Salami Tactics, Or: Killing Tradition One Slice At A Time.

Ecclesia Dei Orders on a plate

The Germans call it Salami Tactics. This is the idea that, if you want to reach a certain objective but are afraid of a strong backlash, you should go about it one little slice at a time. No single act will be, in itself, such that it unchains the big confrontation. But in the end, you will have sliced the entire salami anyway.

Famously, a guy who knew a thing or three about tyranny advocated exactly the same tactics – though he did not call it that way – in order to deprive people of that inconvenient thing, freedom. His name was Adolf Hitler.

The very same tactic is being used now to get rid of the Traditional Latin Mass.

The strong initial reaction to TC put us in a position of advantage. Still, only two months later, the first slices of salami are being cut. Look only at Paris and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Will this tactic work? As always, it will if the other side allows it.

Make no mistake: polite disagreement will lead you exactly nowhere. Waiting for better times will only create worse times. Diplomacy does not work with people like Francis. If Francis dies without great opposition to TC, a Francis II will be far more probable than a Pius XIII or a Benedict XVII.

We need to understand that if we want to stop the nefarious effects of TC we need to go nuclear on every Bishop who moves to damage the TLM.

Please don’t give me the “if we do that we will give Francis the excuse to do even worse” routine. If you have not understood that Francis already wants to do worse I am very sorry to break it out to you, but I think that you are just plain dumb.

The salami of the TLM is being cut as we speak, one slice at a time. The strong, determined reactions seen in July are just not there anymore. We will, no doubt, read a lot of recommendations to “prudence”, we will hear that “this is not the right time”, that we need to keep a “cool head”.


Those who tell you so are, wittingly or not, being the useful idiots of Francis and his rotten band of salami slicers. Francis does not need prudence, he needs to be booed in the street. His Bishops don’t need prudence, they need insults thrown at them.

How to react?

This is very simple, if you ask me.

Forget diplomacy. Diplomacy never works with bullies. Confrontation always does.

Write to your Bishop and tell him very frankly that abolition of even one mass in his diocese means you will see in him an enemy of Christ. No donations, no money left in your will, not one penny in the donation box, you will let the diocese rot until the diocese becomes Catholic again. And don’t be afraid of telling such a Bishop that he makes the work of Satan, too. He likely does not believe in God anyway, but it can’t do any damage. From now on, all money and all supports goes to the SSPX, so that Francis can have all the damn division he wants pushed down his demonic throat, and welcome.

Keep being “prudent” instead, and watch as your masses are being closed one at a time, without even a serious conflict, at the most with a whimper, or the concession of some more time.

Next in line, of course, are the former Ecclesia Dei orders. They will be sliced at Francis’ pleasure because, having been born with the original sin of being alive not because the TLM has to be, but because they were graciously allowed to celebrate it, they have the caving in, the humiliation, the defeat and, if it be Francis’ pleasure, their destruction written in their very DNA; and if you thought that any of these orders have balls even remotely comparable to the SSPX, you will soon discover how sorely mistaken you are.

It is not realistic to hope that, once tested, the Ecclesia Dei orders will pass the test. They exist exactly because they never did. Their pathetic whimpering and disgusting repeated quotation of V II documents in their appeal to the French Bishops to, pretty please, tolerate them a little longer is just a request to be cut away one slice at a time as they await the miracle of Pius XIII; a miracle, mark my words, that they have not deserved, as they exist exactly in order to weaken the true Catholics, those who understood that JP II salami knife was hard at work and acted accordingly.

Naturally, there is a microscopically small possibility that all this pathetic, effeminate V II quoting (even of Amoris Laetitia, which is truly the height of boot licking) is only part of a clever plan meant to make Francis look bad, and these orders will rebel once they are ordered to close their seminaries or the like. I, for myself, consider this no more than wishful thinking and, in fact, an exercise in self-delusion until I am (please, God!) proven wrong.

Please reflect on this: in all probability, the Ecclesia Dei orders will not be closed down straight. They will simply be killed one slice at a time, with the consternation but oh so pious approval of the apostles of the Obedience Against Christ that makes these institutional Catholics feel so prudent and fuzzy inside.

And just in case you still haven’t understood it: I did not listen to all 59 minutes of the famous Taylor Marshall video that is causing so much discussion. Still, I have dedicated to it enough time to get away the message that he thinks the document is, even if limited to France, representative of an attitude, that is: the reaction of wet kitten hoping to be smashed against the Modernist Tree a bit later than next month. I have read the letter and, if this is his thinking, I think he is exactly right.

My prediction is that their wish will be granted: they will be smashed against the Modernist Tree fairly slowly, one kitten at a time, without fanfare, and with some good cat food occasionally thrown to them before the execution, because Francis loves the oppressed.

Please, God, make me be so wrong on this as I have never been in my life. But whatever happens, please never let me become one of those who disobey to You as they boast of their obedience to an evil man like Francis.

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  1. Bravo!

  2. “their destruction written in their very DNA” That is such a true statement. They sealed their death warrant when they petitioned Rome to be “allowed” to offer the Catholic Mass, as Catholic priests. They allowed for their own demise so they could appear “obedient” .

  3. A recent incident of a manly, orthodox German FFSP parish priest being exiled by his superiors to the Czech Republic (where he speaks not the language) because he spoke brave, morally sound, CATHOLIC food for spiritual nourishment in a parish bulletin is very upsetting to me. As a consequence I choose to withhold future monetary support to the FFSP. I will write and tell them exactly why. I will miss getting their beautiful Christmas cards this coming season.

