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World War Trans

This Tucker Carlson video (you can start from 2:30) has the receipt.

This is something I have written for a while, and the video above gives the most evident official confirmation of this. For one who says it, thousands think it.

These people are in the US Government, Legislative and, likely, Armed Forces. This is what happens when you allow the madness of gender ideology and support of perversion to take roots in the corridors of power.

It starts with “what have they done to you”, it ends with “you must be destroyed no matter the cost to us”.

We need to realise that the enemies of Christ are good at religious wars. We can see clearly in the example of this guy, a guy of Jewish origin and, from what can be seen, as atheist as they come (or as confused as it is convenient to him).

By the by, guy can already boast of a suicide in the family: something that is, on Wikipedia, promptly excused with “depression” but, where I come from, gives you no excuses. The sin of the fathers also come to mind.

But hey, don’t notice me.

I am just a Christian with traditional social values.

On The Side Of Sanity

Yes, my dear US readers. Your Country is looking for trouble for ***him***

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin made a historic speech. I suggest you subscribe to a telegram channel like Slavyangrad or Intel Slava Z to get all the issues point for point, as Western media are unlikely to represent it fairly.

Putin’s speech had, as I see it, a military, a political and a social part.

The most interesting part was the social part: it was a strong, passionate defence of traditional values, decency, and sanity against a West which, not happy to pursue insanity in its own home, wants to impose its sick madness to the entire planet.

I don’t know to what extent this message will spread inside the censored, self-censored or outright brainwashed West. But there is no doubt that those, in the West, who are listening to Putin’s world are coming to realise that the guy is entirely right: the West is fighting Putin so rabidly because they understand that Putin runs counter to their woke, anti-Christian, utterly perverted agenda; something, by the way, this little effort has been writing for a while.

I remember the time when the USA did not care whether a Country had sodomy laws, or forbade perverts’ parades, or had cultural differences with the US. There was this obvious realisation that you can’t rule the world.

The woke years put an end to that, and starting with Obama’s presidency there was a constant acceleration of “sanctions” imposed on Countries which displease the woke crowd. It appears that, today, there are around 40 Countries hit by US sanctions (quite a serious situation if you are a poor, or even not-so-poor, African Country). During the Cold War I remember only South Africa and, if there were more, their number was certainly very limited.

The toxic mixture of becoming the only superpower and the woke agenda has brought us where we are today. Mind, I do not believe that this is the result of some woke billionaire conspiracy. It is absurd to believe that extremely wealthy people would risk having their backside nuked, or even the very profitable – for them – globalised world destroyed, for the sake of their wives’ “gay friends”.

I think this is the result of the woke activism on social media, which in turns influences the behaviour of congressmen, which in turn influences both legislation and government action. It is a huge madhouse mentality starting from the lowest rungs of failure (the unemployable youth living in mama’s basement) and going up the ladders of power as the omnipresent need for virtue signalling makes those issue carry more and more power with time.

Putin is actively countering this phenomenon, telling the functioning brains in the West who are listening to him that he represents the sanity they would like to see in their own Countries. It’s a powerful argument, and one that will gain traction in the coming years.

“Why would I risk being nuked to fight a guy that is more similar to me than the woke troops?” This question will resonate more and more in Middle America, among people who perfectly well understand that they are neither called nor equipped to solve historical controversies in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

The US have huge problems to solve on their own. But what is most urgent now is to decide that they will not enter into conflicts – commercial or military in nature – to export them.

I am sure there will be widespread voter fraud in November. However, I still think that the Republicans will likely regain both houses. The neoconservative, aggressive geopolitical thinking will not end, but the woke activism abroad will get a big hit. As a result, the cost vs benefit analysis of not only the Ukrainian conflict, but the huge number of sanctions around the world will start getting under increasing pressure. Even my cat has noticed that, when 140 countries abstain in a resolution meant to condemn Russia, it can only mean that the West is isolated and the rest of the planet is tired of the ideological and economical bullying.

Putin is on your side. He is on the side of every Christian on the planet. He is on the side of every victim of woke bullying. He is helping you to uphold your values, and defend your freedoms.

This conflict is bad for the brainwashed cretins which caused it to start with 8 years of fanatical, genocidal hate. But it is very useful to make a fundamental conflict of our time emerge.

Choose between Putin and sanity, or wokeness and madness.

I know whom I will be rooting for.

Taisez-Vous, Monsieur Macron!

“You are always such fun, Emmanuel!”

Monsieur Macron has, together with others, given a great show of virtue signalling at some religious gathering or other I can’t even be bothered to identify.

Besides insulting the Patriarchate of Moscow (but not the one of Kiev; the first is manipulated by its government, the second, mysteriously, not…) Monsieur Macron has said that peace in the Ukraine would be tantamount to justify aggression.

I would really want to know what his plan is.

Even those who (wrongly, if you ask me) consider Russia’s intervention in the (former) Ukraine unjustified, still have a moral duty to look at reality hard in the face and start reasoning as to where we go from here.

The four new regions are now Russia, as they were for most of the time since the creation of Novorossiya. This fact is the huge elephant in the room of the dreamers with other people’s lives. Do not let me even get started on the Crimea. But no, it is perfectly useless to talk about that.

Forget Crimea. The Russians will nuke Macron’s cul before they leave Donbas, or Kherson. Get over it. This is the reality you live in now.

This simple fact must be understood, just as one needs to understand that the football game has ended and he has lost. It’s done. There is an outcome. Your hopes are history. There is a new situation on the ground.

The only uncertainties now are not whether Ukraine will “win”, but how many people will die before they lose, and whether there will still be a country called Ukraine after they have lost.

