Monkey Business

And just when the time is approaching to distract the West from the immense lies and planetary deception which allowed an extremely corrupt Country, riddled with Nazi bastards, to present itself as the very light of the Democratic world after shelling 14000 people to death, we have the news of the “alarming” spread of the “monkey pox” disease.

How convenient, uh?

No more having to explain that hundreds of millions of people have been shamelessly lied to! No more having to admit the deep influence of Nazis in the Ukrainian government! No more embarrassing explanation about how the Ukraine has been winning all the time, but at the same time is getting crushed like a can of Coca-Cola after Stacey Abrams sat on it! No more having to explain how all that lethal aid disappeared and will be popping up wherever we don’t want it.

No. The Western media and governments alike now have salvation in the form of monkey pox. A wonderful occasion to give the ones and the others precious weeks to dial the volume down on Ukraine, until it becomes nothing more than background noise, exactly as it happened with that other huge propaganda and gaslighting operation, Syria.

This is bad enough.

But you know what grates me the most? It is the absolute certainty that, if the Western media and governments decided that the Monkey Business needs to be elevated to the level of proper craze, our Bishops would be, AGAIN, the first in line, advocating for restrictions of liberties, suppression of masses, and general concern showing.

I know it. You know it. They know it.

We can only hope it never comes so far.

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  1. Monkey (money from the government) Business is what most Bishops are all about. They better hope there is a Monkey Heaven.

  2. Monkey pox that was war gamed around 2020, along with a food supply shortage. These people are nothing if not transparent! They wreck you right to your face now.
    Why should they fear. That’s the way communists are supposed to do it, bombard the sheep with one emergency after another. Ukraine so you forget about the dead bodies after the vax and your lost civil liberties. Food shortages so you forget about Ukraine. Monkey pox so you go back into “pandemic mode” and forget about everything else.

  3. Mary K Jones

    This is one area where they (the Western countries) are SO transparent! We could easily predict such a happening. And of course, our bishops will go along with the program. It’s they’re ‘retirement fund’ since the pewsitters are rare and tight-fisted.

  4. Stephen Dalton

    Mundabor, the next step will be the plague of the month club.

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