Appeasement, Fights, And The Unwritten Rules: The FSSP And Traditionis Custodes

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The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (or at least some of his members) have shown very clearly that they like the thinking in the Italian Army.

As I have written here also in the past, the Italian Army has a so-called, not written anywhere, used ironically, but still very real “unofficial first rule”. The rule goes: gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono, or “wrong orders are not carried out”.

It appears that this is exactly what happened in Kansas City, where the FSSP (or some of their members) showed very clearly and very publicly what they think of the motu proprio mockingly called Traditionis Custodes.

When I read the news of the new consecrations according to the Old Rite, the first thing I thought was “I hope their assets are well protected”. In fact, I cannot imagine that The Frankie will allow this obvious display of Catholicism to “go unpunished”. Therefore, the order – if, that is, the entire order is compact in its defence of the Kansas City consecrations – better be prepared for any of the countermoves coming from Rome, from the seizing of assets to the sudden deposition of the current leadership to a far more innocuous “visitation” to save Francis’ face until he dies (please, God: “soon, soon!”)

My second thought was, instead, “time is a gentleman”. In fact, if the Fraternity decides to resist an unjust order of the Pope, they will be in exactly the same position in which the SSPX was in the Seventies. I must say, I find it ironic, and quite funny within the very sad framework of the events; as if Jesus was telling us that there is no alternative to obedience to Jesus, and compromises in this will never be long-lived.

I will await the next months before I formulate a judgment as to the reaction of the FSSP to Traditionis Custodes, as I don’t remember any statement of the order making clear that Christ comes before Clowns. Still, it seems to me that something is moving, and the order might be put in front of the choice of either be split in two, or face the Evil Clown as one.

But the irony is evident here. Appeasement does not work with any bully.

At some point, there will have to be a fight.

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  1. I’ve given some thought to the situation of the FSSP, which I’ve supported with $ for many years, and conclude that they compromised with the devil since leaving the SSPX and sought shelter under the umbrella of NuChurch. Now they may be consumed, crushed, destroyed by the Modernists. Should have remained loyal to Archbishop Lefebvre. It’s never too late—they should return to the embrace of the Society. .

  2. The unswerving accuracy of Archbishop Lefebvre’s judgment in navigating the treacherous waters of 1976 and 1988 is surely a mark of an intense prayer life and great personal holiness.

    I can’t help thinking of the message of Our Lady of Akita in connection with the leading lights of the Ecclesia Dei congregations, and particularly her statement that the Church will be filled with men who will accept compromise. I also can’t help shuddering at the thought that, if I had been in their place, I might have acted even as they did. They failed to see that they were setting themselves up to be crushed.

  3. The irony is certainly evident. I could say ‘I told you so’ to some friends but I won’t. They will be (sadly) saying it to themselves.

  4. There might be another way, a much more amusing way to deal with the Vatican. Monsignor Ferrari has this on twitter:

    “I asked a former religious superior what Ecc Dei communities should do if Rome ramps up the pressure.
    He said, “Exactly what modernist members of my order did, ignore Rome and get on with life”. Just as Bergoglio told those nuns who received CDF letters.”

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people just went on living what they know to be true and right, leaving the whole circus group to rage among themselves, knowing that no one is listening?

  5. Am an active member of the FSSP Parish in Kansas City.
    I have no idea what “consecrations” you are talking about.
    Unless you are referring to the Consecration of the whole Order to the Immaculate Heart, on Feb. 12th.

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