World Youth Day Without Youth


The incoming World Youth Day in Panama promises to be a fail of epic proportions. Facing with the necessity of having to admit the scale of the problem – probably because it sounds better to find some excuse beforehand than during the event -, the guy in charge told us something of earth-shattering importance: it’s because young people  “in Europe and North America” are at school.

You don’t say?!

Some questions come to mind:

  1. If the genial FrancisOfficials did not know school is open, how can they claim they know the first two things about youth?
  2. If the FrancisOfficials did knew school is open, why would they encourage the youth to skip useful school days without necessity?
  3. Schools are closed in “North America and Europe”. What about Central America, that is: Panama and surrounding Countries? And what about South America? Brazil, or Pope Francis’ own home Country, Argentina?
  4. Let us go back to the old (and, if you ask me, wrong anyway) World Youth Days of JP II’s and Benedict XVI’s rather inglorious Pontificates: were they held with schools open? If yes, how come they attracted (wrongly, as I think) huge crowds? And if they were held with schools closed, how is now suddenly smart to spend a lot of money for people who need to go to school?

I think the truth is much simpler than that, and does not require a long reflection, either.

No one has a use for Francis’ satanical exercises in heresy and demolition of Catholicism. The real Catholics abhor him. The fake Catholics ignore him. All the others are now just embarrassed by this old, lewd guy.

And oh, before I forget: the logo on top is the official logo of the initiative. It truly looks like a serpent about to swallow the Cross. 

These people are of Satan.




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  1. Yes on you said Mundabor. World youth days are a bad idea as they in the service of New World Order globalism, Communism and Freemasonry. To me the symbol looks like a Muslim rejecting or overshadowing the Cross.

  2. As the cross recoils and shivers in fear of the serpent. Truth turned on it’s head.
    However, I am hoping the Good Lord shows up soon. It’s getting harder to say God will not be mocked. These…people…mock him with regularity.

    • You mean that it is becoming easier t blaspheme?
      We will need to tolerate this for as long as it takes.
      God will not be mocked because in the end his Justice will triumph. You were never promised He would intervene in this lifetime.

  3. Nothing wrong in principle with World Youth Days. They don’t promote the new world order. Reality is Catholic youth have no interest in this Pope. Same as Catholic families had no interest in the Dublin event..

    • I have a problem with world youth days qua world youth days. It is wrong to let all these young people travel. It exposes to temptations in an age in which hormones abound.

  4. Umberto Bonvicini

    Not only is the serpent about to swallow the cross but what should be Our Lady is figured under the tail and her “crown” inside itl….. most horrendous satanic symbolism.

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