Meet JP II, The Pope Of Social Justice


Really, Francis has no shame. 

You can say what you want of the late John Paul the Not-So-Great, but sympathy with Francis’ SJW causes was not one of his shortcomings.

If Francis had a shred of decency, he would push his Socialist message without trying to hijack his predecessors, however faulty they were at times in their understanding of Catholicism.

But Francis has no decency at all; and he either does not see that everybody else sees it, or else he sees it and he does not care. This is the attitude he has always had: the arrogance of lying to your face, realising that you understand it, but still doing it, because he is the pope (small p, out of respect for the decent ones).

When I first read, years ago, of the alleged habit of some Argentinians of lying openly, shamelessly, and boast of it, I thought it was one of those exaggerations that people create when they describe a stereotype, or a character trait, in too vivid a colour. In time, the repeated, arrogant statements of this man have persuaded me that there must be something in it; because if this were not the case, a man like Francis would exercise at least some prudence in spreading his lies.

Does it work? Er, well, no!! But again, I think Francis is long past caring whether something he wants to say works; whether he is believed by decent people or not; whether he is considered a honest guy or a first-class scoundrel.

He can bark, therefore he does. He abandons himself to his hatred for us, and spits us and our religion in the face, hoping to rile us even more as we see how shamelessly he lies. He probably enjoys the anger that follows. It makes the petty tyrant in him feel satisfied, contented, alive. He will very likely lie to you, insult you, and provoke you to his last day.

I have stopped a long time ago to be seriously angered by this guy. One day he will die and go to his judgment, and so will everyone of us.

As I think of how horrible his own last days promises to be, I resolve to make mine good enough to get to the right side.

The man has no shame, but he should not get (much of) your attention because of it. Consider him one of those disgraces that stay with you, in some ways or other, no matter what: like a flies, or a mosquitoes.

This particular mosquito will stop harassing you soon enough.





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  1. Isn’t that pope with two “o”s?

  2. Oakes, I have to tell you, life is much improved once this person is relegated to the sidelines.
    He no longer has any impact beyond minor, occasional annoyance in our lives, and it is much better that way. Of course, this is only so because except for a tiny expectation of divine intervention, which we hope for, we have given up on things inside the church. We have an adjusted expectation about things now. His days of dragging us over coals are over. He can do whatever he wants, all of them can, it has become almost irrelevant. We can still be disgusted, but no more angst. We’ve come to acceptance, after going through 7 years of various stages. He is an odious figure, to be sure. It is not good to be in a co-dependent relationship of any kind with people who inflict unhealthy stuff on you. He had to go.

  3. You know, I’ve visited your superb blog so many times, I hope I have got your name right. Please excuse me, if I did not! I feel I know you, but may not know your name. My apologies.

  4. Yes, John Paul II was the pope of “social justice” starting from this manifesto (Redemptor hominis – “Thus the principle of human rights is of profound concern to the area of social justice”) through Laborem excercens to Centessimus annus. He was also a man of the”ecological conversion” (General Audience, 17 January 2001)

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