The Freak Show Candidature

The campaign for the recall of Mr Nephew, aka Gavin Newsom, is now officially underway, and scary things are happening.

A man who think he is a woman, a pathetic wreck of a human being known as Bruce Jenner, wants to run for the Republicans. Atrociously, some people seem to enjoy it. I truly wonder what they have instead of a brain, or where their conservatism has gone.

The aim of the political involvement of Conservatives is to make a Conservative vision of life prevail, not to defeat the Democrat candidate.

A “candidate” that, like Bruce Jenner, is diametrally opposed to everything that is decent and wholesome in life can never, ever, be celebrated as someone who “takes the wind away” from the Democrats’ sail. This would, in fact, happen exactly because the Republicans have become just as bad as the Democrats. Make no mistake: if that man manages to get traction, this will cause incalculable damage to Conservaism as the institutional party will show that, in order to defeat the devil, they are ready to become like him.

Just to be sure that we are on the same page here: if, say, a cannibal runs to become Governor of Illinois with the Republicans, I do not care a straw about his view on criminality, taxes, racial relationships, even cannibalism! He is the enemy, full stop.

Will the Republicans understand this? Or will they – first the institutional branch, then some of the grassroots – sell their souls to the devil because they want to win?

If you want to win, you need to be with Christ, because without Christ you lose even if you win.

Will the entire Republican party become a freak show, in order to defeat the party of freak shows?

We will soon know.

You better pay attention, Trump and DeSantis.

Christ is watching. He will not be amused by any freak show antics.

And stop calling the man “she”, you idiots.

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  1. The candicacy of freak show Jenner is an effort by the spiritually diseased consultant class that infects the GOP and the alleged, professional “conservative movement”. Among those pushing freakshow are former Trump operatives Brad Parscale and a top Trump pollster. These people have already ceded the culture war to the Left. They are positioning themselves with the corporatist elites. They know freakshow is dead in the water but they are hell bent that the Left’s sexual chaos and overall cultural ethos triumphs across the board.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Have you considered the possibility that Jenner might be a willing pawn that the Democrats will use to distract from serious candidates? Remember, Arnold Schwartzenegger ran as a Republican the last time California recalled its governor. He won strictly on his popularity — and would up being one of the most useless governors California ever had. I know because I live in California.

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