How To Send Australian Priests To Jail

The devil is clearly at work in Australia. I wonder how many lawmakers who call themselves “Catholics” have voted this. May they rot in hell, together with all the others who supported this measure, unless they repent.

The mechanism is very simple.

  1. Guy (anti-Catholic activist, or deranged individual) self-denounces itself as a child rapist.
  2. Priest respects the seal of confession, as he must.
  3. Guy reports the priest to the police, and shows the recording to them (easy to do nowadays, every phone will suffice).

It does not matter whether the rape happened or not (nor, from a Catholic perspective, should it matter, either). The crime is exactly not having reported the self-accusation to the police.

So, deranged individual walks out more or less scot free and anti-Catholic activist runs, at most, the risk of a token sentence for false report; possibly not even that, because the fake rape is not what was reported to the police, whilst the failure to report is.

Father, however, risks three years in jail, for being Catholic.

I am very curious what the Australian Bishops will do now. Make no mistake, I blame them too. I am pretty sure they have done nothing more than meowing. I say this because, in my long life, I have never seen any Bishops’ Conference, not one at all, doing anything else but meowing.

It’s time to stop being so darn nice to the people who want us and the Church wiped out of this earth, and start seeing all those legislators and activists for what they are: enemies of Christ and agents of Satan.

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  1. My thoughts on this:

    1. An active pedo is probably not going to betake himself to confession, except maybe to toy with the Sacrament.

    2. There is only one way to enforce this law, and that is for the government to send in spies and/or bug the confessional, thus giving the Australian government yet one more thing in common with Nazi Germany.

    3. This is Reason No. 3,456,987 to have completely anonymous confessionals, with priest and penitent in totally separate compartments and not the idiotic “reconciliation rooms” where a priest could have physical access to a penitent and/or the ability to identify a penitent.

    4. Let’s not kid ourselves that outrages against the sacramental seal couldn’t happen elsewhere. It happened in the United States about 25 years ago in the state of Oregon, where a prosecutor had the sacramental confession of an inmate to a priest clandestinely recorded. There was a huge battle over whether the state could use the recording in court. The courts ruled in the negative, but as far as I know, the diocese failed in its bid to have the recording destroyed. This incident triggered some positive changes in the law in various places, but, well, the world is a much more indecent place now than it was even then.

  2. Bravo! We must pray for priests to Our Lady every day without fail. Contentious priests have never been in more peril.

  3. Raphael Hythloday

    The bishops — at least in the jurisdiction which charged and gaoled Pell — have been advised that the moment they publicly instruct priests to adhere to the seal of confession, Victoria Police will charge them with “incitement.” So instead the bishops have loudly and repeatedly insisted that they personally, as priests themselves, will never violate the seal.

    The Archbishop of Perth has been the most forthright, but if a roar is ignored by the secular press, it may as well be a meow.

    • I meant that thebishops have certainly disappointed before this happened. It is astounding what degree of anticlericalism we are living.

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