Macron and his merry band of incompetent (or corrupt) dreamers, comfortably sitting in their palaces without any risk of being conscripted today and go up in the air next week, do not even have the luxury of time. Stalin’s Russia had the resource to fuel a war indefinitely, but the Ukraine has become an amputated failed state, begging the West every day, loudly, shamelessly, like the obnoxious beggar at the entrance of your underground station.

There is no universe in which the Ukrainians keep being hacked forever, whilst Europe and the US keep paying forever, all the while making their economy crush and their citizen suffer, forever, under the boomerang effect of the “sanctions” they have so stupidly introduced. At some point it will be no more soldiers, no more money and weapons, no more brainwashing in the West, or no more Ukraine, whichever comes first.

Macron might not realise it, naively believing that Putin will be deposed and Russia will, overnight, paint its hair metallic blue and start singing “Imagine”. He might. More likely, Macron understand perfectly what is what, and he just doesn’t care.

Let more soldiers die. Let more civilians be displaced. Let the danger of a terrible escalation go on. Let the Ukraine be literally hacked to pieces in front of his eyes.

He will stand there at the lay pulpit, talk of impossible piece conditions, and feel good with himself. Meanwhile, reality will march on, and will be most harshly felt not in the splendid palaces of Western Europe, but in the cold, dirty trenches of Ukraine.

This game is so cynical it makes me sick. I know I should keep my sadness in check, as those who die are largely those brainwashed to die willingly. Still: it makes my blood boil that the brainwashing goes on, so that a bunch of corrupt or incompetent little prostitutes of politics can keep playing their game.

Macron has spoken to Putin for many hours on end. He probably knows him better than every other first-line politician in Europe. He should be the one who warns the others about the steely determination not only of Putin, but of the Country standing behind him.

But no. He does not even have the decency to shut up.

Ukraine will be hacked to pieces. I almost hope for him the last brainwashed Ukrainian soldier, upon being torn apart alive by a Russian shell, will still have the energy to utter his last, dumb words:

Merci, Monsieur Macron.

Mundabor: The Feminist Blog Post

The article linked here seems, judging from the colour, from a women’s magazine. It is dated November 2020, but I’d say the problem had been going on for decades before then: men are discriminated against in everything that is to do with marriage and children. The article mentions them, but what it does not mention (and should have done) is the great suffering of the fathers separated by their children, and the accusations of “rape” now thrown away like candies in the “wars of the roses” during divorce.

Let me give you a piece of my mind and tell you what I think should be done to put an end to this situation. I hope my readers will not be shocked by my responsible, enlightened progressivism. We cannot always be Old Conservatives. At times, we need to be courageous and ready to break conventional societal schemes, and our accustomed thinking. We need to break the boundaries of old thinking, and protect women again. We need to stop being old conservatives, and become Alt-Conservatives. This is, my friends, revolutionary.

The first thing I would do, is take active electorate away from women. Women can be elected to every political office, if they are voted in by men. This way, you never miss on Margaret Thatcher, but you cut off Liz Truss from the start. The restitution of decisions to men (as it has always been in the history of Western civilization) also takes the emotionalism and easy manipulation away from politics. Things are right or wrong. If they are wrong, no emotional rubbish can make them right. Abortion is wrong, and screw the coat hanger emotional terrorism. Illegal immigration is wrong, so spare me the picture of the illegal dead child. You get the drift. Patriarchy means this: the rules of the fathers. Patriarchy is good. Patriarchy works. Patriarchy is not only progressive, but revolutionary. Patriarchy is Alt-Conservatism in action.

The second thing I would do, is to take judgeship away from women. Heck, when I was born, a woman could not be judge in my native Country. Never had been able to. Were all generations before us stupid? No, they weren’t. They recognised that the wonderful traits of femininity – that constitute women’s peculiar sweetness, nurturing instinct, and loving nature – make women intrinsically not suited to be a judge. Historically, the introduction of women in the judgeship brought, inter alia, a sharp discrimination of men in divorce courts. Yes, pal, it’s because an awful lot of women are judges now. No, really. No, you are wrong.

The third thing I could do (if the first two are possible, the third will go without saying) is to abolish divorce. Divorce isn’t a Christian thing, nor should a Christian Country care for the customs of Muslims and Hindus. Even Protestants, not much more than 100 years ago, considered divorce pure poison. Catholics should not, ever, even entertain the idea.

Let a court decide whether the convivence is impossible, and – in that case only – allow a separation in which the parent who wants the child must be able to pay for him. No no-fault divorce. No no-fault anything, really. For better or worse means for better or worse.

Then – and I am getting, here, so progressive I am basically a fourth wave feminist – let us abolish DNA fatherhood tests. We go back, instead, to the old rule: the husband is presumed father. Husband, you say? Yes. Husband. This means that first there is a marriage, and after that there is the child. See how easy it is? This puts an end to unwanted fatherhoods, with the associated threats (happened to a friend of mine, who confided it to me merely because of our close friendship; I am sure it is way more frequent than people think). The old, time-honoured system of shutting one’s legs will be back in fashion in no time.

Cohabitation with children? Gone! Get that ring, young woman!

Before long, the proper order will be followed: first, a marriage that is the fruit of deep commitment, and then the primary scope of the marriage: procreation.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor!” – I hear you say – “how will this happen, if we have just said that men don’t want to marry anymore?”.

Wrong premise. Men want to marry because lifelong marriage and nurturing children is in their DNA, too. But they want to be the man in the relationship; they want to fulfil their God-given role (whether they believe in God or not) without knowing that they will lose fatherhood, economic security, and peace of mind. They need to have a deal that is fair to them.

