Nobel Peace Prize: It Wasn’t To Be

pope-francis angry

Pity Francis, whom the world has not crowned Most Beloved Secular Guy again. I can see him now walking in the Vatican corridor, cussing in some strange Argentinian dialect. 

Francis will now renew his efforts to win the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize: more immigration, more Muslims, more opposition to the world, more environ-mentalism, more GHTYFDSR rights, more of all that the atheists, worldly society loves.

Will he make it in 2018? If he is still alive he might get a chance, as the more years pass the more a Nobel prize to a Pope so far away from everything that a Pope should be seems natural. But time is running out, because the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night, and when you are 83 the nocturnal burglary appears not so remote. 

Let us prepare for another year full of immigration, environmentalism and forced Islamisation nonsense.

Our Extremely Unholy Father, Francis, has a worldly prize to win.



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  1. Homogoglio has accomplished all what the global nihilist elites wanted him to. No need for any prizes or rewards for the boorish Argentinian simpleton who is definitely in a downward trajectory, past his prime. Homogolio has been left in the ash heap of history, along with fellow traveler Harvey Weinstein!

  2. But but but all the hard talk in Venzuala and Cuba with his brothers in power…approving all their cultural purity.

  3. No way, he can destroy the Christ’s Church, at the end the Catholic Church will triumph and he hasn’t known that? Even though Satan has successfully infiltrated into high places of Vatican he can’t prevail. “Che” Bergoglio must be totally arrogant and ignorant to see God is purging the Church and continuing expose him and his minions’ true faces. Of course, he’ll fail terribly and his boss behind the curtain will be mad as hell and will not reward him any more; but punish and betray him since he’s not a man of truth, actually “Father of Lies.” May God have mercy on him and his cohorts.

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