Don’t Disrupt The Performance!




I have noticed it a couple of times, but yesterday it was evident to everyone present.

Garden variety Novus Ordo priest celebrates in the midst of baby din, and is utterly unfazed. You can imagine the thinking: “isn’t it sweet”, “the poor baby can’t help it”, and all that effeminate rubbish.

But then the din starts again during the homily, and at this point the priest is visibly peeved. Forget all the rubbish now: the man is on stage, how do you dare to disrupt his performance? 


The Mass as the most sacred even in our daily life has been completely forgotten. The idea that the church is the most solemn space in our daily life (a space in which sacred silence must reign at all times, not only at Mass) is gone away completely. If one sees it as sacrilege that this sacred liturgy, and this sacred space, is disrupted by baby din he, not the parent of the baby, is the one to be blamed. 

The Mass has become a performance, made of unimportant parts (the mass proper) and important parts (the part in which the priest takes over the performance). Yeah, it enrages me no end.

I had more respect of the sacred space of the church at five than most people who attend Mass have today. I felt in awe just looking at the church from the outside. When I was allowed to get in, I was literally entering into a different world, a sacred one, when wrong behaviour (which means, everything louder than the smallest of whispers) would have been followed by a terrible look, and swift punishment once outside. Every child my age was like that. It was mainstream thinking. I truly wonder what the heck has happened to us as a religion.  

I am so old that I remember the time when people said come in chiesa (“like in church”) to indicate an extremely reverent silent. Say: “when the Headmaster started to speak, there was a silence like in church”.

The expression has now gone. There is no silence in church anymore. 

But dare to disrupt the performance of the Main Character of the Novus Ordo show, and he will let you notice it.

You can disrupt Christ all the time. But woe to you, you interfere with the Mercy Showman.







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  1. I think your question “I truly wonder what the heck has happened to us as a religion” may be partly answered by the total absence these days of “a terrible look, and swift punishment once outside”. 😉

  2. Well-said again, friend. My mother used to pinch us. And she wasn’t a very devout Catholic.

  3. May I brag, just this once (today)? When I was little, we experienced a new priest in our parish. The formerly half-empty church burst in seams now, as he preached novelty and… sang. The ladies also loved his curly hair. He visited our humble home several times, which made me hide and suffer alone, for I truly despised this ungodly “man of God”, I despised him intensely ever since he interrupted the elated faithful with an angry fit, as they joined him in singing, after he explicitly stated he wanted to perform alone. Come to think about it, there may have been elephants. too. I wasn’t there any more, when he was leaving town under the cover of darkness, but I was told that he had no courage to face the adoring ladies and remaining gentlemen in the light of day. I, a little girl stood alone with some discernment (it seemed so) against a town (25 000 strong) full of fools.

    • What happened to the man? Just curious. i say this because one who insists in wanting to be the star of the performance in such a way smells of fag to me.


    • I know from his own mouth that in part it was financial irregularities. He bragged about his cleverness at my brother’s first Communion. Glasses he wore were trimmed with gold, suits and coats were of finest fabrics (in communist Poland high quality things were not only expensive, but also hard to find), which he liked to stress. The rest of it, I do not know…

    • Ha!
      When you spoke of him your picture did me the idea of someone who has a lot to hide…

  4. Not particularly on topic, but 1P5 posts that Bishop Schneider has given a 6000+ statement in Italian on the AL. And you speak Italian….

  5. Mundy.I also had more respect for the Church when i was five than these novus ordo people today.My teaching by good Catholic teachers and a good Holy Priest has influenced me all my life!They would be pleased that i now attend The Traditional form of the Mass and its beautiful litugy.Long live,and victory to,The Trads!!God Bless.

  6. Are there now four elephants in the room…..?

  7. One of the problems with the church I attend (Novus Ordo) is the amount of socializing in the pews before Mass, mostly by females. Meanwhile, the musicians and choir are rehearsing in the right front. I remember a time when one could pray quietly before Mass. Music is almost continuous, even covering up the words of consecration. There’s much less reverence now. Hoping I can relocate soon to an area with a SSPX chapel or a TLM.

  8. “There is no silence in church anymore.”

    Why would there be? With the presider constantly talking quite loudly to himself, his merry cast of actors around the dinner table and the audience (he can’t possibly be talking to God, because in that case he would not keep his back turned to Him), a little more senseless noise will make no difference anyway, won’t it? At least that is the impression suggested by the average Novus Ordo as opposed to the Tridentine Mass.

    The same goes, of course, for typical Church architecture as well. The Modern Church suggests a business meeting, a self-help session or a university lecture, depending on the tastes of the individual architect or “artist”. All of which are functional and utilitarian meetings that do not require sacred silence. Why would there be a sense of reverence in such an environment? True, someone who is very convinced of the Truth of Catholicism might intellectually believe that sacred silence is necessary and appropriate, but under these circumstances it will not come naturally even to him, and his sense of the sacred will inevitably erode over time.

    He might not lose his faith in the Real Presence, at least not immediately, and certainly not if he constantly struggles against the heretical tendencies of the new rite, but it will be weakened, one Novus Ordo circus in such a church at a time. For most people, over a number of years, this road will inevitably lead to indifference, heresy and apostasy. The only thing left, then, is to put on a merry show for the dwindling number of bored customers.

    Vatican II and the Novus Ordo are pure poison for our souls.
    To almost quote Cato the Elder: Ceterum censeo Novum Ordinem esse delendum.

  9. Mundy, you may already be working on this but…
    +Schneider has spoken:
    Italian –
    English –

    May we all make a cover letter and send it to our Bishop, to the Pope & to ++Burke Saying, “Yes! This is what we need to hear at this time!”

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