Women get a much better deal, too. A women who does not long after a lifelong companion and father of her children is a woman gravely damaged by modern society. The progressive, revolutionary institution of the Patriarchy gives women the security of a lifelong commitment and security in raising children that corresponds to her deepest, most natural wishes, instead of creating an army of late thirty of early forty sluts going from one man to the next in the statistically very, very dumb hope that Mr Right will now, magically, appear on the horizon, bewitch her with his love for soybeans, cleaning the kitchen, and “sex and the city”, and fall in love with the 42 years old woman who had 14 men into her, as he finds both her emotionally damaged teen children so adorable it cannot be believed.

Whatever feminists tell you (not me; I am the real deal feminist), feminine women yearn for an order that gives the freedom to be women and mothers, even as it makes it desirable for men to be husbands and fathers. The other women (the unfeminine or brainwashed ones) need to be educated and, at any rate, cannot be allowed to count.

Do not tell me that this is a fantasy. This is (by and large) the world I grew up in. This is the world my grandmas and grand-aunts (which I remember fondly, all of them, and were ten time smarter than the nowadays aging sluts on the prowl) thought the only one possible, and a jolly good one at that.

Nor (please) should you be swayed back into Obscurantism by the usual argument about the pathology of marriage. Bad cases make bad laws. It is much smarter to have good laws and say to every boy and girl, with the great Friedrich Schiller:

 Drum prüfe, wer sich ewig bindet, / Ob sich das Herz zum Herzen findet! / Der Wahn ist kurz, die Reu ist lang.

(Therefore let him test, who binds himself forever, / whether the heart finds itself in the heart! / Delusion is short, regret is long)

Life isn’t a simple affair. It never was and it never will be. Any attempt to escape the God-given challenges will cause us to end up with the ones prepared for us by the devil.

Meet Lewd Old Francis And His Weekly Trannie Show

shut your mouth…

I have called Francis a lewd old man many times.

However, not even I was ready for the revelation that the guy wants his own tranny show every week.

It really boggles the mind: being introduced to tranny prostitutes every week in order for his old, lewd mind to be, in some perverted way, titillated by the view of freak shows. I doubt even Hunter Biden can be as lewd as that.

Either this guy is a proper, proper faggot, or he is a perverted old swine. Tertium non datur.

Normal, decent people have a sense of horror, shock and disgust when they see one of these freaks. This is because they see Satan at work, in a particularly disgusting way. Happily, the event is, for now, very rare. Still, it is so soul-scratching that I have written about such episodes more than once, and also recently.

Francis is, clearly, different. His completely depraved mind wants a weekly titillation and dose of perverted excitement. It is not clear to me what he will do with the images etched in his brain; but most certainly he will use them for all the lewdness he is, at his age, still capable of. Boy, this guy must have faggot magazines under the bed!

Kindly, do not give me the old V II trope of meeting the sinner where he is, or of the evangelisation work. There can be no evangelisation when one is giving scandal. In fact, the exact contrary is here the case. There is no intention whatever of leading the freaks to normality. They are, in fact, told that they are ok as they are. I would not be surprised if they appeared in front of Francis in drags. I would not be surprised if this happened, in fact, on Francis’ express wish.

One understand more and more why this guy hates the Church so much. One who has such rot in his mind must perforce hate every concept of purity and every organisation, or devotion, promoting it.

He hates the Church, the Tridentine Mass, the Rosary and, in short, all of us, because he likes trannies. He must hate the Church with a particular passion, because he knows that he scrounged an entire existence out of Her. Remember his separating the hands of the boy in prayer? Isn’t it, now, extremely clear why?

In one thousand years, when this crisis has been almost entirely forgotten, this guy will be remembered, by people who don’t know his name, because of the lewdness of his behaviour. Just as we today say “Renaissance Popes” to signify worldly instincts and strong corruption, our descendants will say “pervie popes” to mean the popes of the Age of Francis; of whom, make no mistake, we are going to get more, unless the Lord takes this burden away from us.

I have written, only a couple of days ago, about the “listening people”. Well, I think Francis is exactly the way God punishes us – and deservedly so, collectively speaking – for this kind of “listening”.

Satan is calling. People are listening. Niceness to everyone is the new Creed. And I wonder: will any Cardinal, will any Bishop call for the end of this scandal? Don’t bet your pint.

Niceness and inclusion are the new religion. All this inclusion leaves one out: Christ.

No wonder you end up with an old lewd man desperately trying to get some erotic excitement – or whatever substitute he can find for it – out of perverts in drags.

Liz Truss Falls From The Twentieth Floor.

The immense drama of incompetence that unfolded under our eyes ended today, after only 45 days. Liz Truss resigned. She destroyed the former record, 119 days, set by a guy who actually died.

This is incompetence that will become the stuff of legends. politically speaking, she fell from the 20th floor.

It is widely said that the tax cut plans are what doomed her. Wrong. She was elected exactly because of those plans. Tory MPs are mediocre, but no schizos.

No. Lizzie made several big mistakes in succession.

First: she kept her absurd pro-Ukraine, pro-sanctions line. Afforded a wonderful occasion for a new start after Boris’ departure, she kept digging her grave instead. Had she announced a u-turn, and an offer of collaboration on energy to Putin, the energy prices would have immediately started to de escalate. The end of the sanctions would have caused outright euphoria in the British market. And yes, Britain is still an economic giant and a mini mini nuclear power. No US can whip it into submission, unless this submission is wanted.

This caused the Country to slowly but surely panic. what does the girl do? The contrary of what she preached all her life: she launches a massive, 2 years fairyland subvention programme, going all socialist before even starting her tax reduction exercise. When the program was announced , it was read on the back of the already hugely increasing expenses. Of course this scared the markets!!

Mistake number three: she tries to save herself and sacks her Chancellor of the Exchequer, a vile act the entire nation immediately recognised. At that point, around one week ago, the writing was on the wall.

