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The Three Pillars Of The Homo Church.

The recent interview, that I have still not watched, of Church Militant with Father Oko (an excellent priest about whom this little effort has already written several times) allows me to spend three and a half words about why, in my estimation, the homo lobby is infiltrating the Church with the success everyone with functioning eyes cannot but notice.

The first element is apparently prominently mentioned by Father Oko: fags in position of power use it to promote other fags. It is so everywhere. It is so among churchmen, too. Think Tucho “dreaming queen” Fernandez or Father James “Loretta” Martin and you will get the idea.

But then there is a second element that I would like to stress: all those priests and prelates who, whilst not homos themselves, have skeletons in the closet. The priest or bishop with the mistress on the side, with a story of either pedophilia or of protecting paedophile priests, with an alcohol problem, with a prostitute problem, or with any other problem will soon notice that siding with this powerful group will help them not to be exposed, or even allow them to advance their career.

Then there is a further group of priests and bishops who might not be guilty of the same shortcomings, but are guilty of excessive ambition, probably coupled with lack of faith. They don't have necessarily to fear being shamed, but they fear being put in the career freezer and left there forever. They will close an eye or three as they try to fake orthodoxy with their sheep in the manner that is practicable without incurring the ire of the homo Mafia.

Where does the Evil Clown position himself in all this? It is difficult to say. The man could well be a homo himself, and it is clear that a reputation of suspected homosexuality accompanied him in his Argentinian years. But the man might have other problems of the sort, as his repeated mention of “coprophagia” and “coprophilia” abundantly show. Lastly, the man might simply have understood which group is it wise to have near, in a satanical symbiosis that advances his career as he advances theirs.

What is clear is that the man has all but buried – or perhaps destroyed – the explosive report about homosexuality in the church prepared for Benedict; a report which the latter chose not to act upon, preferring to fly before the wolves instead.

The more time passes, the more I see Francis as an organic development of Benedict's, John Paul's and Paul's church: a development, the last one, that saw the evil advancing perhaps three step in one go; but an evil that was advancing nonetheless.

Let us console ourselves with this: the Lord will never leave us without the likes of Father Oko, few as they may be. It is for us to brew the best beer we can out of the ingredients at out disposal, and be confident that sure victory, and a definitive one, awaits the Church, and hopefully an undeserved recompense awaits those who do not waiver, and decide to live and die on the side of Father Oko.

No guarantee of salvation, of course.

But I certainly wouldn't want the odds of those on the other side.





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