Live Masses on Streaming, Cowardly Bishops, And Platinum Wigs…

The Pittsburgh Diocese is going from 152 parishes to 106 in one go. It’s the usual story of slow death and decrepitude. No link, because evil publication.

My first reflection: what about starting to consolidate Dioceses instead? With all that they cost in personnel, PR, press office, and assorted people running around their corridors, perhaps this could be a good example?

Say: every Diocese which has lost 25% of the parishes it had 20 years ago will be merged with another one. The bishops in surplus will go back to being useful (one wonders if they ever were) and work as parish priests (one wonders if they ever did). If this plan were to be implemented, it’s not unlikely that the number of dioceses in the US would be cut in half, with great savings that could then be used for things like, say, restoring churches to their pre-VII splendor, start celebrating Tridentine Masses in them, and see how that goes.

The second reflection is that the Virus will, obviously, accelerate the trend of the live Mass on streaming. After the US Bishops have told their faithful that Mass is something they go to only if absolutely 100% safe, you can be assured that the slightest hint of the beginning of a cold will be used to decide that one does not have to attend; this, whilst the televised/streamed Tridentine masses of the Traditionalist orders keep increasing the number of viewers. No, the live streaming does not satisfy the Sunday Mass obligation. But hey, if I might have a cold? How can I condemn the 96 year old I am sure I will have sitting near me to an “early” grave? Has the Bishop not told us all that safety comes first?

Just sayin…’

The US Bishops, and not only them, have hoisted a petard under their own cathedra. They have told us that Mass is basically superfluous. If even the Mass is superfluous, how useless are they? And if the idea starts to spread that a very bad Mass does not have to be attended, how will the Bishops prevent the rapid increase of Tridentine Mass attendance via streaming? That is like the Internet: universally present, easily accessible, and basically unstoppable.

Prohibit your own Traditional Orders from streaming their Mass, and the SSPX will get this cake all for themselves! Voris will be so savage, he will eat his new platinum wig!!

We might be about to live interesting years…


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  1. I agree 100%… more if possible.
    Mass on TV (which includes any and all forms of broadcasting) is not being at Mass.
    Jesus is not present in your home in the way he is in the Church.
    The spineless christianity in today’s church just might lead Stephen and all the Martyrs to rise up and leave their burial places in protest and sadness for what the modern shell of The Church it has become.

  2. The various collections at Mass are, presumably, their primary source of revenue. They have severed their own money supply.

    • I disagree. At least here in the Uk they are a small part of the revenue. Wealthy donors and trusts make by far the most of them.

  3. I appreciate the frustration with Dioceses, but the real problem is that in many instances they’re too big, and bishops spend too much time acting like and schmoozing with the movers and shakers rather than providing spiritual leadership. Consolidation would only create more distance between the bishops and the faithful and increase their reliance day-to-day on the chancery bureaucrats. Instead I would favor splitting up the dioceses and pruning the chanceries with extreme prejudice. Make the bishops act like bishops, providing actual pastoral care (especially to their priests), and not like regional vice-presidents. Perhaps chanceries could be limited in size to no larger than that with which St. Augustine had to make do 😉. Oh, and get rid of the USCCB.

    • I am afraid that the consolidation will not be there to increase the distance, but to counter the diminishing number of faithful.
      It will have to happen at some point.

  4. The Vatican II Church is dying. It is a stain and cannot endure. For that, I thank Almighty God.

    Holy Mother Church is His Bride and will remain pure as unspotted snow.

    There is nothing these faithless Bishops can do about this. Vatican II is evil. It’s fruit is rotten, fetid. The Mass of Ages and the Sacred Tradition from which it comes is blessed by God. Those who defend His Law, Liturgy, Holy Sacrifice will be blessed.

  5. michael lamb

    The SSPX was able to purchase a Catholic Church in Pittsburgh in 2015. That was after it had become an art gallery. Bishop Zubik had made it impossible for them to directly purchase a Catholic Church. The collapse of VII church has been staggering and thoroughly depressing. And yet they go out of the way to put impediments against the SSPX which is growing. There is a 7 minute video titled Pittsburgh’s Heart Still Beats Catholic. Maybe you can put it up on your blog.


  6. Mundabor, I am with you on reducing the number of US bishops, and agree with soopergenius that the USCCB should be disbanded as well. But I fear the way these Modernists will strike back at the Mass of the Ages has already been signaled: they will simply suppress Summorum Pontificum and the TLM along with it. But then, as you note, the SSPX will be there to fill the emptiness. God bless and preserve them!

  7. i thought for sure i read 2 dioceses formed into 1 just recently, but i can’t find anything on it.

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