Francis Cannot Abolish One Iota Of Truth


The umpteenth interview of the Evil Clown with Eugenio Scalfari is another scandal not only for the obviously heretical statements allegedly made by Francis (statements which the Evil Clown will not, as happened in the past, deny or recant, thus assuming full responsibility for them) but also for the unbelievably arrogant, and ignorant, language used by Scalfari himself.

It is stupid beyond belief to say that Francis has “abolished” hell, or purgatory, or whatever God has created. Francis cannot change one iota of truth. Christ, the King, will make sure he becomes aware of that. Scalfari, who does not believe in God, is mocking Christian belief in the breath as he propagates Francis’ heresies, and the two seem quite fine with the whole exercise.

Apart from the often mentioned heretical statement of Francis about the non existence of souls in hell (which, let me be clear about this, show that he does not believe in Christ), it is also offensive, in a particularly disgusting way, that this man keeps giving interview to a squalid (if intelligent; way more so than our Ass in Chief) individual who uses them to mock the faith of Christians.

The conclusion of this is obvious: Francis hates Christianity and, not being able to mock it in such direct way as he could, is all too happy to give interviews to people who will express their mockery far better than he ever could.  

These two will, unless they repent, have a lot to talk in hell.



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  1. Ignorance and arrogance is a very bad mix.

  2. Francis will believe in it once he arrives there. And hopefully, that will be sooner, rather than later.

  3. Some thoughts to ponder:

    Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. I don’t think it is a coincidence that Francis through Scalfari is now on record denying the existence of Hell. (That is will say on record, unless Francis categorically disavows what Scalfari wrote and stops giving him interviews) Our Blessed Mother showed the children the terrifying reality of Hell. She also told them most souls end up in Hell due to sins of impurity. Also no coincidence Francis is trying to enshrine sins of impurity through AL.

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