Cardinal O’Brien Leaves Scotland… For Now.

Cottage near lifelong friend still in sight: Cardinal O'Brien.

The Vatican has announced today Cardinal O'Brien will leave Scotland for a while, after which… It is not yet decided what will happen.

This is, if you ask me, another of those lost occasions. It would have been so fitting and so wise to announce the Cardinal is going to seclude himself in some remote monastery to spend in a fitting way the years allotted to him. It would have been strong and charitable at the same time. Redemption at work, courtesy of the Only Church.

Instead, we have this non-decision, which does not help anyone – not even the Cardinal -, leaves all questions open, and consolidates the impression the Church does go to extra mile to please her buddies. In fact, it seems to me the decision can be read as “the Cardinal will be sent on extended holiday whilst we see whether we can accommodate his wishes without loss of face”.

Five Stars treatment, I would call it. A regard in striking contrast with the treatment of every priest who were to be accused of improper behaviour by a couple of lunatics (say, mother and son; or angry mother and scared son) with an axe to grind.

Not a good day for the Church in Scotland, for sure.



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  1. Truely, the Cardinal’s behaviour is beyond my comprehension. I live in Scotland and every priest and bishop I now encounter I have some doubt about – may God forgive me. I pray this evil is overcome, the Church recovers and Cardinal O’Brien repents. Satan is indeed strong in these dark times.

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