The “Synodal Process” Explained.

This is what the “synodal process” looks like.

“… don’t focus on what the ultimate product is going to be”.

This means: everything is possible. Hagan Lio!

Focus on the process itself and how the Spirit will guide the Church

This means: we expect you to propose all sort of satanic crap. Then we will say that it is “the Spirit” at work.

This is a moment to be co-creators with the Spirit

This means: we are going to make everything new. Forget the Catholic Church of your Grandma. We are co-creators of the Church now.

“The onus is on the diocese to really think through who is often excluded from our table. The Church needs to go out and invite people back in,”

This means: perverts, adulterers, and sacrilegious people of all sorts, unite!

The document explains that the pandemic “has made existing inequalities explode” and shows that the entire human family is affected, requiring a unified response.

This means: we have lost the faith, but we still have Socialism. We are going to ram down your throats as much of it as we can. If you object, you make the work of the devil and there is no “Spirit” in you.

This is not difficult to understand and is, really, clear enough; but I thought I would make it explicit anyway.

You really need to make your bishop know what you think of the “process”.

Not what your contribution to it is: what you think of the process.

Truth is already revealed.

We don’t need homo bishops and commie popes to try to redo things for us.

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  1. Nothing to add, a perfect post.

  2. I wonder what would happen if a group of bad traddies, disguised as ordinary Catholics, went to the meeting, sitting randomly around the room, and told the local bishop what they wanted. Of course, the rest of the ‘human family’ might get a little peeved and ask the facilitators to send the bad trads on their way. But it would be interesting to see.

  3. Well, I am on the margins of the Church. I am definitely somewhere out on the peripheries. I am sure they want to hear from me? But then again, I’m not a homo, nor a homeless guy, nor divorced and living in sin, etc. etc.

  4. Co-creators with the Spirit?? I’m really sure that the Creator does not need His creations to become co-creators. What hubris. His creations need to quit talking so much and do a LOT more praying, reading and listening to their Creator.

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