Ireland Chooses Satan


Clearly, St Wolfgang was not Irish…



Only 22 years after sodomy acts were decriminalised, Ireland has today rather overwhelmingly (“yes, show perversion to my children” has taken 62% of the vote) in favour of the legalisation of that oxymoron called “gay marriage”.

Ireland had it coming, and now their children will have to live with the mess that the fathers have created.

The first culprit is, obviously, the Irish clergy. I do not know whether there is another Country where the demolition of Catholicism has been pursued so aggressively as there. A collective cupio dissolvi that must please the likes of Francis and, of course, Timothy Radcliffe.

The Buggers Broadcasting Communism are not getting tired of showing to children and families the photos of fags and dykes kissing. They truly want perversion to become mainstream. They enjoy a day in which Christ is crucified again so publicly, and so blatantly. They spit on Christianity and are proud of it.

Serves you right, you lukewarm “nice” Irish Catholics. Serves you right, you “let us not obsess about homosexuality” crowd. Serves you right, you “there are bigger fishes to fry” types. You will now have to live in a society in which not only perversion has full legal societal approval, but in which you and your children run the risk of being persecuted *merely for saying you do not approve of sexual perversion*, as the Gaystapo insists in their satanic practices being considered a “human right”.

You will now have your children exposed to sexual perversion, and will have to fight – if you want to, which I doubt – against a tide of popular opinion that for your children will be a matter of course, and the societal received truth. Some of your children will become pervert, and go to hell through it. Many others will go to hell without being perverts, but just for making their satanic work.

God knows I do not wish any soul to go to hell. But this here is not about what we are wishing, it is about what we are observing. It’s happening under our eyes, and it is clear Satan’s nets are all out, and the catch will be so plentiful it makes one’s blood chill.

No, you stupid men and women of Ireland. You go to hell without me. I will die in the religion of my forefathers and, wretched sinner as I am, hope to find some mercy in my weak, but sincere efforts to live a Christian life, and in my adherence to what I know to be Revealed Truth.

You, stupid men and women of Ireland, have no excuses. You know very well what the Church teaches. You chose to ignore Christ’s religion to create your own.

I do not wish for anyone of you to go to hell. I will keep praying for your final repentance as it is my duty of Catholic. But I do not feel the slightest shred of compassion for those among you who will be sent to their eternal damnation after such an open rebellion to Christ.

Be your own God, pay the price.

One day, Satan will show you an entirely new meaning of “same sex loving”.




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  1. Well said…again.

  2. I am ashamed of the Irish-they deserve whats coming to them.Filth and perversion is their lot and may they wallow in the mess they have coming to them!!

  3. As an Irish man, I’m now ashamed to be from the land of the “Saints and the Scholars”, we have basically legalised and put a veil on one of the four sins which cries out to heaven for vengeance, men can now sodomise each other under the banner of “marriage”. Your perfectly right with your comments in relation to the priests, my own parish priest said off the alter that he was going to be voting no, and he’s only one of dozens who think that way, and of course they all love TMAHICH. May St Patrick protect the remnant of faithful Catholics left on this land and give us the courage everyday to stand up for truth and for ‘Restoring all things in Christ’. Please do keep Ireland in your prayers.

  4. Blood-chilling indeed.

    How many children will be bought and sold under the new Luciferian social order?

    Forgive them Father!

  5. I read in the news that in some ballot boxes, in the only constituency with ‘no’ majority, miraculous medals were found. Interesting to notice. 🙂

  6. So lamentably true. Hibernia symbolically tossed aside St Patrick’s Saltire almost a century ago and instead opted for another in the series of vile tri-colour blocks of Godless republicanism. I’m so glad my ancestors left that country a century ago – for after today’s shenanigans, I will never set foot in the land of my grandparents again. I’m not naive enough to think that the same Godlessness doesn’t prevail on this side of the Irish Sea…but to think that the land of St Patrick, the land of Our Lady of Knock, on the Vigil of Pentecost (but on the day of Eurovision – so it got that right!) became the first nation under God’s sun to vote for this abomination and brought it upon themselves sickens me to the core just so much that I have cut my ties with her.

    Good luck Hibernia with trying to fathom how “gay marriages” are consummated (and how many times the act needs to happen between blokes). What? Is that too “yuk” a thing to dwell upon? Especially in polite society? Savvy enough to be all “progressive” at the ballot box but still too squeamish to think about what act might actually constitute consummation? You’ll probably reach the same conclusion as the UK and realise that “gay marriages” can’t be consummated (go ahead and check it out Ireland). So much for equality!

