Don’t Avoid The SSPX. Avoid The V II Church.

The Diocese of Denver has “warned” their faithful from attending Mass at a chapel of the SSPX. Some people really are tone deaf.

Such an appeal would have been dumb enough in normal times. People don’t attend at the SSPX chapel because they happen to be in the neighbourhood. They attend there because the TLM gives them a nourishment the Novus Ordo never could, and they want to give witness of sound Catholicism in the time of Francis.

The dumbness becomes, then, absolutely idiotic if you consider that we live in TC times, when Vatican thugs tell you that the TLM is divisive and they will shut down as many of them as they can. It’s quite amazing that a Bishop can be so tone-deaf, or so incompetent, or so outright, well, stupid that he does not understand that the attendance at any SSPX chapel is as assured and deliberate now as it ever was.

On the contrary, such “appeals” coming from the same V II church that is now clearly working against her own faithful in any way she can will only reinforce the popularity of the Society.

I would like to make the contrary appeal to the faithful of the Diocese of Denver: if at all reasonably practical, ditch the Diocese and its V II mass and attend at the SSPX. Send there all your friends and all your donations, too! If the Bishop allows some TLM there – likely, because the competition of the SSPX is there – you may want to make an exception for the TLM masses, but for them only.

Who knows, when the music get strident enough even those extremely tone deaf bishops might begin to understand that something is very wrong with their attitude, and they need to start cleaning up their shop.

I am not even interested here if this Diocese is not one of the worst ones. If they attack Tradition in every form, they should get what’s coming to them.

After TC there is no “good bishop who doesn’t really like the SSPX” anymore.

You defend Tradition, or you are against us.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    Michael Virus couldn’t have said it better himself!

  2. I’ve been begging Catholics to at least visit the TLM to see their own heritage and what they are missing each week. We switched to the TLM seven years ago and while we loved our pastor and community, there was just no comparison to the TLM. We had to chase it around as it was bounced here and there, but not at any time did we consider going back, or think it not worth it. I cannot account for Catholics not seeking it out. I don’t know what the primary reason for hesitation would be, the Latin? Latin is our ancient and original tongue, and the Mass repeats so much of it that you will come to know what is being said just be hearing it again and again. Missals are provided, with English on one page and Latin on the other, so you will know where you are. Nobody is watching you, nobody cares. All are focused on the altar, where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is happening. Even a “Low Mass”, no incense, no music, one priest, is an experience not to be missed by any Catholic. A “High Mass” is a window to heaven for an hour a week. At the TLM you participate with your mind and your soul, not just singing songs and shaking hands, you are alone with God, and present as He is offered to the Father, for you.
    The only challenging part was remembering not to say “amen” when you receive Holy Communion, out of habit. Kneeling for the Blessed Sacrament is so superior to receiving in the hand it has to be experienced. I can’t explain it. Cover your heads ladies, and gentlemen, keep yours uncovered. Come spend an hour with Christ our King and see what you’ve been missing, and what threatens Rome so, pure, ancient Catholicism and worship.

  3. I agree 110% The novus ordo mass along with all the poison fruits of Vatican II must be recognized as a gangrenous limb that must be removed for the health of the entire body. If anything, one world order Frank has got many off the fence post. Its no longer just about the Latin mass its also bringing a full rejection of the council from hell and that is a good thing. In my website I have posted on all my pages a meme that reads like this, “Dear Bishop, It’s a simple formula, No orthodoxy, no money. You can change this by taking a firm stand against abortion, contraception, homosexuality and Socialism while cracking down on liturgical abuses, encouraging the Traditional Latin Mass, and boldly leading souls to Christ. Do this and we will go back to supporting you, Sincerely, the Faithful”. However my stance on that has change to a no compromise, the Latin mass or nothing. I think I now go along the lines of Archbishop Lefebvre, ““The Novus Ordo Missae, even when said with piety and respect for the liturgical rules… is impregnated with the spirit of Protestantism. It bears within it a poison harmful to the faith.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Open Letter to Confused Catholics, p.29)

  4. Pretty good archdiocese, Denver. A thriving FSSP parish, the Traditional Mass available at four other churches, and the archbishop has done nothing to comply with Traditiones Custodis. But it doesn’t bother me to attend at the SSPX. They are thriving as well.

  5. Susan Matthiesen

    My guess is that the bishop of Denver did that because of the Fr James Jackson case. He’s FSSP and formerly from Denver. Catholics in Denver are probably fed up with the FSSP now and going to the SSPX in droves. Thank God for Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who will be a canonized saint one day.

    • Isn’t it funny the FSSP is always there, where the SSPX also is?

    • A friend and client of mine lived in St. Marys Ks. He said the FSSP would do that. They made sure they would start a chapel in a city already having a SSPX chapel. But wasn’t that the whole point of the FSSP in the first place? A weapon to pry faithful away from the society? I started having my doubts about the FSSP when they started going ape over the divine mercy devotion, you know the devotion condemned by two popes. Another thing that got to me is they got full boar into the face mask fetish during mass, at lest the ones live streamed. All that showed me is the lack of respect for the consecrated host. Its like treating Christ as a Leper. I attend mass at an ICKSP oratory. No one wears a mask despite the local bishop ordering it for all parishes and our Governor Fatty Arbuckel Pritzker mandating it.

    • Yes. The FSSP was created exactly to be competition for the SSPX. So if you get one TLM, you get two. Honestly, I know which one I would choose.

    • You might be correct about the timing of that “warning” from the Archdiocese of Denver. But the Archdiocese sent out the identical message a year ago. As for FSSP attendees leaving their parish, no.

    • Well then they were identically wrong also a year ago! However, today it is worse, because it is after TC.

  6. And, the SSPX church in Watkins, outside of Denver, (St. Isidore’s) is beautiful. I took a tour there when it was just being finished.

  7. The utter bankruptcy of the “conciliar church,” as it calls itself, not only showed itself during the crisis of last year, but jumped up on a table and danced around with a lampshade on its head.

    If things continue on as they are going, I predict that more and more institutes, societies, projects, endeavors, etc. that represent and stand firm in authentic expressions of the Catholic faith will find themselves in canonical irregularity, just like the SSPX.

    • “danced around with a lampshade on its head” Love that! But so true… another NO church opened here a couple years ago, and it breaks my heart to see it. SO very modern, you look in and don’t realize it is a Catholic Church. The tabernacle isn’t even in the main area where worship happens, the eucharistic ministers just walk past the priest back into the sacristy area after passing out communion. No crucifix, just a SMALL cross with Jesus painted on it. By far and away the focus is on the priest with his ornate chair and a painting of a country scene where the crucifix should be. Despite spending a stupid amount of money on this building, attendance is so-so. And this is what people think Catholicism is… 😦

      Of course, the local SSPX and 4 others churches that have traditional Masses (I haven’t been to them personally but they aren’t FSSP) are listed as being in schism on the diocesan website, and yet the bare-legged priest who allows the Tabernacle to be who-knows-where.. that is ok.

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