Male And Female He Created Them

One of the most surprising things for those in our church who bar transgender people from the sacraments, and try to negate their existence, will be meeting the many holy transgender people in heaven, already participating in the heavenly banquet, the last finally made first.

Father Georgina

I don’t need to tell you where this quote is from, because there is no prize for guessing that this is, in fact, out of the degenerate and disturbing mind of Father Georgina.

This is wrong in so many ways it is difficult to know where to start.

A so-called “transgender” (to me and you: a *man* so possessed by evil that he thinks he belongs to the other *sex*;, or, alternatively, but much more rarely, a *man* so raving mad that he thinks the same) is the very epitome, the most disturbing visual evidence of what rebellion to God does to a *man*.

This man (let us imagine, for a moment, that this particular freak case is a man thinking he is a woman; there probably is the opposite madness, too, but I think it’s more rare) cannot bring himself to accept the very first, most elementary characteristic of his physical being: that God made him a man.

This rebellion becomes, then, so extreme that this man goes to an extraordinary length to try to excise, eliminate, eradicate the very (physical) essence of what he is. From hormone treatments, or rather poisoning, to silicone implants, to amputation, this *guy* will take shocking steps to maim and deform himself into a freak show, battling all his life the most evident way God made him.

Male and female He created them.

Someone should inform Father Georgina.

It does not end there, of course. How many of these people are, in fact, prostitutes for people with extremely perverted tastes I don’t know, but they must be many. I wonder what Father Georgina makes of that. Our fault, I suppose. Strange, I thought God forces no one to commit evil. But then again you must, in order to believe that, believe in God in the first place.

Where it often really ends is, of course, in suicide. I don’t know exactly how such statistics are compiled, but the figures, that you can easily find around, showing that a staggering number of these people commit suicide (say: 80%), is another indication that, when Father Georgina dies, he will discover he is, indeed, in the company of a lot of trannies, but not quite in the place he told us they would be.

Suicide is, is in the end, the most evident and definitive form of rebellion to God. That a person whose rebellion has already gone to the point of amputation and disfiguration should end his rebellion with self-destruction is only the natural end of the trajectory. Not only is the obsessive evil driving these *men* naturally inclined towards such end result; but, in fact, this end result is actively promoted and suggested to the conscience of the disfigured *men* by the very devil, who wants to secure the prey for himself as soon as may be, lest – which, rarely, will also happen – the so disfigured man should, by God’s grace, wake up to his madness and recover sanity.

If a trannie can so easily rejoice in heaven, then why not a Satanist? In what is the rebellion to God of a Satanist less definitive, life-transforming, actually life-informing, than the one of a trannie?

No. It does not work that way. Bar repentance, such a radical rebellion must end in radical punishment. Every trannie who, able to think for himself, dies in the persuasion that he is a member of the other sex, and therefore obviously and openly rebelling to God, must end where all such rebels end. There is no way you can turn this on its head, as it would be tantamount to making a mockery of Christianity itself.

It’s repentance or hell. It’s dying at peace with Christ or hell. There is no exception for obsessive perverts.

But no, we are asked to believe that heaven is that inclusive place where everybody gathers after death (or suicide), and where, it is implied, we discover that we were wrong, together with 2000 years of Christianity.

I don’t know what toys this man has at home, but I don’t think they are model cars.

As for me I will have Christianity, thanks.

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  1. Father Martin, like all Protestants who do the same, interprets Scripture according to his personal will: “I believe this and I prefer to do this – what Scripture supports me”; and then interprets all texts as necessary to achieve desired outcome. Cardinal Hollerich of Belgium is shown in a YouTube exchange with a Parishioner engaging in the logic of the same defective faith.

    This is the problem that all Protestants embrace, but which ultimately dooms their position. They are cut off from the Constant Magisterium which does not change, nor can ever change because it is perfect, because it is from God. And so they very earnestly mine the raw material of the Bible to construct a religion convenient to their sins.

    What says the Magisterium, Father Martin, in regards to sodomy, adultery, bestiality, perversity? Beyond any particular Bible Verse that you interpret according to your own will and desires, what support from Sacred Tradition, Church Fathers, Constant Magisterial Teaching, that sodomites and transvestites and pederasts will be in attendance at the Wedding Feast of the Holy Lamb of God?

    The long straight line of the Catholic Faith across time says one thing only, and that path to salvation and Beatitude is grace, repentance, forgiveness, sanctification, perseverance within the Sacraments (validly received), unity in Charity, eternal reward.

  2. I find myself having to deal with more and more trannies, and I frankly pity them. It is extremely difficult to have a rational conversation with someone who is at war with his own nature as you describe, and even more difficult for such a person to lead an even marginally ordered life. I would bet any amount of money that any trannie was sexually abused at a very early age. These are people who have already gotten a head start on hell while they still walk the earth. It is precisely the opposite of compassionate to play along with this or encourage them in it in any way.

    I am talking about rank-and-file trannies here, not the apparently functional ones like the Biden administration guy, who I seriously doubt has actually had himself chemically or physically castrated, even if he encourages others to do so. The spiritual danger that guys like these are in, I think, must be much greater than the rank-and-file. Constant suffering and chaos are at least a still-audible call to repentance, but I don’t know what hope there is for someone who is cut off even from that.

  3. Every trannie who, able to think for himself,

    What will be the punishment for the parents who, for whatever reason, connive to push their innocent young children into this life? Many are predicting that their temporal end will be murder by the children they mutilated, once they fully comprehend what was done to them.

  4. Someone at war with themselves is at war with the Creator, and that is, by definition, NOT holy, but depraved.

    Martin is as depraved as those he seems to idolize…

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