Well Done, Mr Voris!

Let me say first that I abhor homosexuality, in the same way as I abhor sexual perversion of all kind. To me – as to countless generations of Christians before me, not to mention a vast number of heathens and atheists – sodomy and any kind of “same sex” sexual abomination are in the same ballpark as incest and bestiality.

However, as a Christian – and as a person of common sense – I know that, at times, people change; and I also know that to each and every pervert is given grace to overcome his perversion, if he only collaborates with that grace.

When, therefore, a person has overcome such a terrible – and disgusting – affliction, he has all the right to our appreciation. And let me tell you here that whilst I never had, nor I would ever have, one of those perverts people call “gay friends”, I would be glad to have Voris over for lunch at my place, and would be proud of calling a person of his intelligence and ability – and now completely cleansed of his old perversion – a friend of mine. Not, mind, out of the stupid and effeminate “inclusiveness” of this stupid and effeminate century, but exactly because of the opposite reason: that the man has freed himself from the filth, and is now disgusted from his past behaviour.

Praise the Lord, say I! Let this be a lesson to every “Born this way” pervertling out there! Homosexuality is a perversion: right thinking, prayer, and collaboration with God’s grace get. rid. of. it, because you can’t love God and be a pervert at the same time. Love of purity means hate of filth, full stop.

Nor can the poor man be now accused – as I suspect not a few will do – of hypocrisy. It would have been grave and unnecessary scandal if the man had gone about talking of his past perversion. Among decent people, homosexuality is a taboo, like incest. You just don’t put it out there in public. You wouldn’t have wanted to know if he had screwed his sister, either.

I still am in grave disagreement with Voris about the way he deals – or rather, not deals – with all the heresies and the blasphemies of the Evil Clown; and I find it desecrable that he has – to my knowledge – still not apologised to Mr Verrecchio, Vennari, Ferrara, and Matt after the brutal, gratuitous accusations thrown at them; but the commitment of the man I have never doubted; and if a man appears sincere and a lover of truth, I think he has the right to our confidence in his good faith.

When the prodigal son returns home, good Catholic slaughter the fat calf; they do not ask from him a detailed description of what he has done in the taverns and whorehouses. Nor do I. Actually, I would have had the details spared. But hey, I’ll put this on Cardinal Dolan’s tab.

Well done, Mr Voris.

Please find it in yourself to apologise to the excellent gentlemen mentioned above. Please also, if you can, find it in yourself to start fighting the abomination of this papacy in the right way. But be assured that from this little blog there will be no mockery, and no accusation of hypocrisy, because of your recent revelations.

This not, mind, because of stupid thinking à la “who am I to judge”; but because your sincere repentance and disgust for your past sins puts you squarely on the right side; where I hope and trust – and pray – you will remain for the rest of your days.







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  1. Only in the sense that Fr. Corapi was a public example to show proof that there is actually a cure for drug addiction and sleeping with Vegas hookers. Unfortunately, it seems that his CURE was temporary or at least patchy.

    The reason I doubt his conversion is simple. If I was a swinging sodomite for 15 years and then TRULY repented I wouldn’t have the nerve to start a lay apostolate telling other Catholics, priests and Bishops how to behave, believe or obey.

    I’d think to myself, there are far better people than me to do that task, people with better natural virtue, people who will not be exposed to temptation as I might. In short, examining my options, with a realistic sense of my own failings I’d have “start a lay apostolate” way down on my list of future career options.

    I don’t know it. I just suspect it isn’t.

    I suspect it is his personal will, since, like most homos he’s vain and an attention seeker.

    If he had chosen to work in a leper colony as his apostolate or vocation then I would not suspect him of vanity. Nor would I think working with lepers an unsuitable choice for a repentant sodomite.

    Also, St. Paul was very public with his repentance BEFORE he started. He did not get specific with his sins 15 years after the fact when St. Peter threatened to out him. He showed all his cards from the get-go.

    I believe he received a threat from an ex-lover, not the archdiocese. So naturally his only card left is the one he presented.

    Michael Voris is in my prayers.


    • St Paul wasn’t a pervert.
      It must also be said that you need a strong faith to begin an “apostolate” with such a past; but again, one could have said the same of St. Paul.
      I also do not think one should label a person with “once a fag, always a fag”. On the contrary, we catholic believe that no matter how long a fag, people *can change*.
      I don’t know the future, of course. But I trust the man.

