The Fortune Cookie Pope

“Mercy is made tangible, it becomes closeness, service, care for those in difficulty. I hope you will always feel you have been granted mercy, so as to be merciful to others in turn”.

This is a tweet sent out by the Evil Clown himself.

It’s difficult to find a single word that is right.

Firstly, the usual “this is that”. Mercy “becomes” something that it is not, namely a) service and b) with an obvious social work tinge. In Francis’ atheist world, everything must be deformed, and forced to serve his social justice agenda.

This is bad enough, but what follows is worse: the encouragement to the faithful (I am, here, wildly assuming that there are faithful who read Francis and take him seriously) to commit a huge sin of presumption, assuming that mercy is always extended to them, no matter how adulterous, sinful, or evil they are.

This is no Christianity. This is a UN religion made of slogans, and stupid ones at that, meant to make people feel good even as they are indoctrinated to the new “good” their own masters want for them: socialist thinking.

Read again the text of the tweet and you will clearly see that there is nothing Catholic in it. It is something that a politician or a new age writer might have written. It is something with which a TV show host might try to look good.

It is something you might find in a fortune cookie.

This is, in reality, what we have. The fortune-cookie pope. Catholicism-free, with a total lack of shame, and wanting to show you (the Catholics) his longest finger every day.

Keep assuming, Frankie dear.

You will see how that ends.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    Stupid, boorish, shallow and effeminate gibberish by the apostate-in-chief, to say the least.

  2. It is terribly important that you always ‘feel you have been granted mercy’, because isn’t ‘feeling’ a sure sign? Wait. Maybe ‘feeling’ is just emotion, frequently unrelated to reality. Ouch!! This ‘thinking things through’ is really hard on the brain!

  3. More like a misfortune cupcake.

  4. Pope Francis is saying that the proper response to mercy isn’t gratitude but service to a dehumanizing marxist agenda. It makes God’s mercy a utilitarian means to an end, rather than a freely bestowed end in itself. For Bergoglio, God shows man mercy so that he can become a cog in the wheel of the collective. That guy’s one sick puppy. Also dangerous, since he’s corrupting men’s minds.

  5. In the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant, the servants who must be shown mercy represent fellow Christians who are sorry for their sins and intend to do better. Mercy is extended for the good of the church. Francis, along with many other biblical illiterates, thinks that mercy is to be extended to “others” in general, regardless of whether they are entitled to it or not.
    The thing we should remember about mercy is that it is extended for a time, in order to give the offender a chance to repent. In other words, mercy is temporary while justice is eternal. To invert this order is to pervert the gospel.

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