hatred from the Left, but he champions them anyway. The first thing he did in office was rescind the Mexico City policy, so Americans won’t pay for abortions in other nations.
    Thank God for him. We can never thank God enough for him.

  2. You are as right as can be. Trump is a breath of fresh air, and I delight in seeing the idiotic liberal running about like chickens with their heads cut off.

  3. Good food for thought … thank you.

  4. What you have written about a man bringing sanity to an insane world could be said about you, Mundabor. Thank you sincerely for your daily commentary.

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