Still: normally, the Tories knife their designated victims calmly and slowly, in order to minimise the damage to the party and maximise the blame for the victim. This time, it wasn’t possible.

Little scared girl did not have the guts to field the Prime Minister Questions eight days ago, another unprecedented act of cowardice. Then the decomposition went faster – motus in fine velocior – until the unbelievable scenes of chaos yesterday evening. At this point, the entire country was simply laughing.

Today, the unavoidable end.

Seldom in my life I have seen such an incompetent person persuaded of her own greatness. Liz Truss is a case study in lack of self-awareness.

Will the situation really improve? I doubt.

The root of the problem are the sanctions and the enmity to Russia. The route to prosperity is collaboration with Russia for the normalisation of world trade.

Until this happens you can have a better hand at the helm, but the sea will remain very dangerous.

Back To Orphanages

A long article I had written about abortion disappeared in the ether with one wrong click. It’s a stupid feature of my tablet. But hey, that’s life.

I will, still, give you the gist, and move on.

We need to go back to orphanages. We need to go back to the serious, well-funded, efficient orphanages that were the pride of Countries like Italy only a couple of generations ago. Places were countless children could be taken away from the miserable, soul-destroying environment of a baby mama scrounging on public money for decades, and preparing them for a life of – according to sex – baby maternity or criminality. Granted, a criminal is not excused for his wrong environment. But the right one will help him to become a solid, responsible, perhaps faithful adult.

The debate on abortion needs to shift to – inter alia – the debate on serious, well-funded orphanages. Orphanages take the criminality away from the youth, the excuses away from the abortionists, and the scrounging away from the baby mamas.

The whole exercise costs much less, and likely a fraction, of the current regime. No, really.

We need to go back to orphanages. They are a great weapon to protect, nurture, and develop fulfilled lives

“Listening”, Or: The Rigid And Hateful Blog Post

Brutally “homophobic” saint. Wasn’t “listening”, apparently…

When I was a little child, I was taught my prayers, and the Commandments. I was taught about heaven and hell, the serpent and the apple, Noah and the Ark.

When I grew up I grow more acquainted with the concept of sin. As temptations came to become a part of my daily life, I already knew what Christianity said about them.

Nobody, not as a child or as an adult, ever, taught me to “listen to the Spirit”.

The fact is: there is nothing to listen. What there is to do is learn and obey. Everybody knew it.

Where I grew up, people accepted Christianity, or they refused it. When they sinned, they knew they had sinned. They did not stand up, their ear in the wind, trying to “listen” whether, from some faraway cloud, someone would tell them that Christianity is what they wanted to hear. Even sinners had, in those days, a fundamental, basic honesty. Even Atheists were not expecting that the Church changes her teaching.

You get it, or you don’t. But you don’t try to create your own “Chinese knockoff” brand of Catholicism.

That fundamental honesty is, clearly, absent from the mind of those people promoting and celebrating the ever-synoding synod on eternally-synoding synodality.

These people lack even the basic, fundamental honesty of the atheist who simply answers “no”, but has at least the basic decency of not trying to change the question.

Not so for the “listening” people. They think that, for some mysterious reason, the Holy Ghost managed not to be heard, for two thousand years straight. A remarkable feat of incompetence, this, that the Listening People are all to eager to, finally, correct.

I picture them all in circle: silent, standing, listening. Christianity is, clearly, not up their street, but they don’t want to admit it. Rather, they listen, and wait for the wind (or the extremely incapable at communicating, but suddenly so eloquent, Holy Ghost) to finally, finally tell them all they wanted to hear.



Fornication. Adultery. Homosexuality. Sodomy. Abortion….

Can’t you hear it…?

It’s all fine now! The “Spirit” has spoken! Praise the Lord!!!

Ah, how liberating! The “Spirit”, finally, found a way to be heard! All those people of the past, the great saints and the great martyrs, and all those who lived and died in the old, antiquated, rigid faith of yesteryear…. they were good people, really….. But they just weren’t listening! From Francis (the good one) to Padre Pio, and from Augustine to Thomas, they were all barking at the wrong tree, because they weren’t “listening” and the poor “spirit” was unable to make them do it!

Thank God, we now have the Special Turbo Discernment with FrancisBooster, which allows us to really, really get it! Sixty generations were wrong, but we are most undoubtedly right! If you don’t believe it, you must be a rigid Pelagianist!

This, and much more, these idiots call listening.

I call this, and all “listening”, subversion, and a shameless, overt one at that. I call them faithless and, very often, worse than that. I call them unrepentant sinners, and tools of Satan. I call them perverts, because it takes a special evil energy to want to sabotage what God Himself has established.

I hate Communists. I hate abortionists. I hate the woke troops with the green metallic hair. I hate the tattooed prophets of environmental doom.

But the “listening” people, I despise them the most.

There is nothing to listen.

There is only to learn, and obey.

Kicking The Can, Francis-Style, Or: The Synod Is Sinking.

One can see why he is having problems…

The Synodal Synod on Synodality has been synoded to 2024, postponing of another year an already, ahem, optimistic timeline.

I do not like to indulge in pessimistic conspiracy theories along the lines of “Francis will wait one year more and try to completely subvert Catholic doctrine”. I think, rather, that it is far more likely that things are as they, in fact, look.

Postponing is very seldom a sign that things are working. In fact, it is most often a sign that things are not working. In this case, it was obvious to Stevie Wonder that the synod on synodality was not working at all. Hence, I think, the kicking of the synodal can down the road.

Francis is around 85. At that age, and in his conditions, you don’t really look with optimism at your 10 years plan. In fact, the day of the Lord can knock at his door any time. Postponing what he really cares for is not a luxury available to him anymore.