    And then, once you’ve tied yourself in knots about that question of consummation, then see if you can unravel the mind-bender about what exactly constitutes “adultery” (you’ll be there a long time with that one, especially regarding lesbian “marriage”).

    May God forgive them, and all of us.


    • I say the same to my casual acquaintances. Whenever they talk about their “gay friend” I start talking about the mechanics of the matter. They are regularly disgusted. Then I ask why they seem to approve or treat with such carelessness something so evidently disgusting; would they do the same with one who rapes goats? Turns out they just do not want to think about it, because it comes in the way of their feeling “good”.


  7. “But if it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, you have your choice: choose this day that which pleaseth you, whom you would rather serve, whether the gods which your fathers served in Mesopotamia, or the gods of the Amorrhites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

    Joshua 24:15

  8. Mr. M – this is unbelievable. The only reason why I’m catholic is because my Irish ancestors preserved the faith for me despite years of terrible persecution. This is sad beyond words. First Ireland, then in June the US Supreme Court, which has 6 catholic members, is expected to legalize sodomy across the USA, and then the Synod in October. May God helps us and have mercy on us all.

  9. I too will die in the Faith of my forefathers if God assists me and grants me the grace of final perseverance. The architects of this travesty are without doubt the bishops and clerics who aided and abetted the anti Christs behind this referendum. In the words of St. John Fisher, “The fort is betrayed even of them that should have defended it.”

  10. the gay lobby is reaping the fruits of the seeds they had sown on march 13 2013

  11. One of my most memorable vacations 37 years ago as a practicing heathen was to the Emerald Isle. The morning we arrived I recall walking the streets of Shannon and feeling a peace that I had never felt in my own country ( Canada ) nor anywhere else. And the pubs weren’t even open yet. I now know what I felt I think : a country still steeped in love for our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Sadly, if I returned today, I doubt my experience would be the same. I feel very sad for the country and pray that Saint Patrick will re-evangelize the Church and save Ireland from the judgment to come for such an evil turn into apostasy.

  12. I am an Irish Catholic (not a good one but pray for me please), but you are 100% correct it is disgraceful, and our Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s lukewarm defence of Jesus and Catholicism is disgraceful to put it mildly, I am disgusted to be Irish today and going forward . we were told there was about 15 / 17% Gays Ireland but we now know the truth about how perverted we are. now they have to be referred to as normal like you and I ,The Irish Catholic motto now is throw the holy Bible in the bin, live like you want and when you die all is forgiven. SATAN is celebrating in HELL because of this..And I bet the so called Catholics that voted in favour of this will go to Mass on Sunday and hold their heads up. THE LUNATICS ARE NOW RUNNING THE ASSYLUM, And may GOD’S will be done. Amen.

  13. Oh my God! It is a big shock in the history of 2000 year Catholic. It is a unbelievable betray. How come Catholic nation (84% Catholic) like Ireland turns away from God, happily submits under Satan’s power of lie and willingly to go down the abyss forever. Who’s responsible for this easy downfall? TMAHICH now is overjoyed for his agenda has been explosively, tremendously success, out of imaginary. The Irish hierarchy also held much responsibilities for being silence when Satan attacked the church and having no courage to stand-up protecting Church’s teachings; many times, many bishops just surrendered to the world so easily and became Satan’s secret disciples, worship the Devil and undermine the Church from indide. Here what the saints’ prophecies about Ireland after this betrayal:

    The ocean shall inundate Ireland
    seven years before the End
    so that the devil may not rule over that people.
    St. Patrick

    The sea will come over Ireland
    seven years before the Day of Judgment.
    St. Nennius

    Seven years before the Last Day
    the sea shall submerge Ireland in one inundation.
    St. Columbike

    Saint Michael defend us.

  14. Shame on you Ireland. My Irish ancestors have been betrayed. Satan is now control of Ireland and their punishment from the Lord will be great and mighty to behold. Totally disgraceful.

