Vatican: Climate Commies In The Corner

Sandro Magister reports that the announced Clown Encyclical in favour of Environ-mentalist has been postponed because, in its present form, it has no chance of being approved by the CDF.

This is both good and bad news. The good news is that there are still enough people in the Vatican asking Francis not to make an ass of himself at least when writing encyclical letters. Another good news is that Cardinal Müller is once again on the side of common sense, and is willing to stop the worst nonsense at the cost of incurring the ire of Heresy Supremo.

The bad news is that such a reaction could mean that Francis was really such an evil idiot that he wanted to present his own anti-Westerner, protocommie enviro-ranting as a teaching conforming to Church tradition and binding for all Catholics. Whilst this would not have made the madness less mad and the ranting binding in any way, this would have further increased confusion among Catholics.

We are also informed that a delegation of scientist visited Rome in the last days, and put an end to the “science” rubbish. I am sure my readers are far too intelligent to believe Francis can be swayed by logical arguments. Rather, it is clear the delegation was one of the ways used by the CDF to put an end to the worst excesses, sparing us from an encyclical letter influenced by the likes of Raul Castro and Cardinal Maradiaga.

Talking of the latter, it seems to me he is losing some clout in the splendid corridors of the Vatican. It seems to me that whilst Francis does not care a straw about everyday, off-the-cuff heresy and assorted madness, he has decided to draw a line when his pontificate can be seriously and permanently damaged. An encyclical has a character of permanence that an off-the-cuff half drunken video cannot have, and will shape his perception after his death in a far more significant way. Add to this that to set his protocommie rants in stone with an encyclical would ensure constant flak from people with a brain for as long as he lives, and would cause severe embarrassment even among those with half a brain still functioning. If Magister is right, this seems a price he is not ready to pay.

We shall see how this develops. Magister could be badly informed, though I think he seldom is. At the very, very least there is resistance brewing. Still, it seems reasonable to me to take the rumours seriously, because they make a lot of sense seen the circumstances.

Let us take every good news gladly, and savour it for very long. We aren't left completely at the mercy of an atheist commie loony. The machine seems not to like the man very much, both in some top positions and – I am absolutely sure of that, because I know my people – at the level of administration, where one thousands little obstacles will be put in his way in that subtle, but effective way Italians manage so well.

Still: please, please free us from this scourge, o Lord.


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  1. The ghost writer of Evangelium Gaudium and the new environmental encyclical is Francis’ hand picked buddy Archbishop Fernandez. Twenty years ago he authored a book entitled Heal Me with Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing. And yes he was a priest when he wrote the book.

  2. Bull.

    If now Francis has to get his rubbish through Muller, why did he not need to do it w/r/t Evangelli Gaudium?

    I don’t buy it.

    • I think he always has, at least as a praxis, for encyclicals. EG is an apostolic exhortation, and ranks below an encyclical letter. I do not know how much influence the CDF would expect on those.

  3. The outcome to be feared here is not so much that the document is rewritten to be ambiguous; after all, much of what comes out of Rome is that way in this Pontificate.

    The big outcome is that the Pope does an end-run around the CDF and simply has it published as his own opinion while Maradiaga, America magazine, and the Tablet (the “bitter pill”) push it as something we must obey.

    Of course, we only obey what is consistent with what is passed down; we do not have to obey innovations and distortions in an encyclical or a “end-runned” document.

    • This will not be easy. If Francis does not present the heresy as traditional or binding, there is no way Maradiaga & Co. Can smuggle disordered rants as binding.

      Note that Francis has been talking like a drunkard for two years, and everyone insists he is not changing a iota in doctrine. Media stunts make headlines for one days, but no one takes them seriously.

  4. You might not have seen this, seeing as how you probably don’t read The Guardian. Cameran going off the deep end.

    Good move locating in West Virginia, Paul. 😉

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