    The FFSP will learn the hard way that licking Rome’s boots does not end well.

    St Edmund Campion, pray for the Church!

  4. True, satanic scoundrel omogoglio is a bulldozer, waiving the white flag will not motivate him to show them his faggotry “mercy.”

  5. It looks to me like people are falling for something the enemy of souls will be delighted at, wrecking the whole edifice just because one of his minions has temporarily taken power there. Schism isn’t something that can be walked back within one’s lifetime.

  6. I’m close to finishing the first volume of Michael Davies’ Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre. This is a must-read for anyone who doesn’t quite get who and what we who just want to be Catholic been dealing with in the Church since Vatican II.

  7. I can’t cheer this essay enough, Mundabor. It is so profoundly true and so devastatingly accurate. My God. We are sick of being Catholic. I don’t mean we don’t love Catholicism. We do. I don’t mean we don’t love the faith, love the authentic church, love the men who gave their lives for God and the people and the faith, but we have nothing but contempt for all the weak Catholics both clergy and laypeople who have enabled our church to be gutted like a fish. Look at where we are. The world is in angst over a ratcheted up pandemic and all the other strife, and our “pope” brings more misery like a ghoul and his evil minions do his vile bidding, choosing now to take away the Holy Mass which is consolation to the people. It is categorically his most vicious act. He loathes us.
    I’m a woman. I’m a peacemaker, not a fighter. But sometimes there are no options left. You’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. You’re going down, down, down. Do you give in? Do you capitulate, because you fear discomfort more than you do losing everything? Do you believe the tyrants when they practice calumny about you for speaking up and try to convince you that the problem is YOU? No! We are not the problem! The problem is a church infested with malefactors and evil men who do nothing but evil and call it good! The head of the snake hisses and all the little snakes fall in line. Don’t try to do business with snakes! There is no deal that will work. What they don’t take today they take tomorrow. After they make you squirm a little bit, or throw you a gnawed over bone. No more begging for scraps! We need men with chests, because only they will be victorious. We need to mount a defense that brings it to them. I am completely tired of being polite about men who hate us, hate the church, hate the faith, and hate God. They do not deserve our good manners.
    Frankly we are ready for the SSPX. It would be a huge relief to at least belong to something that doesn’t hate itself and practice self-immolation every day, which we have endured for years. We would leave the church to go down like a sinking ship. We’d shed a tear, but also laugh when it goes under the waves and is no more. The church has become another cross in life to bear. Lord, please come soon.

    • The Church will never “be no more”. The deformed building that she has now become will, one day, be taken over by the right people.
      The SSPX is not less “Church” than the Vatican. They are, in fact, a much more beautiful expression of it.

  8. I was a very young woman when those who would lead the FSSP broke with Archbishop Lefebvre & the FSSPX, believing that all they had to do was that extremely tiny pinch of incense. All went well for a few decades, but many of us are not surprised to see what we expected when that first break occurred. Your comments are exactly what I have believed (and lived) for those years.
    I am grateful that Taylor Marshall slowly peeled the onion for those listeners who do not know any of this history, and grateful to you for listening to the pertinent points. I will continue in the same direction I chose, back at the start of this situation, in good faith with the FSSPX, working toward their flourishing as best I can. Thank you for an excellent post.

  9. Our Lady did prophesy 2 worm ridden Popes

  10. I’ve a different take on this. The Ecclesia Dei communities have to go on the offensive immediately and start as many new centres as possible, by any means necessary. For some reason, FSSP and ICKSP restricted their locations to less than 20 countries only (zero presence in Asia, including heavily-populated archdioceses like Mumbai, Goa and Manila). Even after Summorum Pontificum, issued almost 15 years ago! They would have had major leverage by expanding aggressively into all the countries with significant Catholic presence. They didn’t even bother with the major dioceses in Italy, giving the impression of being cloistered and unimportant instead of positioning themselves as the 21st-century version of 16th-century Jesuits and 13th-century Dominicans.

  11. “It is not realistic to hope that, once tested, the Ecclesia Dei orders will pass the test. They exist exactly because they never did.” BAM! You NAILED it.

    The roots of the FSSP are rotten precisely b/c when they were given the test they failed back in ’88. They and the other ED communities allowed the poison of V2 in and it’s taken it’s course. I actually liked Dr. Marshall’s hash out of the situation. He takes the time to flesh things out and brought out a key point: +Lefebvre didn’t know that the EC communities would exist in the future…he rightly thought Tradition would be extinguished if he didn’t do something…which cements his actions as heroic and right IMHO. I listen to the longer videos when I cook dinner or do other long menial tasks. But I agree that some can be too verbose. God bless you Mundy…I pray to the Blessed Virgin regularly “Immaculate Heart of Mary, save the soul of Mundabor” :+)

  12. Also just realized that this is all happening 33 years later (symbolic and powerful number) after the ’88 consecrations. Our Lord is giving the ED communities one more shot at doing the right thing…defending the true faith. He is also giving them a taste of what +Lefevbre had to endure by Modernist Rome i.e. the posturing, the promises, the leading them on and then pulling out the rug. Hopefully the ED communities will wake up and realize that modernist Rome doesn’t change it’s tricks and that +Lefebvre was right all along. God bless~

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