  15. Anyone knows the name of the one single constituency that kept its senses and voted “NO”?

  16. Please pray for the souls of Ireland, the soul of a Nation currently dead. I am one of the remnant in Ireland – tight in the grip of Satan. I’m too exhausted to go into detail, but: the apostasy and adoption of evil began with the bishops and priests, through the seminaries, Catholic faculties, schools, and chanceries, thence to parishes. The bishops and many priests have colluded with the evil political forces, here and from UN, CofE, EU and other globalist NWO funds, etc. to legalise divorce, abortion, destruction of embryo humans, adoption by non-married, etc., a de facto “voluntary” euthanasia, sodomitical “Civil Partnership” (which was 90% civil marriage for most purposes), up to the even more open collusion for the imposition of full-scale, state-recognised and status-conferred “marriage” on sodomitical relations. In all of my life, I have never seen evil so starkly as from Archbishop Maetin and Bishop McKeown and from other explicit priests, supported implicitly by almost all the rest, through evil silence and omission; and I’ve seen a lot of diabolic and demonic behaviour, experienced persecution myself, witnessed others persecuted, from forces opposing protection of babies in utero, and promoting intrinsic evils, etc., over decades, but multiplied in recent years. Motus in Fine Velocior. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us , . .

  17. “I do not know whether there is another Country where the demolition of Catholicism has been pursued so aggressively as there.”

    I think that Quebec – arguably the most intensely Catholic place on the planet at its height – and the Netherlands are in the running. But both were suicided back in the 1960’s. Ireland took longer to jump off the cliff. But anyone who knows what the Irish clergy have been like, in the main, over the past three generations could have seen this coming.

    • Yes, the Netherlands were already in the Sixties were Ireland might not yet be now. But I do understand where you are coming from, and it seems to me that the dynamic at work is the same.


  18. Yes, tragic to see Ireland descend into new depths of apostasy and depravity. In truth it was only a matter of time given the wholesale abandonment of the Faith in recent decades, weak-kneed mealy mouth leadership, a catastrophic catechetics in schools in reality only nominally Catholic, scores of dissident clergy uncensured., and the disastrous child-abuse scandals. And lets not forget that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was one of the first hierarchs to give an implicit acceptance to civil partnerships and later uttered other disgraceful statements implying value in homosexual relations. So here we are now reaping the fruits of it all. And in truth the true consequences are still to be felt because now they have state endorsement they will come for all our institutions to make sure they are in step with the homosexual agenda. And if this continues, with no bishop to make a stand, there will come a time when no true Catholic priest will be able to work in a Novus Ordo parish in good conscience.

  19. This is just the latest “fruit” of Vatican 2. I pray to God that Novus Ordo Catholics will wake up.

  20. No doubt many American Ne0-Catholics will point to Ireland as the failure of Cultural Catholicism. But instead of asking how it happened so fast, they should be asking why it took so long? In Europe, the Catholics nations held out the longest on divorce, abortion, and now, gay marriage. In American, the States with the most Catholics fell first.
    Quick to copy their American colleagues, Irish bishops threw in the towel or crossed sides long ago. But, the culture, though attacked first, and hardest lasted the longest thereby showing that Ethnicity is the Form of Catholic content. Ethnicity without Catholic religious universality leads to racial narcissism and collective self worship. Catholicism without ethnicity is deracinated, ghost-like and susceptible it ideological colonization.

  21. I come from a very strongly ethnic Irish family in the US, who passed on to me a sense of the roots of our Faith. Being aware of the situation in the Church today, I did not expect to see much Catholicism on my visit to Ireland a few years ago, but somehow I could sense the Faith of my family when I was there. And it was sad. I knew they would all be disappointed that it was given up in such a short time, after all that our forefathers worked for. But I will continue to pray for Ireland, and for all of our Catholic countries, to survive this horrendous and devilish onslaught.


    How Does the Fraud of Same-Sex So-Called “Marriage” Harm All of Us?

    It’s simple. The fraud of same-sex so-called “marriage” harms all of us because, through the use of the government’s full force of law and police powers, against right reason, against humanity’s collective wisdom, and against our informed conscience, all of us are forced to accept as legitimate, healthy and sane, biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices that are recognized worldwide as unnatural, unhealthy and insane.

    Imposition of the fraud of same-sex so-called “marriage” means that everyone who disagrees with biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism, will be subject to being legally discriminated, harassed, fired from their job, sued in court, politically disenfranchised, and have their conscience and civil rights violated.

    So, yes, using the government’s full force of law and its police powers to ram down everyone’s throat what is recognized worldwide as moral degeneracy, sexual aberrancy, irrationality and insanity clearly constitutes a brutal and savage assault on human and civil rights and democracy; on the rule of law and freedom; on public health and our collective sanity. Is that not a harm?


  23. hristoroquen

    Swiss bishops say Catholics demand Church change on homosexuality, contraception

  24. Yes awful horrible nonsense l feel powerless to overturn back to normal law but hopefully please God will help us all to beat evil one we are very disappointed with not enough evangelical to need awake up but too late now for a being time

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