Xi Pulls A Burke, or: How To Be A Paper Tiger.

The recent events in Taiwan have showed an attitude that we have, unfortunately, experienced within the Church not many years ago.

Then, Cardinal Burke and other (meanwhile deceased) allegedly courageous paper tigers made strong noises, and anticipated harsh measures for the case of Pope Frankie The Red-Nosed Clown not answering their Dubia; after which, they folded and retreated like the wet kitten at the sight of the Rottweiler. But hey, they sure enjoyed the applause of sincere Catholic while it lasted.

Now, China made an astonishing amount of noise about Old Hag’s visit to Taiwan, rattling sabers with the US until it was heard in the Tierra Del Fuego; then folded miserably, allowing Old Hag to come and go as she pleases, undisturbed. They are now staging military exercises around Taiwan, like the boy who plays though guy after the dude who would give him a new face has gone away.

I do not pretend to be an expert in Chinese culture, but it seems to me that not losing face is even more important in China than it is in the West. Therefore, Xi has some ‘splaining to do, as no doctor prescribed him to put such a fuss (the visit could simply have been authorised, showing once again that China gives permission to foreign dignitaries to visit Taiwan). But no: he had to do it. Ouch.

The same you can, of course, say of Burke & The Wet Kitten (might be a name for a pop band; we should ask Cardinal Ravasi for his opinion on this).

Naturally, the ones and the others will make excuses, as excuses are in even bigger supply everywhere than oxygen. “I did not want to risk a world war”, “I did not want to risk a schism”, “I have chosen to be superior”, “my squirrel had a headache”, “my pet rabbit had tennis elbow”, and the like. Obviously, none of this can ever wash.

Look at Putin instead. When he says he would do something, he also does it, and leaves no one in doubt that it would have been better to listen to him whilst there still was time. When he thinks the time is not right, he avoids the sabre rattling and simply expresses his view on a certain event (like the entry of the two Nordic Dwarfs in NATO), staying cool as a cucumber whilst he deals with the matters that are a priority to him.

Again: I am no expert of Chinese culture, but I have no doubt that China barked extremely loud on this. Then they didn’t bite. Then they engaging in some more barking.

A very poor show. One fears that Xi learned his diplomacy from Burke.

Make no mistake, this round goes to the Americans just as the Dubia round went to Frankie. You can say that the Old Hag has caused such problems that no fundraising and show of force on the home front can compensate for it, but the fact is, she did what she chose to do and the Chinese had to watch her doing it. Frankie did, of course, the same.

There aren’t many people with brass balls around.

Xi has shown to everybody that, like Burke, he is not one of them.

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  1. Excellent commentary Mundy. The Catholic Church has its Putin, Archbishop Vigano, whose secret weapon is God Himself.

  2. It’s still early. We’ll see. My guess is that the invasion will happen. This is the Communists’ moment.

    I suspect the precise reason Speaker Hag went to Taiwan was to provide the pretext for invasion. All were in agreement with full intent on our side and theirs. Spark meets tinder.

    Pretext is needed to unleash the dogs of war. This, they now have.

    The difference in your analogy between Cardinal Burke and Speaker Hag is that one is loyal while timid; the other is a traitor while bold. For whatever reason, there is a prevailing spirit of timidity on the side of Divine Justice and that which is good; boldness is all on the side of the barbarian (for now).

    My presumption is that Speaker Hag and the Coven she comes from act every moment for the destruction of America and all we hold dear – in essence Consitutional Representative government; Rule of Law; transcendent God-given human rights. The points of our destruction are all quickly coming together into a major unstoppable force – offensive acts against us; defensive capability among us. The powers driving these imbecile actors of our destruction are infernal; spiritual. They are being driven by spiritual powers few understand – because this is their time (for a time).

  3. podkamien59885a193b

    what will most likely happen is that XI will lose a ” vote of confidence” at the next Chinese Communist Party Conference and be replaced.

  4. Maybe. I hope you’re right, but right now it looks to me that the CCP might be using their live fire drills as a pretext while they blockade the island. Then the ball goes back into America’s court. Are we going to break the blockade? Attempt another Berlin airlift type mission? The coming days will tell. In this case, I hope Xi is just a paper tiger.

    • I doubt there will be any substantial blockade. Yesterday 70 aeroplanes could come and go. What there will be, is Xi bitching all around Taiwan far more frequently than before.
      Long-term, it might be worse than that. But I can’t see the CCP risking a war now as they clearly have no balls for it.
      In that case, I would have recommended a different tone from the start.

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