The sum of these two very obvious facts tells me this: Francis does not see – at least for now – an outcome that would allow him to brag and play “great innovator”. in fact, he sees the situation getting out of control and he himself looking like a cretin in the middle. Therefore, he postpones. If things improve, he can always shorten the wait. If things keep going badly, he can still postpone some more. If he dies, problem solved.

Truth is: this synod is a disaster. In the West, only an extremely tiny minority of people has any interest, and they are exactly the old Caucasian witches everybody else mocks. This means that there is no trust in Francis, none whatever, and this synod is taking the shape of a huge boomerang. In Africa, the participation is much higher, and they want nothing in common with the above mentioned witches. In Countries like Germany, the situation is so out of hand that Francis is seen not as the Great Innovator, but as the Big Brake. Basically, nobody likes this guy, and the bomb he has triggered is now clearly threatening to explode in his hands.

Francis will use the next two years to try to defuse the big African problem he is clearly having. He might also try to get a bit more participation from the mainstream Catholics, who – bad instructed as they are – are clearly ignoring this synod as a dangerous stunt made by a guy they don’t like, and don’t trust, for reasons they are afraid to even ask. At the same time, he will try to persuade the Feminazis (of both sexes) from ze Cermany that he is on their side, and they just need to tone it down a little. But most of all, I think he will keep discerning and discerning, until he dies and has to deal with much bigger problems than German witches (of both sexes).

I can imagine the old, bitter guy complaining in vulgar Argentinian words about the ingratitude of those he wanted to help, and the rigidity of those he wanted to shaft. Still, as things are now he does not want to pay the price of a big conflict with neither of them. Hence, the postponement.

We shall see how this pans out.

Still, my preferred solution is that the sudden death of this tool puts an end to the general embarrassment.

Understanding the “Russian Soul”

The “Russian Soul” has been defined in several ways, and has been coloured at times with nationalistic undertones.

But when I was at school, and we were studying the Napoleonic invasion of Russia of 1812, the Russian soul was described to me as something more strictly religious, and certainly belonging to a Weltanschauung rather than to a national identity. It was explained to me as an ability for bearing suffering that has roots in the Russian cultural mix of deep religious identity and strong pessimism. Putting it in simple words: when suffering comes, the Russian both expects and embraces it. He expects, and embraces it, with a strength no other people (apart, perhaps, from the Japanese, obviously for different reasons) knows.

I think this explains an awful lot of things. Napoleon entering Moscow thought that Alexander I would have agreed to start negotiations, because this is what Europeans (even expressions of the Italian genius like Napoleon) do. Little he knew that, for a Russian, such a negotiation would have been simply inconceivable, no matter the suffering and destruction already inflicted on the Country, or to come. It took – even after seeing Moscow set up in flame by the same Russians – even Napoleon weeks to fully realise what was going on, and the rest is history. If you ask me, the lesson is clear: Europe was not culturally prepared for this kind of endurance, for this show of quiet, resigned, but absolutely steely determination to suffer to the end.

Fast forward 130 years, and Adolf makes the same mistake. Granted, the country was now officially the Soviet Union, and (officially) atheist, and (officially) interested only in the triumph of the Proletariat. He likely thought that he would find a different cultural environment, a country half-destroyed by Stalinist army purges and communist indoctrination. It is, in fact, widely reported that he said words to the effect that you only needed to kick the door, and the whole rotten edifice would come tumbling down. Like Napoleon, he was wrong. An extremely strong resurgence of the national feeling (and even, according to documentaries I have seen, of the religious feeling, encouraged by Stalin after seeing that the “Proletariat” stuff had zero traction!) made of the German invasion “1812 Mark II” or, as it would be remembered (and notice the words) the “Great Patriotic War”. Russia (even if disguised as part of the Soviet Union) had found itself again, and it had found itself again because the hour of suffering had come. This suffering happened on a scale which, I am sure, most Westerners do not know even today. I do not know any other example in history of a resistance like the one put on in Leningrad. This was suffering on a scale no other Western people could, ever, endure.

Fast forward, again, to 2022. Russia is Russia again and, slowly but surely, it is getting Christian again. The cultural imprinting is still strong, and getting stronger by the year. Like Napoleon and Hitler before them, but worse than them, von der Leyen & Co. do not understand anything, not the first thing, of what is happening.

Brussels may know it or not, but this conflict is now, for the Russians, about the integrity and the future of Russia, not about the Ukraine, or “the Donbas”, or the massacre of ethnic Russians. The amount of suffering that the Russians will be able to endure themselves, and to inflict to their enemies, is on a scale sheer unimaginable to pampered Brussels bureaucrats. The only ones that are aware of what is going on are those culturally prepared to understand Russia, and there aren’t many of those in the corridors of power, both in Europe and in the US.

This is what makes this situation so dangerous. The NATO upper echelons just have no damn idea what will happen to them if they think they can push things further than Russia will allow. It’s a bit like Saddam-USA in 1991. “You will not choose to escalate to that point, surely?” “You bet I’ll do!”

Russia is Russia again. The extremely strong, 1000 years long cultural climate is still there, and getting stronger. Then as now, the Russians have an ability to suffer unknown to the other Westerners.

I thought I would post below a beautiful page of Russian culture, which is, I think, a delicate, tender insight in the “Russian soul”. It is, as many of you will immediately recognise, from a beautiful work of Anton Chekhov. It is as “Russia” as it comes. It is like being back in school, and listening to my late history teacher, (may the Lord have mercy on his soul, and I am grateful for a Hail Mary for him).


Evil Clown Is Very Afraid

Tough luck, evil clown…

The Second Vatican Council started his official path 60 years ago.

At that time:

Families were intact all over the West. Divorce was banned or very rare in Catholic countries, still fairly rare elsewhere.

