The Mockery Of Fatima

The prayer of “consecration” for Friday has been released. It is a total travesty of Our Lady’s request. The test is here.

It is, as everything that Francis says and does, a fraud.

It is the fruit of an extremely worldly Weltanschauung, according to which the problem is that there are wars, utterly forgetting that the Church has a doctrine of war, and a way to discern a just one.

It is, also, a prayer meant to address man and his sinful, because non-environmentalist and non-pacifist thinking, as a whole. The object of this ridiculous V II rant is humanity, not Russia.

Injustice, poverty, “all humanity” takes center stage. Russia in afterthought. Ukraine is – not explicitly, but clearly enough – defined as the victim.

This is no consecration of Russia to anyone. This is a vague hope for world peace, world environmentalism, and world pacifism where Russia enters merely because Francis wants to make it look bad. This is a mockery of what it was supposed to be. It is no surprise that Francis would do that.

He hates the cult of the Blessed Virgin, you know. I remember when he said that perhaps, at the foot of cross, the Blessed Virgin felt lied to (look it up: this was, if memory serves, the first or second year of Pontificate). To him – a man who obviously does not believe in God – the Blessed Virgin is merely the mother of “that guy”.

Boycott this rubbish.

Don’t join in the prayer, and mock this pacifist , globalist, environmentalist nincompoop at every step.

In fact, a good thing would be to, at the appointed hour, pray for the painless death of this man.

Boy, how I long for a Catholic Pope again…

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  1. Philip Johnson

    Mundy.I agree with what you said about this fake Consecration.With all the one world garbage,and woke issues,this in no way fulfils anything at all.Bergoglio is a New World Order stooge of the left.Keep writing Mr Mundy ,you give me heart.

  2. The world asks for peace ,while waging war on the preborn in the womb ,the world asks for mercy while showing no mercy to the most vulnerable.If the blood of Abel cried out to the Lord ,imagine the blood of a billion slaughtered infants crying out to their Creator.

  3. It’s the Marian version of a Black Mass. The litany’s there, the invocations are there, all that’s needed is our ‘ora pro nobis’ to make it complete.

  4. Mundy, a thought to keep in mind.

    From the Catechism of Trent: “…a Sacrament is validly administered even by the wicked, provided all the essentials have been duly observed …all these depend not on the merit of the minister, but are operated by the virtue and power of Christ our Lord.”
    Why should we turn aside from the possible miracles God and Our Lady may be about to perform for the sake of the elect, just because God allows a morally depraved and possibly possessed Jesuit to finally do what no other Pope has done since Our Lady asked for it? Within all the fluff that is being said, Heaven will still hear all the bishops say, “Mother of God …to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly …consecrate …Russia”. In the past, Sister Lucy only mentioned things that were omitted, ie. the name Russia or the Bishops at the same time… as reasons the Consecration didn’t meet requirements. I think we faithful should pray for the fulfillment of Her request.

    • If Francis did things as requested I would not question the reality and correctness of such a consecration. This is why my arguments revolve around how things are done, not who does them.

  5. My dear friend Mundy, I must disagree with you on this one.

    I would pronounce this act a failure if it omitted to name Russia or a consecration to the Immaculate Heart. But, within all the verbiage, there is indeed an explicit consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. The rest is, as we say in the law, obiter dicta. Also, I think an “invite” from an authoritarian like Pope Francis to all the world’s bishops, in a message delivered personally to each one of them, can safely be interpreted as “do it or else.”

    Also, I think we should not underestimate the effect the last two years have had on people’s perception of reality. We have the impression we are the odd men out because the revolutionaries in the world are in control of government and media, but there is a lot of evidence that a great many people are sick and tired of the “Enlightenment” and its fruits. The sudden bursting forth onto the scene of the highly organized Freedom Convoy from Canada, of all places, shows us that there are more things being planned than what we can see. Many people are still deluded, but many are also waking up. If you and I have stepped up our Rosary game, seized upon the earliest opportunity to make the Five First Saturdays, and prayed explicitly for the collegial consecration, I don’t see why we should assume that a lot more people haven’t also done so. Maybe heaven has judged that it is enough to finally grant this long-awaited grace.

    If I had been the one to compose the act of consecration, it would be a lot shorter and very direct and without the admixture of garbage that is the product of our twisted era. But as it is, it still contains in its essence that which our Lady asked for. As for the rest of it, I think we should beg God to overlook it, except as further proof of just how dire is our need, and not withhold His healing touch because the patient exhibits pronounced symptoms.

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