Christian Credentials: A Comparison

You may think what you want of Putin. However, about one thing there cannot be any doubt: the guy wishes the re-Christianisation of his own Country.

I am not saying that he is moved by missionary zeal on this, as the guy still hasn’t dared to ban abortion (something which, incidentally, would be extremely useful in a Country facing a demographic decline). It is certainly true that a solid, traditional Christian spirit would help him to stay in power, as all over the Countries spun by the Kievan Rus Christianity has always gone hand in hand with autocracy, and it is therefore true that the advance of Christianity is actually useful to Putin. It might even be (though I don’t believe it) that Putin does not believe in God, at all. Still, the facts on the ground do not change: Putin is making Russia more Christian.

It will not happen in a day, of course. You don’t make a Country deeply Christian in one generation, you can merely start the work. Heck, being deeply Christian in vast parts did not help even the United States to prevent the legalisation of abortion, and traditionally Catholic Italy has embraced abortion and divorce in one generation , and sexual perversion in two. It’s a hard, long path. Still, Putin is – whatever his intentions – marching on it.

On the other hand, we have Zelensky. A secular Jew who seems to warship merely at the altar of himself, Zelensky champions a Ukraine fully enslaved to the secular mantras of Ukraine’s sugar daddies at the EU. His appeals to religion are, like the one of pope Francis, fully linked to the worldly aims that are his real objectives. The guy does not work for Christ. He works for – beside his own self-aggrandisement and quest for Western money – the fully secular, NWO society so dear to Satan.

Make no mistake: the victory of only one Country will make Christianity advance.

Like it or not, these are the facts on the ground.

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  1. It is regrettable Mundabor you decide that instead of observing this war as a neutral or perhaps cautiously taking the side of the Ukrainian victims, which includes many Greek Rite Catholics, and St Josaphat parishioners, Catholics, you buy into the Putin the pious autocrat nonsense. Russia leads the world in abortion, suicide, HIV. It trails many places with a religious observance rate of c. 5-8%, close to now formerly Catholic Belgium. It now has lost hundreds of tanks and armoured vehicles, losses which can be matched to observed wrecks, many, many aircrafts losses, also verifiable, and even a large naval vessel, a tank carrier, equally verifiable. They still have defeated the tattooed Avoz larpers and a handful of Ukrainian naval troops. We have disillusioned Russian troops now attacking their commanders. Holy (rather unholy schismatic) Russia (many of the troops are illiterate Central Asians alongside those Russians too stupid to avoid this adventure) has lost more troops in a few weeks than the Soviet Union lost over a decade in Afghanistan. Why? The main reason is you want to be on the opposing side to Biden’s handlers.

    You mention Zelenskyy’s Jewishness, but Putin’s mother has a Jewish name, ergo Putin is a Jew. You swallow his propaganda wholesale. It matters little to some degree for unless Putin works some miracle he will be a former person and will only have some gullible Westerners to mourn him. Another irony is your position is closer to that of Francis who was endlessly and uselessly pandering to Russia until the war broke out.

  2. Symmachus, I am very grateful NOT to be on the side of Biden, Hillary, Soros, et al. It does not prevent me from praying for those suffering because of the war, and so I pray for it to end quickly, hopefully with Russia’s victory.

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