Catholic churches were full. Catholicism was state religion in Italy, France, Spain and many other European and Southern American Countries.

Abortion was forbidden over most of the West. Illegal abortions were generally rare, and very risky.

Sodomy Laws were in the books (if likely not brutally enforced) in most European Countries.

Most people knew so much about Christianity, that it would put to shame the majority of Western people today. A staggering number of children received proper religious education since kindergarten age.

Impressive number of girls married virgins, or were the women of one man all their lives.

There were only two sexes. Gender was to do with Greek, Latin, or German.

People who thought they belonged to the other sex received the medical care they needed in relevant psychiatric institution.

Nobody who wasn’t a criminal or a mariner had tattoos.

Nobody had blue or green hair.

I could go on, but you get my drift.

Let nobody say that these societal changes are independent of what happened in the Church, and would have happened anyway. The Church had been, for decades, a formidable bulwark against such strong ideologies as Anarchism and Communism. It would have been a formidable enemy of the above mentioned phenomena, too.

But the church betrayed her faithful, and many, many faithful went along with being betrayed. Many of them poison the church to this day, though they are now, finally, on their way out. The betrayal of the clergy was, though, the worst, and without extenuating circumstances.

That, after all has happened in these sixty year, Francis should have the almighty gall to not only approve of the Second Vatican Council, but to call for the devastation to continue and even condemn Traditionalism, tells you that this man is not only an instrument of Satan, but very much fears the kind of return to sanity that is taking place and will, inexorably, take over again when the Sixty-Eighters go to their judgment and the air become better again.

Francis will die, and his enemies will, in time, take over and give his memory the treatment it deserves.

He knows that. Dim as he is, he understand that much.

It clearly grates him no end.

Good. Let him go to his grave knowing he has already lost.

The Galilean always wins in the end.

Understanding The Context

I was rereading one of my theology books, and a phrase was quoted there about the Four Last Things, stating something along the lines of “in the end, we will be judged by love”.

I had to stop a moment, and almost gasped, as the impression that that phrase made on me was to immediately remind me of the plethora of perverted priests, bishops, and nuns who go around seeding such statements.

Of course, I (almost) immediately overcame the unpleasant impression, realising that the original statement (like countless others of the sort) was made by a Catholic and meant to be understood by his Catholic audience according to Catholic doctrine; which, undoubtedly, all his readers implicitly understood.

Not so today. Today, “love” is one of those words your average German bishop can use meaning adultery, fornication, or even horrible sexual perversion.

The last one of such cretins (most likely, worse than cretin) was a German Bishop who demanded that we consider sodomy an expression of “lurv”. Mind, these faggots will normally be more subtle than that. They will paint in front of the gullible this assumed idyllic “faithful” relationship (meaning: a perverts commits a sin crying to heaven for vengeance exclusively with the participation of another stable accomplice), and will call it an expression of lurv. This is the exact opposite of Catholicism. This is Satan working through a bishop, or priest, or nun, or theologian, and enjoying the openness and brazenness of it.

Everything (particularly Catholicism) must be understood in the proper context. The abysmal state of Catholic instruction makes it easy for perverted prelates to smuggle their lies under the pretence of Catholicism, nor can we trust on normal Bishops (meaning: not perverted) to openly attack and rebuke, en masse, the perverted ones, demanding that they be removed from the priesthood.

Therefore, it will be up to us, the faithful, to instruct ourselves, drawing from the immense material available.

There is, in the absence of valid guides, no other way to learn, propagate and perpetuate our wonderful Catholic heritage, out of love of Christ and neighbour.

Because in the end, we will be judged by love.

Why The US Are Right In Demilitarising Mexico.

This time, he is right….

Yesterday, the US started, as we all know, a big military operation in Mexico. China calls it “invasion”, but I think what the US are doing is perfectly justified. Let me explain why.

The shelling

China conveniently forgets to tell you that Mexico has been shelling innocent civilians of US culture for eight years now. This caused the death of 14,000 people in the Donhuatlan, of which almost 10,000 women and children. I hate Biden, but I agree with him that, at some point, a reaction was coming. It was not possible to ignore this massacre anymore.

You add to this that, in the last days, the shelling had been greatly intensified, with up to 2000 shells a day rained on the innocent inhabitant of Donhuatlan. Biden could, at that point, not avoid intervention. By the by, Donhuatlan voted for independence 8 years ago. They are, historically and culturally, Uncle Sam. So is the entire region of New America. But hey, don’t tell Xi…

The Chinese Influence

Mexico has been told by the US, for years, that attempts to join the Chinese Peace Alliance would be crossing a red line. Still, China has been heavily arming Mexico for 8 years now, and the plan to enter the Alliance at some point was an explicit aim of the Mexican Government and an obvious plan of the Chinese Peace Alliance. Nobody in his right mind can really think that the US will accept Mexico becoming part of the Alliance. There will be a nuclear war first. It’s just common sense.

This comes on the back of China trying to recruit Canada (the US took care of that in 96 hours in 2008), and constantly expanding their alliance in Central America starting from the Nineties. The attempt at encirclement is so obvious not even China seriously denies it. But hey, as long as the Mexicans are the ones who die….

The war mongering

Mexico has made no secret of wanting to retake Texas. They are simply unable to understand that Texas has been US for very long. The US have all rights, when confronted with aggressive warmongering, to push for the demilitarisation of Mexico.

The proxy war

It may well be that only Mexican soldiers are dying (for now). However, it is very clear (and admitted as such by the Chinese Defence Minister) that China is using Mexico to fight a proxy war against the United States.

