The New SSPX Is The Old SSPX

I never thought that Bishop Fellay ever planned to betray the SSPX in the way in which Theresa May is trying to castrate Brexit. I am also aware that an organisation like the SSPX cannot and will not react to the antics of Francis in the way we blogger (should) do. Therefore, I cannot say that the election of Father Davide Pagliarani as the new Superior General lifts a weight out of my worried soul.

However, it is logical that the new Superior General and his known stance on the talks with Francis make the danger of the SSPX being someway duped into delivering themselves in the hands of the Vatican even more remote. If anything, it will avoid the couple of, if you allow me, “wtf moments” like the ones I have experienced in the past years before full details emerge.

A little less conversation, as Elvis would say, is good in the current climate. One also hopes that the SSPX will become more aggressive in the denunciation of Francis’ various mistakes, frauds and lies; but again, I think it is the voice of the people, not the voice of the priests, that should be most brutal.

I welcome the development. It seems to me that this here is another little “Salvini moment”: the emerging on the scene of a well spoken, tough Italian determined to do it right.

But the priority now, my daily thought is not the relationship between the SSPX and the Evil Clown. It is the confirmation of Mr Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That might change the course of history way more than the election of an Evil Clown.


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  1. You know the SSPX a great deal more than I do. Still, as the keepers of the faith they are inexcusably quiet. Catholics are suffering, feeling such confusion and angst, which is natural when you are alive to see your edifice of faith being torn apart before your eyes. The men who claim or represent themselves as carrying along the true faith in rites and tradition have a grave responsibility to warn the faithful. We desperately need men within the church to stand up and give warning to the flock, declare this pope and his evil Cardinals and Bishops anathema, and caution the people not to follow them lest they lose their faith and their souls.
    Declare the TRUTH, that should not be hard for men who have taken vows.
    Silence implies one is complicit. No matter how we may yearn to cling to the idea of one faithful remnant, that silence will end up becoming a deafening roar.

  2. sorry, I know this blog basically assume advanced knowledge of catholic doctrine, history from its readers. But could you illustrate us ignorant catholics, some basics about some topics like: what was the catholic teaching before and after vatican II?. What were the changes? What vatican II documments, statements bring change it?…. was “freedom of religion” catholic doctrine always? democracy was condemned before vatican II? ….etc

    • Boy, this is a lot! I suggest that you browse this blog and get info here and there. In addition to this, the reading of Iota Unum (link to the book online on the right hand side, but I would buy the book!) Is mandatory. Old catechisms like the Penny and the Baltimore one will also help a lot. Then there are the SSPX books like 100 years of Modernism. But Iota Unum, to me, is required reading. Expensive, but worth every penny.

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