Arms Stolen To Agricultural Work

Archbishop McMahon of Liverpool has just given us a fitting example of the degree of incompetence, arrogance and outright stupidity currently plaguing the Church. Google this stuff, because I cannot put it here.

The argument of the man is that, as he celebrates the Mass “handed to him” from Paul VI, he is a follower of “Tradition”, too.

You couldn’t make it up.

First of all, words have a meaning. I cannot credibly say that I am, too, a Communist, because I think that “we all have values in common”. Nor can I say that I am, too, a Vegetarian, because I do like vegetables. If I did that, I would look just as stupid, manipulative and outright dishonest as the Archbishop does.

Secondly, the Archbishop defeats his very argument. If he can claim the respect due to tradition because he celebrates in a rite born the day before yesterday, how much more worthy of respect is the rite celebrated for two thousand years? Can the Archbishop please answer that? Pretty please?

Thirdly, the Archbishop does something I am, personally, really, really, really, r.e.a.l.l.y. tired of: he insults the intelligence of his readers, whom he evidently considers all minus habens to whom you talk as to children of three; apart from the fact that decent people tend not to intentionally deceive even children of three.

Fourthly, and perhaps most infuriating of all, the Archbishop does something very fashionable among his peers: he pretends to ignore the issue at hand. Catholics are not insistent on the Traditional Latin Mass because they think that, in principle, if it’s old it has to be kept. If that were the case, the mass would still be in Greek. The issue here is that a) the Traditional Latin Mass is the mass mandated in Quo Primum, and b) the Mass of Paul VI is not that, but merely a protestantised deformation of the Mass that should be celebrated instead of it.

Really, one wonders how these people are selected, as it seems that a staggering amount of – let us say it again – arrogance and stupidity is now a requirement for the job.

As we say in Italy: braccia rubate allAgricoltura, that is: arms stolen to (= that would be much better employed in) agricultural work.

Archbishop McMahon should not be Archbishop. He should be tilling the ground in some potato field near Liverpool; because he has made abundantly clear that he does not even begin to understand what the Traditional Latin Mass is, why Catholics like it, and what the meaning and value of Tradition is. In short, ha has showed that he does not understand the very basics of Catholicism, but he wants that we listen to his astonishing diarrhoea because hey, he is the Archbishop.

How this guy dares to show himself before his sheep is beyond me.


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  1. Ann Barnhardt calls it the kakistocracy, others call it idiocracy. I agree that we are now ruled and led in all sectors by the most political, and most compromised, not the smartest or the most capable. And the current overriding principle of communication from Our Betters is gaslighting. It is continuous, pervasive, and relentlessly pounded out by the Deep State and Deep Church via their puppets and intel-community media. Perhaps they have chosen gaslighting because the weak minded accept it without question (there are still Americans who believe that Trump “colluded with the Russians”) and the intelligent will be intimidated into silence and question their own positions.

  2. TheFlyingTigers AVG

    Someone should tell Archbishop McMahon of Liverpool what a ‘counterfactual proposition’ is…

    just sayin’

  3. The Archbishop of Liverpool, probably thinks that folk masses are traditional because they have guitars like the Beatles used way back in the 1960s. I won’t search Google, as I do not have the stomach to read anymore modernist tripe and onions. God bless the FSSPX.

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