Of Masses, Gay Pirates And Merry Clowns.

The Fake Mercy Stormstroopers are now, apparently, carrying out a joint effort to get rid of the Latin Mass. Unfortunately, there is a problem: you can’t get simply get rid of the Latin as if it were a church song from the Seventies. .

The Tridentine Mass has enjoyed growing popularity in the last decades. The increase in the number of masses is not something that the Vatican did not want to prevent. Of course they did. The V II Church was simply forced to yield – as little as they could, but to yield – to its irresistible pressure, because of factors the Vatican cannot control: first , the SSPX; second, the intrinsic  superiority of the Tridentine Mass.

There is nothing Frankie boy and his troops of gay pirates and merry clowns could or can do against each of these two factors. This, and only this, is why the Tridentine Mass was able to get out of the catacombs and take place, again, at the very heart of the issues involving the Church. Had it not been for these two factors, the TLM would have long ceased to exist, at least for a generation or two.

The gay pirates of years past understood that it is unwise, from their twisted perspective, to give the SSPX such a great gift. The gay pirates of the present seem noticeably thicker. Still, the situation on the ground remain what it is, and does not change with the varyjng degree of  stupidity of said gay pirates.

The bottom line is this: the Tridentine Mass is nitroglycerine that, if not handled with extreme care, can explode in the face of nuchurch with devastating consequences. This was well understood in the past.

It is surprising that it should not be so now. But hey, if the Gay Pirates think that they are smarter than God, they may do their worst and we will see how this ends.

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  1. The more evil one becomes, the more one cooperates with evil and tries to destroy the good, the more the intellect is darkened and big mistakes are made. As smart as these guys think they are, they’re light has been nearly put out and so they are not able to see what was seen by the earlier modernists. They are groping around in the dark and are going to stub their toes on the SSPX and hit their headd on the Tridentine Mass.

  2. The Latin Mass is beautiful.
    More to the point it is real where the novus-ordo is a pastiche of modernistic, neo-gauche low-tech entertainment for the lowest common-denominator and not the glorious Worship of the Lord.
    Where the novusordo separates Catholics from each other by making every Mass a unique mess the Latin Mass is always the same, everywhere you may go or be from japan to samoa to San francisco to Italy. An American in uganda is at the same Mass as he was in peoria.

  3. May the SSPX flourish during this time! I hope to be of assistance to the flourishing.

  4. The Novus Ordo cult is desperate. They are getting very old, and one of their leaders (Hans Kueng) recently died. They see large families (4+ kids) at the TLM and they don’t like it at all. They know that in 10-20 years, the TLM parishes with be brimming with people and money. Meanwhile, the Novus Ordo parishes will be dead and broke, or taken over by the TLM.

  5. It’s been increasingly hard the past few years to attend a Novus Ordo Mass, which is the only option around me. The banality, the superficiality, the incessant chatter before Mass, the priest joking his way through it. Out of desperation I began taking an old missal to Mass. What a difference! There are beautiful prayers before Mass that I sit and read while people are talking; there are the beautiful parts of the Mass that were cut out of the NO that I read during the banal singing. It really has been a shock to see how much V2 threw out, including the Glory Be, for Pete’s sake! There are gorgeous supplications to the cherubim and seraphim and once again I can pray to dear Perpetua and Felicity! Yikes, even Mary is mentioned! There’s a prayer for the souls in Purgatory – remember that place? The prayers around the Consecration and Holy Communion are small jewels. Participating at Mass now is like being at the Gates of Heaven in the midst of a ghost town.

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