Speak Like Francis, Fail Like Francis


“Cats” part way too little…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, for those who don’t know, a thinly veiled hard socialist with a clear Commie hue who caused a roar last week by defeating – in a notoriously shitty congressional district – a senior Democrat Congressman, Joseph Crawley, for the Democratic primary.  Therefore, she all but assured her victory in November, as the shitty Congressional District is, I am told, 70% “minority”, with racist whining and the promise of free handouts very high on the popularity chart. 

Since then, a sort of leftist hysteria has been developing, with headlines like this one.  In fact, it appears that this young woman, who was a bartender until some six or seven months ago, should even scare the Republicans. 

Don’t make me laugh. Actually, every Republican should wish that the woman receives a maximum of attention from the MSM, and becomes the object of another cult of the “feeling the Alexandria” like, not long ago, they were feeling the Bern. 

The Sixties have gone. Showing young idiots on TV does not persuade the uneducated older generation that the young are the future and they themselves backwards. It persuades them – and, in fact, many young voters 18-25 years old – that these idiots must be stopped, and mobilises sane conservative (or just, sane) people to the ballot box. This woman is so left, she is basically right there with Maduro and the Pope.

Like the Pope, she tries to give Catholic credentials to her inane drivel. And like the Pope, she will fail miserably, as her hypocrisy, ignorance and total lack of shame is exposed by everyone who, once, read three paragraphs of any Catechism. She will, in fact, not even have the benefit of being Pope; though I would like to ask her whether she thinks that a woman should be able to become that, too. 

We must wish that this clown in petticoat receives as much attention as possible. She is a fearful weapon in our hands. We wish her a great victory in November and a high degree of publicity before and after that day. 

I so wish Francis would receive her at the Vatican with some excuse or other. It would do a lot to mobilise Catholics against her. 

A toxic Pope, who managed to actually make Trump more popular by criticising his wall, deserves the company of a toxic feminazi in favour of abortion, sexual perversion and massive wealth redistribution. 

Come on, Francis.

Feel the B….itch! 




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  1. As a woman, I am embarrassed. We are seeing just so many women out there holding signs and protesting, and women in the middle years, when we were promised wisdom in exchange for the general deterioration. Either the wisdom isn’t coming or we aren’t taking advantage of it. I see many women who are old enough to know better join in with the Communist Caterwauling, and it is a huge disappointment. Wanting so badly to be young again, relive those old 60’s or 60’s wannabe years, is a sad way to go into middle age or senior years. But finally, they are relevant again! They can join the young people and really show em how it’s done, pick up those signs and get out there, protesting THE MAN…oh God…ladies…you’re pushing for anarchy, chaos, overthrowing the government that is keeping you and your children and grandchildren safe from the hordes…you imbeciles!

    Communism has NEVER worked. Socialism has NEVER worked. But you can’t tell that to these Commie freaks, so ignorant they have likely not cracked a book since grade 8. Their political leaders? The media. The View. Oprah. Hillary Clinton. These are not smart people, they are people dying to fit in with the cool kids, and oh, the prize of all prizes, the black people, oh, if they were ever cool to black people, well that would just be the biggest prize of all, because we all know that’s an exclusive club, and you are just super cool and groovy if you are accepted in THAT club!
    So get out there ladies, and show how desperate you are to fit in. March for the end of your nation, be vulgar and show those kids you can swear and be vulgar and just as nasty as they are. Nastier! Rather than be the voice of reason and encouraging young people to appreciate our great nation and our freedom, promote violence and madness, even violence against your fellow man. Bring the system down!

  2. Yes! I truly believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pope Francis, and his merry men, Hillary Clinton, the left wing PC, et al, could without doubt save the planet if they would kindly leave it and permit the sane and moral people to live their decent lives in peace. Of course, as always, in God’s good time.

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