Retards Of The World, Unite!


Paul Joseph Watson has a very interesting video about the Cult of Greta and the stupidity of our times. The montage is more than a tad juvenile (particularly at the start) and I warn you that there is strong language at times. But the message is on target.

The news of a so-called “church of Sweden” appointing Greta Thunberg as “Jesus’ Successor” looked like a joke, but it is not.

We see here several phenomena converging: Firstly, the advanced stage of decomposition of Christianity in the Nordic Countries has led to the substitution of Christianity for a cult of the earth; a cult which the decayed so-called christian institutions of these countries actually even try to exploit for her own aims of recognition and popularity, revealing the Christ-Free space they have become.

Secondly, the loss of respect for real education has led to the appearance of millions of people who have come out of a university but cannot read, write or think; don’t know history; don’t have any critical thinking; and are extremely easy to manipulate exactly because they think they are so smart, and so cool. They are the ideal fodder for cults.

This cult of the environment is fed by the “icons” of our times, who are the cultural references of an ignorant generations; actors, models, stuff like that. If your life is spent watching reality shows, every famous idiot is a thinker.

Everybody wants to jump of this train, particularly if he is stupid. An individual like Prince Harry, who is – apart from likely being a bastard of sort, and the son of a notorious slut; but hey, in stupid times sluts are heroes – so dumb that he is unable to even “paint” an “abstract painting” on his own, now tells us how many children to have, as he jets around the world and is a honoured guest in the house of one of the most rabid f@ggots who ever drew breath. His new wife has him eating form her hand already. She has found an idiot to chew before she, very likely, gets tired of his idiocy and divorces him. I pity the poor, dumb bastard.

The Cult of Stupid is the new religion.

“Retards of the world, unite!” is their new slogan.




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  1. “The Cult of Stupid is the new religion.” And “Pope” Francis wants to be its leader.

  2. The Cult of Greta was recently enshrined by Bergoglio I believe.

    St Bridget of Sweden, patroness of Europe, pray for an end to the madness that grips your homeland.

  3. Sad little girl doesn’t appear able to smile.

  4. Deus dementat quos perdere vult. Translation: God makes stupid whom He wants to lose. By the way a strange similarity: both in Sweden and in Amazonic the cult of the earth is progressing…what should I think about that? I am getting worried ….

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Harry’s almost as stupid as “Pinocchio” Cortez, aka AOC. And that’s saying something!

  6. It is just a massive deterioration in every sphere. Stunning to watch happen in real time.

  7. One can google Samantha Smith and Yuri Andropov and see that this has been done before -men manipulating impressionable young women to advance their progressive politics. It is a form of child abuse

    With Samantha Smith, it was a card-carrying Commie who used her stupidity to try and convince the world it was Ronald Reagan not the commie bastids, who were the threat to world peace.

    It always works, that’s why the progressives do it

  8. Joseph D'Hippolito

    M, it’s happening in the United States, as well: This is behind a pay wall but it’s well worth reading.

  9. Joseph D'Hippolito

    M, the retards beat you to it. In the United States, they call themselves the Democratic Party. In Britain, they call themselves the Labour Party. Just sayin’.

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