    • Ah, I forgot.
      If he says the archdiocese is involved, then of course I believe him, not Dolan.

  2. Superbly well put. I have problems with some of Mr. Voris’ positions but I nevertheless like his style. God love him. I hope he continues the good fight to the end of his days.

  3. Exactly right! I could not agree more, but I hold hope poor Mr. V. will come around. Considering my own wretched past I often marvel how far the Good Lord and Mary have brought me. I cling to Them hoping God in His goodness and Mary in her mercy will not let me go.

  4. Indeed. We are not the camp of the saints. We are the camp of those who want to become saints.

  5. Agree with you, Mundy…kill the fatted calf and let’s celebrate:+) I guess my only question or concern is this: the Church wisely does not allow men to enter the priesthood if they have ever dallied with sodomy or even have homosexual attractions. Being a priest you are necessarily in a leadership position, are an Alter Christus, and need to be a father figure…hard to do when you’ve lived in the sodomite lifestyle. So in this circumstance, would it be wise for someone who has a decade or more of living in this perverted life to lead a Church apostolate? MV lived this life for awhile…and only waited two years before beginning a very public, leadership role in an apostolic endeavor. I’m not saying he couldn’t bring his talents to an apostolate and share the Gospel…his witness to healing would be a boon to any Catholic organization. But he is in a very public and leadership role…is it wise to place himself there?

    I don’t know the answer to this…just posing the question. And I also wondered if the reason he lives and has the studio in the part of Detriot that is a “gay” mecca is b/c that is where he lived and acted out for so many years. I don’t know if I would have stayed in the same house and neighborhood where I was surrounded by my former lifestyle. It would have been too tempting for me.

    Your thoughts on this? And yes, I would invite Mr. Voris to lunch too:+) He has a love of the faith, esp Our Blessed Mother:+) May Our Lord lead him in the Father’s will and continue to bless him.

    God bless~

    • I can’t see the problem.
      Was it wise to make of St. Paul one of the main voices of nascent Christianity after his past as Saul?
      Christ thought yes, it was.

  6. Way to go Michael! You have extricated a skeleton from the closet. How about an elephant from the living room — Pope Francis?

  7. I am not surprised. His manner of dress, hair style had made me think he might be one of those “who am I to judge”.

    • Only, he never said that he one of those “who am I to judge” types. Therefore, inferring religious opinions from “manner of dress and hair style” seems rather dumb to me.

  8. http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/realcatholictvs-voris-had-no-idea-about-internal-problems/

    “Voris was equally surprised by evidence showing that his staff apologist and program host Simon Rafe – who is the webmaster at St. Michael’s Media, and co-authored its “Saint Michael’s Basic Training” apologetics course – had also written the “adult” role-playing game “Castle Dracula,” and fan-fiction depicting homosexuality in the Star Wars universe.”

    • I seriously question the integrity of posting links like this. This is a link to a story of five years ago, and pertains to something that could happen in any organisation.

      One suspects you have starting to scour the internet for dirt on Voris and have posted it in the hope a “bad impression” may arise out of it.

      Am I wrong?


  9. Gay is pro choice. Sincerely want to overcome perversion, go to wilderness and live a life of penance. Fame is the worst temptation, dude!

  10. I have followed Voris closely from his beginnings. In fact our men’s group had him speak at our Church back in 2009 (or 2008?). I love much of what Voris and CMTV have done over the years. Oh how I wish there were dozens more within Catholic media which would go even 1/2 as hard as Michael does against the enemies within the Church.

    That all being said, there seems to me, something troublesome and just plain ‘off’ with Michael and CMTV in general. His indefensible attacks directed at Traditionalists is a huge red flag. Some of their combox moderator’s responses have seemed downright ‘catty/faggy’ to me to those who disagree with their approach to covering up the scandal(s) of the Bishop of Rome. But hey, who am I to judge? Just going with my ‘gut’ that something still ain’t on the up and up with Michael and some of those closest to his apostleship.