China has armed Mexico for eight years. Then it has made a US intervention unavoidable (see above: “The shelling”). When the US (finally; some say “eight years too late”) reacted, the Chinese said that the US “invaded”, and are therefore in the wrong. In the wrong, my foot. The reality is that China has selected Mexico as the useful idiots to wage a proxy war against the USA. They will fight this to the last Mexican. The financial costs are, to them, well worth paying. They will weaken the US, perhaps cause a political change in Washington. To them, it’s war on the cheap. They get to sell a lot of expensive liquid gas to all of Central and South America, too.

The Neo Nazism

For eight years, the Chinese have closed their eyes as NeoNazi Movement (like “el krakon”, “el azovon” or “el sector derecho”) have terrified the US ethnic population in the Donhuatlan and systematically persecuted US ethnic or cultural citizen (perhaps 30% of Mexico’s population) all over Mexico. The Chinese Press conveniently ignores the svastikas, the Nazi salutes, and the monuments to Juan Banderon that are now everywhere in Mexico. The mere fact that the President of Mexico would be a Jew (Pedro Zelescon is a very strange kind of Jew anyway) would be, if you listen to them, enough to ignore a reality that is under everybody’s eyes. Newsflash: Neonazis don’t care a straw for Zelenscon. They merely tolerate him as long as he is useful.

The Betrayal

China, Russia, and Cuba were among the guarantors of both the Bogotá I and (more importantly, because China was directly involved) Bogota’ II agreements. Donhuatlan never received the special status therein agreed. Instead, they got shelled. All the “guarantors” (including China) did nothing against it, even as they were rearming Mexico, training its troops, and building hundreds of Kilometres of trenches and fortifications.

The atheism

China keeps pushing their atheist, anti-family, homo agenda. Mexico complies to get the money for their stupid, senseless conflict. They will pay a high price for their insolence, and a supplement for their degeneracy. Maricones!!!

There is much more to say, but I will stop it here because time is a tyrant.

Biden is not perfect, but he is right.

Sister Dyke Is Getting Old

Fugit inexorabile tempus…

There was a time when Lesbianism was seen with grave disapprobation all over the West, and considered a sexual perversion.

There were no feminist clubs for angry lesbians back then. No easy way to meet and start relationships with fellow dykes. There was no internet to allow them to interact with each other. There was, also, a Christian environment that would have made it difficult for such dykes to keep their job.

Let’s face it: back then, it was not easy to be a pervert.

There was, however, an easy solution. Starting from the early Sixties, new opportunities started to open themselves for lesbians and assorted sexual nutcases. By choosing “religious life”, they could achieve three important objectives: the living out of their lesbian fantasies, the permanent solution of the income question, and the sating of that most elementary need of every pervert that always was, is, or will be: virtue signalling.

From the Sixties and Seventies, things began to change. Less and less religious sisters kept thinking, and behaving, in a traditional way. More and more, instead, began to look, behave, and go around like, well, dykes. This is, as I understand, a markedly Anglo-Saxon phenomenon.

The Sister Dykes rapidly became a strong example of everything that is wrong with this Vale of Tears: pacifist, Marxist, feminist, obviously atheist, pro abortion in all but name, and enemies of Christ and the Church, they distinguished themselves for the fight against every value of the Christian West. I don’t think they officially promoted satanism, but it could be that I have not being paying attention. Still, they made the work of the devil with remarkable energy.

As the West de-Christianised, these organisations should have prospered. In the end, there is assured scrounging for life, courtesy of countless generous faithful of past generations, and the favourable , fertile environment of alphabet culture.

Instead, these organisations withered.

I think I know why. The Perv Revolution brought, to later generations of dykes, ample opportunities to do exactly the same work, but in the employment of leftists “charities” and NGOs, sponsored not by past faithful, but by present billionaires and wealthy faggots. There is no need to call yourself “sister” anymore. You can be “out and proud” about your own perversion sexuality. You will not need to hide behind a different profession. Father Georgina’s wet dream…

Hence, the crisis of Sister Dyke. They are still around, but not for long. The only one who likes them now must be Francis. Heck, he might hate them, too!

On a completely, completely, completely unrelated note…

SuperVlad, Or: The Unbelievable Superpowers Of Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin.

The end of the Coup….

If you are a BBC listener believing their rubbish, by now you must be persuaded that Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin has Hollywood-like superpowers. You must, in fact, be wondering whether all that sugary Hollywood fiction isn’t surpassed by reality.

Let us see all the way Putin has achieved Super Hero status.

The Generals

The Ukrainian Army has, as faithfully reported by the BBC, killed more than 2 dozens Generals. However, most of these generals have appeared, mere weeks after their killing, in various televised or filmed ceremonies. This is Big Super Hero Power.

The Money

We were reliably informed that Russia has no money, and the “war” (as they called it, poor lambs…) posed an unsustainable burden on Russia’s finances. I heard the “£30bn a day”-stuff elsewhere, but the BBC was pushing the same narrative. Therefore, it was true. Fast forward seven and a half months, and the Russians are still paying their costs and, now, multiplying them. Inflation is going down, and the Rouble strong as never before, so they aren’t “printing”. I think it’s Putin’s Super Duper Powers.

The Ammo

The BBC has accurately reported that the Russian Army was exhausting their missiles in March, their shells in April and their rockets in May. Still, Russia kept, after exhausting their reserves, using such astonishing amounts of them that only the Super Duper Powers of SuperVlad can be behind this feat.

The Morale

The BBC said, and it is therefore true, that the Russians refused to advance and fight from the first weeks of the conflict. Since then, the Russians have taken one heavily fortified position after the other. As I write this, they are relentlessly closing on a very big prize: Bakhmut, which would likely be there with Mariupol and Kherson in the list of the Greatest Conquests. This guy has the power to transform himself into Alexander the Great 2.0.

