The Sad Christmas Of Libtards: Part 1



What a miserable life Libtards live. When they are not occupied hating, they are busy worrying. Almost as sadly (but not really: it is just what they deserve) there is no shortage of people ready to milk money out of their stupidity. 

This pic above is from Al Gore’s Christmas Begging. However, this is nothing even to do with Christmas.  

he wishes “happy holidays”. He thinks that these “holidays” are not there to celebrate the birth on earth of Our Lord, but to bring into focus the “most important things in life”. Obviously, by this Ueberloser Gore means in the end… him and his multi-million operation. 

let’s check: “family, friendships, and faith in a better tomorrow”. Gore Boy wants to come just after your nearest and dearest, and the faith in not the Christian one, it’s the faith in… him. 

What follows is a statement of astonishing falseness, but evidently deemed fitting with the “holidays”. As you keep pumping your money in our coffins, the future of the planet is now bright. Well no; actually, if you are an environmentalist you should be oscillating between despair, madness and suicide at the prospect of other three (nay: make it seven) Trump years. But they, Gore is trying to milk money of the many dumb cows of his religion: a touch of optimism will emboldened them to click on the Paypal link. 

And this is, I am afraid, Libtard Christmas: no Christ, no faith, not even hope of a better future, and your own false prophets asking you for money. 





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  1. Remembering that Gore for a brief time (’71-72) enrolled as ministry student in Vanderbilt Graduate School of Divinity. Like most everything academic, he was a poor student, didnt finish, and flunked out. (He also failed to complete even 1 year of law school.)

    But he obviously does like the Elmer Gantry-aspect of separating people from their money on the basis of an ostensibly religious cause.

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