Understanding The Conflict

Yep. It’s fun to be smart…

Almost no day passes without yours truly reading some pro-Russian comment about the West being mad, psychotic, or otherwise out of its collective mind.

I think the answer is much simpler, and bases on some elements that are all as common in the West as running water.

The first: ignorance.

The West – collectively speaking, and certainly at decision levels – just does not know history. The new British PM does not even know geography. They have none of that cultural layer that makes a person educated rather than merely instructed. Therefore, they have tragically underestimated (as in 2014, with less bloody consequences) the ability of Russians to suffer for the cause of their Fatherland. I would say that, perhaps, 3% of this ability to suffer (but it might well be 1%) has been exhausted. The Western rulers, who think Russians are scared sissies just like them, think it’s more like 70% or 80%.

Liz Truss is as cool, collected and cold-blooded that she goes in utter panic because a (clearly, multi-vaxxed…) woman faints in front of her. Imagine her being informed that the Russians have just thrown a dozen Kinzhal missiles on the Portsmouth naval base, most of the warships there have been sunk, and almost nobody in the crews has survived. She would cry hysterically for three hours, and nobody would dare to even give her a slap to calm her down.

The West also vastly underestimated the vengefulness of the Russian psyche when you attack their Fatherland. Napoleon – another extremely genial Italian individual, but culturally unprepared to deal with the Russians – never imagined that, with him occupying a half-destroyed Moscow, the Russians would even refuse to receive his diplomatic envoy. Even less did he imagine that, not two years after the start of his Russian adventure, the Russians themselves would occupy Paris.

Hitler made the same mistake, and it took a while more; but the Russians occupied Berlin, too.

Free history lesson to take home: poke the Bear, and you don’t know whether you will be in one piece when the bear gets angry. Plus, the Bear will not care about losses. He will care that he destroys you, and only that will count.

A second type of ignorance is economic ignorance. These people can’t think, and can’t count. They have no idea of how much gas, how much oil, how much steel, aluminium, fertilisers, how much of everything they need and where they can source it from. Methinks, they have asked some group of 27 years old “consultants” how are things, and said 27 years olds have given the only answer they were conditioned to give, and not terrified to give.

Ja, Herr Bundeskanzler. Ja, Frau Ministerin.

We will be fine.

The second: arrogance

It seems obvious to me that the collective West has greatly overestimate the ability of NATO-trained troops to effectively fight against a First World Army. They thought everybody is an Afghan. Newsflash: Russian soldiers not only live on a different level of technology, but also of soldiering skills than the Pulcinella armies of ISIS, Al Kaida, Iraq 2003, or even Iraq 1991. Couple this with the first point, and you’ll easily realise that the Russians had won this campaign before it started. The Collective West reminds me of a wannabe school bully who decided to go up on the school’s wrestling champ. You won’t want to watch what follows.

As they said in philosophy class at school: γνῶθι σεαυτόν, “know thyself!”

The third: degeneracy

The first and second point explain, to an extent, why the Western rulers have deluded themselves they could eat Russia for breakfast. But I think this is far from all. The fact is, everybody has understood that Russia and the modern West represent two opposite cultural values: degeneracy here, wholesomeness there. The Western ruling classes, well aware of this if rarely spelling it out in public, both hate Russia’s Christian values and hope to garner easy approval by fighting them. This has been spelled out officially by the head of MI6, once a secret service in the service of Her Majesty, now a public service whoring for Western propaganda. Still: one says what one hundred think.

The fourth: Social Media

I have written about the sad, devastating phenomenon of clickwhoring here. I will, therefore, not repeat myself. However, notice how the mechanism described in the post influences the entire press and, in turn, the politicians who are the slaves of the public opinion, real or perceived ( = most of them).

These are, I think, the four main components of why this conflict drags on and everybody systematically pretends to live in an alternative reality where the Ukraine is winning, you are fighting for sodomy and tranniedom, and it make sense to freeze to death and ruin your economy for them.

It’s no psychosis. It’s no imbecility. It’s a short-term, myopic calculation of political advantage, fuelled by arrogance, ignorance and bad advice, and heavily influenced by a media apparatus enslaved by social media, and against which no politician dares to go.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    I think you have forgotten another factor that overshadows the ones you presented: NATO/EU/USA seek to use Russia’s reaction to sanctions (such as cutting off petroleum and natural gas) as the excuse to impose the “Great Reset.” The Vatican is in on it. Notice how Francis hasn’t said Word One about the potential suffering millions of Europeans will experience. He hasn’t even made a de facto call for the Ukrainians and Russians to negotiate a peace treaty, which has been de rigueur for the papacy for some time!

    Then again, why should he? Since Paul VI’s “Populorum Progressio” and Benedict XVI’s “Caritas et Veritate,” the Vatican has bought into secular, globalist materialism. Francis even had a conference last spring on economic redistribution. And, as you know, he wants environmental sustainability to be *the* hallmark of his papacy.

    • I am not a great fan of Great Reset theories.
      However, it is true that that the US are clearly pursuing a geopolitical policy of weakening of Europe with the excuse of the Russian T-t-t-threat.
      The more stupid the Europeans for falling in the trap.

  2. You nailed it.

  3. klausmarienburgef2ea65bd9

    Thank you mundabor, as always, everything to the point. Thank you for the clear words.
    Perhaps there is an even shorter summary of the western drama:

    Theodor Haecker, Spiritus Rector of the Geschwister Scholl, once wrote, mutatis mutandis:
    A society that has once had the gospel preached to it and then has rejected it, falls back into a state of decay

    It seems that now comes a time when we in the West can train our capacity for suffering a little. Well!

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  4. Dear M, you are most likely correct, but my confidence in every source of information is now so vestigal that I prefer to wait a year or two even to form an opinion, let alone a firm belief. But I agree completely with your assessment of the profound level of ignorance displayed by all of our Wokeist leaders.
    Many thanks and God bless.

  5. The perceived weakness of Putin, is that he clearly articulates their position- red lines, and whatnot. He says what he means, and means what he says.
    This is believed to be a weakness by stupid, lying politicians, who NEVER speak plainly. So they push the limits, believing Putin will back down, that he’s bluffing.
    Putin- like him or hate him- is NOT a man who bluffs. And that will be the downfall of the Western world.

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