Forbidden Fantasies and Church-Hating Archbishops.

“hhmmm…. just ruminating what to do with those obnoxious Catholics…”

Archbishop Rebolledo Salinas of La Serena, Chile, hates the Church. Why do I know it? Well, this is very easy to answer: because he has forbidden the live streaming of the Traditional Latin Mass (likely: the only one) held in his diocese.

I can imagine the Archbishop rubbing his hands together at the brilliancy of the move. “I got the better of those pesky Catholics! Game, set and match Rebolledo Salinas!” Such, or suck like, must have been his thoughts as he proceeded to this brilliant, brilliant move.

The Archbishop is 62. It is my considered opinion that the man never once visited Youtube.

Because if he had, it’s difficult to think that he would have been so stupid to damage his reputation worldwide with a silly gesture like this one.

But wait: it says here that the guy is an appointment of none other than our Most Beloved Cartoon Figure, The Francis! Could it be that stupidity was a requirement for the appointment, and the guy scored very high on this regard? I don’t know, though I have my opinion on this. It would explain a lot.

As Francis’ disgraceful pontificate hopefully starts going towards his final phase (we may hope at least..) I have more and more frequent fantasies of Pope Pius the XIII and his head of the CDF, Tomas the Torquemada, defrocking (and I mean defrocking) Bishops and Cardinals like it’s Inquisition Party again.

This guy has certainly qualified. I will include him in my forbidden Pius XIII fantasies at once.

It is a consolation that, up to now, the enemy does not seem to be very smart.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    These fruit cake bishops are truly made at the image and likeness of the Supreme Fairy Omogoglio. Combine amoral with hopelessly ignorant and incompetent. What’s next? Forbidding thinking about attending the TLM? Legendary stupidity.

  2. Wow! Landmark ignorance! I cannot explain away his ‘ruling’ as if Chile were a 3rd world country. Most 3rd world countries are much more adept at accessing services than your average westerner because they often have to work at it. No excuse for that man!

  3. *sigh* the Inquisition:+) What a lovely fantasy, Mundy. But instead of defrocking, add the rack and some good ole fashioned burning at the stake…that will bring your heart even greater joy:+) If we truly lived in your Pius XIII age, that would be a viable option and these cretins viable candidates. They certainly deserve it and worse. Praying for their souls. God bless~

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