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Tolerance Explained

Here, we see Pope Pachamama teaching tolerance…

Mr Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, seems to have some quite remarkable issue.

The first one is that, whatever his personal failings may be, the guy is actually a Christian. I know, I know… I am trying not to be judgmental here, but yes, we have a problem.

The second one is that the guy isn’t a Globalist. I find this a big deal, because how can we tackle the challenges of this Century unless we shackle ourselves to China? Again, not being judgmental because we should be tolerant of everybody, but I am sure you see the problem here.

The third is that the guy does not want Hungary to mutate to another Afghanistan. This is another problematic stance, than history shows that wherever the religion of peace prospers, peace actually reigns supreme; in stark contrast to the continuous, extremely bloody civil wars going on in a multitude of Christian Countries. It is a mystery to me how Mr Orban can fail to see that. I think his obvious racism (no judgment; just fact) clouds his thinking.

You see, we have a number of stances here that do not really square with our open minded attitude. One could actually wonder whether open mindedness should extend to aiding and abetting of hatred, islamophobia, homophobia, tranniephobia, Sinophobia and Brusselsphobia. Plus, As already stated, he is also a racist. Not being judgmental here. ‘Course not. But CNN is never wrong, sooo…

I am, therefore, very happy to know that Pope Francis The Oh So Tolerant Wheelchair Hugger is trying to do all he can to try and avoid meeting said Mr Orban when he visits, next week or so.

You see, Pope Francis is tolerant. How can he, therefore, tolerate Mr Orban? That would be a contradiction in terms, actually a total fraud!

No. Tolerance demands that Pope Francis Of Pachamama does not get near the man if he can do that at all without causing a big diplomatic issue; and, if a meeting really can’t be avoided, that he meets the man in as fast, informal and insignificant a setting as possible; because you see, Francis cannot allow that his tolerance be tarnished by one whose values we do not tolerate. It would be a betrayal of the most important values of them all, tolerance.

So, dear readers: please praise together with me the Great Values of Tolerance, Inclusion and Openness To The Other, whilst refusing to even listen to those who claim that Christianity may have anything in it that is worth I don’t say merely tolerating, but actually listening to. Who has ever said that Tolerance should extend to the things we cannot tolerate? Come on, man!

I really hope I have persuaded you that my argument is sound. If I haven’t, I will have to call you intolerant, knowing that Pope Saint Francis of Tolerance is on my side.

Even The Commies Think Straighter Than Us

100% Soy free

Most of my readers will agree with me that, as a whole, Chinese men are not considered the epitome of rugged masculinity. However, there are signals that, in a couple of decades, this might be reversed and Chinese men actually might seem more masculine than their White counterparts.

The Chinese Government is now getting tired of the girlie boys that apparently dominate the entertainment industry over there and are, in part, “imported” by Countries like South Korea. This being a Communist dictatorship, I do not doubt that a mixture of moral suasion, censorships and actual arrests will follow the new change of course. Therefore, expect that, in the next years, young Chinese boys will have public male models that are, in fact, manly.

Contrast and compare, if you please, with the increasing frequency with which European – and, no doubt, North American – young males show in their tone, gesture, posture and general demeanour the devastating effect of the combination of androgynous culture and soy drinks. In fact, if you go around any big city in the United Kingdom, you will notice an alarming number of them, almost all in their late teens or early twenties.

Unless we wake up, this is the future. The waking up will, methinks, begin when women start to denounce the legend of toxic masculinity (masculinity isn’t toxic, at all; no one calls a bitch “toxic femininity”) and demand that men stop soyfying themselves in both the literal and figurative sense and finally grow some you-know-what. Just cutting the soy and getting acquainted with red meat would do a lot.

And so there we are, in this still young XXI Century, where Chinese men risk to become the next Clint Eastwoods and your average soyboy informs you of his pronouns “he/him”.

Even the Commies think straighter than us.

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