The Clergy Has Become The Enemy Of The Faithful

“He who wants to go to church is a Capitalist pig and enemy of Christ, esta claro??!!”


One of the most pernicious side effects of the Chinese Virus has been the sidelining of the religious experience, with the consent, complicity and active collaboration of great part of the Catholic clergy.  

Punctually, the bill for this disgraceful behaviour is presented to the faithful. If Mr Pritzker, the Democratic Governor of Illinois, has his way, it will be a year before church building function normally again. 

The Governor obviously hides behinds “the experts”. “Hey, it’s not me – he is almost saying -.  I loathe these abortion-hating people; but I would not dare to go against them if it were dangerous for my career. However, the Catholic Church has been very zealous in approving the closure of their own churches, and the social marginalisation of the Mass for just as long as we want. Why would I not profit of such a brilliant situation as this one”?

And in truth, how has anyone expected this to go any differently? These are people who never allow a crisis to “go to waste”, and this crisis can certainly be milked for all it’s worth to help detach from the Church countless faithful; particularly after it has become clear to politicians of all colours that the Catholic clergy themselves seem intentioned to do just the same! 

It’s open season on the Church, say many US Bishop. How is a Democrat Governor supposed not to shoot? Do you think someone in favour of killing babies in their mothers’ wombs will suddenly have a religious experience when he sees that the churches are closed, and his enemies locked at home?

Obviously, this poses an obvious and very unpleasant question: why would the Catholic higher echelons support their own marginalisation? The answer is, in my eyes, very saddening but also very evident.

It is because they hate Christ and His Church themselves. It is because they are either perverted, or in an illicit sexual relationship, or atheists. It is because they hate themselves for having to lie every day about their nature and their lives.  Granted, the attempt to escape the contradiction by diverting the attention of their parishioners to topics like “poverty” and “social justice” may make them feel better for a while, which is why so many do it (if you want to know a priest who has lost his faith, look for a priest concerned about “social justice”).  Still, by all their talk, they still know that, in the end, they are hypocritical scroungers living at the expense of an organisation they hate, but with no balls to out themselves as Church haters and seek a new life.

All these despicable individuals (starting from the Evil Clown, down to most bishops and, no doubt a great number of priests) have jumped on the Great Crisis Bandwagon, allowing them to get some relief from their duties, feel good with themselves as they pretend to “protect” their faithful, and harm an organisation they hate. They will, make no mistake, be in no hurry to get back to normality again. It’s for your safety, you know.

This crisis has shown this: that, generally speaking, our clergy has become the enemy of our religious freedom, and of our sensus catholicus before that. They want to make of Catholicism something you practice when people who don’t care a straw for Christ say it is “safe” for you to do so.  They want to make the Church and the Sacrament as irrelevant for you as they are for them.

We need to wake up to this assault and denounce the bishops and priest who keeps blabbering about safety instead of doing their job.

Enough with the enemies in our midst.







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  1. mortimerzilch

    the bishops have DECLARED, in effect, that the Catholic Church is NON-ESSENTIAL !!
    what horrid travesty !! Besiege their rectories and chanceries !!

  2. Here here!!

  3. The men who run the church right now, have all but destroyed the church and have so greatly damaged the faith it is hard to imagine how it would ever be repaired.
    For our house, the church no longer offers anything we are interested in. We attend a diocesan Latin Rite Mass, and give no financial support for the church at all. When they come for that, it’s officially over and we’re out.
    It is no longer a benign neutrality. We LOATHE them, and the false church they have created.

  4. Sadly, Just after our archdiocese introduced restrictions, I called a local church that had a Wednesday exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (which I visited on my way home from work)to see if any alternative
    arrangements were bieng planned. I was told by the receptionist/front desk that “no, absolutely not” there were no other alternatives. When I pointed out the “social distancing”/No-More-Than-15-People rule then bieng touted, I was told again “no, absolutely not” there were no other alternatives.

    What struck me was the absolute glee I detected in the person’s voice as each suggestion was given the jobs-worthian response of “no, absolutely not” there were no other alternatives.

    From the person at my work who shopped us in for not practicing ‘social distancing’ during a meeting, to the tin-pot dictators enforcing the directional arrows in grocery stores to the looks of disapproval you get for not stepping into the street when passing each other one a sidewalk, I get a sense some people who THRIVE in a police-state

  5. vermontcrank1

    Excellent and truthful observations. One can see by what happened at Vatican Two and the insanity, duplicity, modernism, and heresy it trailed in its wake, that most Bishops do not have the Faith once delivered.

    If they did, the would have put right the execrable reform of the Mass and reinstated the Real Mass as normative as the Real Mass is the most important action taking place on earth at any moment in time.

    Because they have not only allowed but promoted the N.O. they reveal what is in their hearts; unconcern for the good, true, and beautiful.

    One will never here a prelate tell the truth about our lives on earth; it is about Salvation and Sanctification, and a life is an absolute failure unless one’s soul is saved and if one has a thousand statutes erected in their honor all of that is for naught if that one has lost his soul.

    Prelates and Priests are supposed to be pastors of souls. They are not. They do not care about you or your soul

  6. I agree re the comment that priests who talk a lot about social justice are suffering from the loss of the Faith. I have long thought, in contrarian fashion, that clergy and politicians who talk a LOT about “the poor, the poor” and the Marginalized are, in fact, nothing more than socialists and not reliable guides.

  7. Methinks the Queen should schedule a spot on the telly telling her countrymen it’s high time to get off their fat arses for the good of the Empire. She remains a respected voice of common sense.

  8. Mary K Jones

    I have been working from home about 6 weeks. I have been ‘ordered’ to return to my office on Monday, ahead of other coworkers, because the company is ‘paying other nurses to check temperatures, etc.’ I didn’t ask why they were paying nurses to do basic skills. But if they expect me to fill that position, I will check temperatures. I didn’t ask what they expected of me as an RN. I guess I will find out on Monday. Stay tuned…

    • Mary K Jones

      Well, I returned. No fanfare. (Good!) No one greeted me with any plans for new tasks. We are working at 50% capacity for at least the next two weeks so I don’t imagine things changing before then, barring another major industrial accident. Life goes on in pretty much pre-Covid-19 fashion, except with masks.

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