Frankie Goes To Hellywood? More Rumours On Francis’ Health

This blog, a Spanish-language publication inserted within the Spanish version of Info Vaticana, states that the health of the Evil Clown is “worrying”. There isn’t much, only the title and one line in the text. However, the blog is considered credible enough for Gloria TV to post the news; this, even after the latest rumours were, more or less, officially denied.

To this I add a useful piece of information I got from my comment section, where a reader posted that a relative of him, who died of cancer, was morbidly obese to the end. It would, therefore, appear that cancer does not necessarily make one thin in the last months.

I am, frankly speaking, grateful for every “worrying” piece of information like this one, and therefore report it in the hope of pleasing my very Catholic readers.

I also notice this: that this kind of rumour is what tends to happen when things are really that way, but the official sources stonewall on any piece of useful information. It was the same when the occupiers of the Kremlin were ill: one rumour here, one whisper there. Denied, of course; but slowly increasing in number and precision, until the whispers became an accepted fact. Are we following the same trajectory here? I don’t know. But we can hope.

Pray for the end of this pontificate. Pray also, in your charity, for the eternal soul of this disgraceful, satanical individual. Not because he deserves it, but because he doesn’t. The Church prays for Her enemies, we in our little can try to imitate her, and can do worse than pray for the eternal health of the soul of this worst of the Church’s enemies.

Still, let me say very frankly that, as always, God’s will be done. I am, therefore, perfectly happy with Francis dying today, suddenly, dropping dead on his soup whilst he reflects on how to better wage war against Catholics.

It’s not that he has great chances of salvation anyway.

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  1. One might wonder if T’Googlio Monster could meet a similar fate to Arius who is reported to have shat his guts out in a public dunny.

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    Isn’t it rich paradox that Ratzinger emeritus, notwithstanding his cowardice, may outlive the King of the Fairies? This I am sure is causing more mental anguish to Omogoglio than passing into the netherworld.

  3. grassrootgonzo

    If his demise is imminent, and I think it is, based on his sudden lashing out in an effort to leave a demonic legacy, I imagine he is anxious to meet satan in person, having been a faithful minion. What concerns me is that the next …conclave….will bring the actual antichrist, Bergoglio having been so obviously a false prophet.

  4. I wonder if the worst is yet to come.

  5. My Spanish is fair. The post mentions that he has Type II, which means Type II diabetes. This often has a hereditary basis, and is accompanied with obesity, large abdominal measurement, inflammatory problems, and cardiac symptoms. In my work we referred to it as Metabolic Syndrome. This has a higher risk of ill effects if the person with this genetic tendency does not control diet, fat intake, exercise, blood pressure, etc. (It can be controlled, some, with diet & exercise, plus lipid and cardiac medications.) I don’t know if he tries to correct some of those genetic problems, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his recovery was a bit slower due to that condition. Frankly, his apparent rapid recovery so far makes me think his is not an extreme case.

  6. Mundy, Maybe the headline should be Hellywood is going to Frankie as anticyclone Lucifer is going to Rome this week.


    While I would have no sadness if Frank were on his way out it’s not clear right now what is truly wrong with him. They have reported it as colonic stricture which is a complication that comes from too many diverticulitis attacks. This results in the closing of the colon due to permanent inflammation or too much scar tissue. In such a case the area that is compromised must be removed. No matter who you are if part of your colon is removed you MUST have a bag for 30 days because that is how long it takes for the colon to cure so to speak so the doctors can re attach it. All that being said the reason for removing his colon, or most of it may not be due to a colonic stricture but also could be cancer. However if he was suffering from the stricture he should have lost a great deal of weight before hand. He would have been unable to eat properly or, forgive me, expel properly which would have caused fast and excessive loss of weight. Best thing to do is just wait and see.

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