    • I have not noticed the “faggy” approach you mention. However, it seems to me that there is danger in notoriety; and as we are not perfect to start with, the kind of “celebrity” that comes with a successful media enterprise will always have the danger of the wrong attitude developing.

      I personally loathe the expression “apostleship” or “apostolate”. Where I come from it is never used in connection to the laity. It smells of Protestantism to me.

      A layman can only be a person of faith who tries to do his best, and that’s that. It’s when we start to use words as “apostolate” (Voris does that, too) that trouble can creep in…


    • Hi M. Doubt the word “apostolate” comes from the heretics. It was first used in the 14th century and comes from the late Latin apostolatus. It means an association of persons dedicated to the propagation of a religion or doctrine. A rather handy word tool, no?

    • I, I know whence “apostolate” comes! The fact is, where I come from everyone who is not an Apostle or a great saint would find it boastful to even think of defining himself that way.

  11. Some actions that we take have long range consequences. Teenagers that have criminal records, tattoos, various youthful missteps or indiscretions will close doors to certain career paths. Would you want an accountant or bookkeeper that had a 15 year history of fraud?

    God will have MERCY, but certain behaviors will preclude you from opportunities in the future and that’s JUST because you don’t have all the necessary attributes for them while someone else does. A character weakness is a character weakness. It doesn’t go away entirely.

    50, 100, 500 or 1000 years ago a repentant long term sodomite would never have held a position of teaching authority representing the church. Do we not follow Tradition? Don’t we look to the past and expect consistency with it? Or at least a darned solid explanation of why not.

    What undisclosed sin WOULD preclude a person from running a Catholic apostolate and asking for money from the faithful? Can someone explain why 15 years of sodomy does not cross this line?

    It seems to me that sodomites and sodomite inclined people make terrible teachers, guides and leaders. After all, just look at the Church in the last 60 years. It can’t be a coincidence that a huge proportion of priests and bishops are queers. They lack good judgement. If sin makes you stupid, then what does sodomy do?

    • You completely forget (and culpably so) the redeeming work of Grace. I must, once again, make the example of St paul.

      As to the “apostolate”, Voris isn’t a priest. He is just a layman who loves the Church. You want to listen to him, fine. You don’t want to, fine too. He is not a priest, merely a journalist.


  12. Well said, StJnChrysostom, That’s an excellent explanation about the sodomite’s behavior. Put him on the spot light again just like giving him a “Killing Field.” Thanks.

    • It seems to me the poor man is being condemned before the time.
      I know everyone could disappoint, but I for myself refuse to anticipate my disappointment.

  13. Given the over-emotional responses on the Church Militant website I’m afraid I have reservations about where all of this will finish up. Many people – including Christine Niles – maintain that Michael has received a grace of conversion that has made him attracted to women now. Other moderators speculate that he is effectively non-sexual instead.

    If, however, you ask if Michael is admitting that he still suffers from same-sex attraction – the question will be deleted. If you ask why he didn’t admit this before taking money from people -the question will be deleted. If you ask why people are responding to this in a flakey, over-emotional way – the question will be deleted. If you ask why the wise Thomist principle ‘grace doesn’t replace nature but perfects it’ isn’t being respected in the moderators’ comments – the question will be deleted. If you say anything about the appropriateness of having an “apostolate” after having lived for 2 decades such a lifestyle – your question will be deleted.

    These are all worrying signs.

    And lastly [this part edited because for my eyes only]

    • All reasonable concerns.


      1) The man has said he is disgusted by his past. I think this settles the question about his being hetero.
      2) The man runs a Catholic operation, not a Catholic debate site. I think he is right in giving some information (as little as he can) about the filth i the past, and let people decide based on it. If anyone were to ask me whether I sleep with women, or am tempted to do so, and the like, I would delete the comment too.
      3) Actually, if I were him I would not allow comments in the first place. You trust him or you don’t. I do. You don’t. So be it.

  14. Still remember Anita Bryan, Miss American runner up movement, Save Our Children in Florida, 1977? She had fought bravely opposing and trying to barre gays from fostering and adopting children even teaching jobs. She claimed that gays were trying to seduce children and turn them into homosexuals. They’d used their powers attacking her and successful destroying her. If we listened to her and supported her at that time probably sodomy and aids not spread crazily like this. She’s a marvelous woman. God help us.

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