The Sad Christmas of Libtards: Part II



How very fem…. oops! 

In the second part of my blog post about the sad, sad Libtard Christmas (which is perfectly natural: how can Christmas without Christ be a joyous occasion?) I will touch briefly on an ugly, despicable, hateful dyke at some point in her life considered a comedian. 

This very sad individual takes a religion she despises and elect herself as the new Christ, claiming to know who goes to hell and who doesn’t and, possibly even worse, declaring a kind of LiBDykeJudgment on the entire humanity. 

Now, let us forget for the moment the intrinsic stupidity of the woman’s ideological stance and let us reflect on the wording itself. If the statement of the woman  had been issued from an obvious Christian background, the meaning would be clear: you need to pray, because you’re going to hell unless you repent. But this cannot be in the mind of the female in question, because the concept of Christianity is obviously something she was never introduced to. No, what the sad dyke does is to hiss and spit venom in the most brutal way she knows how, oblivious of any contradiction – as well as the stupidity and arrogance of the statement – as she does so.

What sad, sad being these Libtards are. Look at this woman: her life is obviously shit (old dyke seeing her world crumble around her: go figure), and the pent-up frustration is discharged with extremely hateful tweets showing all the hatred she has in her blood. 

As Trump would say: “sad, it’s so sad”.

I wish Rosie O’Donnell salvation. I pray that we will, one day, enjoy together the endless, unfathomable joy of the Divine Presence. But in order to get there she certainly needs to repent for the hateful, arrogant, stupid mockery of Christianity she tweets around, to start looking at the dyke in the mirror and to be filled with righteous horror at what her life, and herself, have become. 

Pray for the poor wretch, because that’s what we are. Don’t have much hope that she will avoid hell, because she seems intentioned to get there straight. 





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  1. You know what’s interesting about that picture is she clearly uses tooth whitener and she’s had Botox. Her eyebrows aren’t coming together. Anyone that mad has their eyebrows come together unless it’s paralyzed so they can’t. Which means she actually cares about what she looks like. Think about that

  2. Sadly, Mundabor, she was introduced to Christianity…in Catholic schools, no less. Born and baptized and raised Catholic.

  3. And consider her poor adopted children, always the biggest victims in these sham lives spent on disordered pleasures. Some years ago there was already domestic disharmony, as one of her children ran away from home, or something along those lines. Children are given to homosexual couples to do with as they see fit, and we can only imagine. Those horror stories are beginning to be told and will only grow. But in a world where children are a commodity to buy, to sell, to destroy, that is probably predictable.
    These horrible women, they have been so empowered in their man and God hating destruction, and feeling the power of the world behind them, they are proving themselves to be just as ugly on the inside as we suspected. They are now unhinged, their ugliness spews forth like lava, it can no longer be contained.

    • I honestly think that “gay adoption” will turn up to be a big horror story. Not before thousands of children are sacrificed on the altar of “diversity” and “equality”, though…

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