Which Elephant?

I am now imagining what would happen if the Evil Clown were to, say, officially declare Consubstantiation the official truth of the church, with “no other interpretation”. Say, with a letter to a Protestant leader published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Some would say that this is a publicly stated private opinion, and therefore does not really matter.

Others would state that Francis must be somewhat right, because there must be something that has been divinely revealed to Francis alone.

Some more still would say that Francis does not want to undermine the doctrine about Transubstatiation, but merely offer a pastoral interpretation of it.

Some others would say that the Sweet Peter on Earth is being badly advised by “the wolves”, profiting from his kindness of heart. He, himself, must be free of blame.

More still would say that the Pope was, really, talking off the cuff, though due to his advanced age he forgot to let us know.

We would be treated to “ten things to know and share”, at the end of which we would discover that everything is fine but the Pope should work on his syntaxis.

All the above would, obviously, call themselves “Conservatives”.


Cardinal Burke would give interview #327, stating that the end must be very, very near now; and doing, as always, nothing.


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  1. Conservative evidently has come to mean agreement with whatever the Pope Francis said last. In other words, nothing is conserved except belief in the authority of the Pope irregardless of his making heretical statements. This, I think is the Opus Dei/Michael Voris position. This is a position entirely counter to our moral duty to call out heresy whenever we hear it–especially if it is from a Pope.

  2. Others, calling themselves “Militant”, would say that although this development may appear troubling, it is inspired by and it is a gift to us from the Holy Spirit, to shine light on our inadequacies. His Humbleness is only a faithful servant, allowing the Holy Spirit to use him.

  3. Your hypothetical regarding Francis and Consubstantiation was exactly what happened with John Paul II and capital punishment for murder:


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