The Cancer And Alzheimer

Remember Putin “holding the table tight” when speaking to Shoigu? Remember the various news of terminal stage cancer? Putin was, clearly, very ill and running out of time. But this is when SuperVlad intervened, and he now looks fit as a fiddle, every day; one of the fittest 70 years old I ever saw.

The Coups

Several coups have taken place since February. I was informed of one of those one fine Saturday morning in May. This was not from the BBC, but from Classic FM (these are the Buggers Broadcasting Classical instead of Communism). The source was MI 6. Bond. James Bond. Therefore, it was clearly happening. SuperVlad must have destroyed all his opposers with his superpowers and the help of his “Vlad Sabre”, which reduces his opponents to perfectly grilled, salted, and seasoned Russian Shashlik. Yes, he can do that, too…

I suspect that SuperVlad’s Superpowers extend beyond the ones I have just mentioned. However, as I don’t listen much to the BBC, this is all I have for now.

And now if you excuse me, I have to leave this keyboard, because this army, which has run out of everything, seems to have launched another major strike just this morning…

Mundabor’s (Almost) Superhero Moment

At times, good news, and wise words, come from the most unexpected places.

Take this one here: The Remnant Newspaper – French General says Unvaccinated are “Superheroes”

The guy knows how to write, and it is clear that his words for the unvaccinated are heartfelt.

I am one of those. However, I do not feel a “superhero” in the least, as the kind of pushback I had to face for not being vaccinated is the kind that I shrug off in around 1.4 seconds. Sixty plus years of practice in not caring a straw for what the herd thinks have clearly come to fruition.

However, outside of the UK, where I live, the consequences for being unvaccinated have often been massive. Not only certain professions, but almost every profession has seen those employed in it risking unemployment (or losing their job, as in Italy!) for not wanting to submit to the tyranny of Big Nanny, and Big Needle.

In the UK, the consequences have been, if still tyrannical in their own way, mild. I can’t jump on an aeroplane? Screw that, I’ll see my loved ones on Teams. I can’t visit this or that place? Screw that, they’ll have to survive without my custom. I also have, like millions here in England, fought my little personal freedom battle. Mask rebellion at all times, constant counter-propaganda, and frequent, if, light-hearted, macabre jokes addressed at the vaccinated. I have, also, permanently cut off from my venue list those places who insisted in my wearing a mask, when competing establishments didn’t. “Once a Karen, always a Karen” is my motto.

However, I will never forget that the fact that the UK was spared the worst was, for sure, no thanks to Boris Johnson and his government. Boris the Clown tried to introduce vaccine passport “for nightclubs” (and the like), the usual way to get the foot in the door before the unavoidable Vaccine Dictatorship. Thankfully, people in the UK still remembered “two weeks to flatten the curve”, and did not buy the huge lie the second time. The government was inundated with protests, realised it would have faced the most massive civil disobedience ever seen in the Country, and promptly backpedaled.

This was, as Tolkien would have said, the turning of the tide.

I still basked in my little “superhero moment”; but no, I don’t deserve the title.

Those who have lost their job, most certainly, do.

Perverted Loonies

You screwed up, Bruce..

There was a time where little Tommy, aged four or five, would show up in front of mama and say “mama, I want to be a girl”, or words to that effect.

Mama would not not even interrupt the dishwashing, would smile sweetly and would say “No, little Tommy, you are a boy! Now go back to play with your model cars and put your room in order when you have finished!”. Upon which, Tommy would go back to play with his model cars and toy soldiers and happily be a boy forever.

Fast forward to 2022. Tommy (probably not even called Tommy at this point, as his liberal parents gave him a name that can be read either way, just in case…) goes to his mama and says “mama, I want to be a girl”, or words to that effect.

Poor Tommy (or however he was called by his deranged parents) is born from the wrong people; the latter see in his innocent, totally childish words the signal that allows them to be at the forefront of the Great Liberal Battle. Tommy is told that “if she wants to be a girl, of course she is a girl!” Poor Tommy will be immediately invited to pick a girl’s name as he is paraded in front of the entire parents’ group as a girl, and woe to those who dare to point out to the obvious.

Tommy will now be officially under huge pressure to be a girl. He will be called Lisa by everybody just because of the careless choice he made one day. The game will soon grow old, but poor Tommy will be wary to say that he wants to be, actually, Tommy, and forget the Lisa thing. The new rock, and the strange hair, and all the attention of the crowd telling him *she is a girl* will make him more and more confused, humiliated, likely terrified.

Most likely, Tommy will, at some point, rebel to the Liberal Dictatorship and say that he is to be called Tommy, that he wants to go to the barber’s today, and that he demands to have a pair of trousers at once, because he has thrown away all the dolls and wants to play with the trucks. Still, it is difficult to think that the ordeal will not leave in Tommy scars likely destined to go on for life, particularly as he reflect, upon becoming adult, about how much his parents have damaged and tried to harm him in order to bring their sacrifice, for everybody to see, on the Altar of Gender. Tommy might never be fully normal as an adult. He will, most likely, harbor deep-seated insecurities about his own masculinity and his mental health.

This is the good outcome of the nightmare situation, certainly the most frequent.

Then there is the bad outcome. Tommy (who might have been called “Lily” from early childhood) is, in fact, slow in developing his own inner manliness. He is fascinated by this “girl” thing. He starts to consent, faintly at the beginning, more clearly later, to the morbidity of the thought. As he grows up, this consent festers and takes deep roots, certainly encouraged by the extremely stupid environment but, in reality, absorbed and made his own, as the feeling of his own “uniqueness” is paired with a lustful plunge into an increasingly more morbid pleasure in his “diversity”. At fourteen, or fifteen, liberal doctors will start to talk about hormone treatment, or operations. His liberal parents will go on with every suggestion, as they resent the world who, in an unspoken but clear way, accuses them of being depraved monsters. Therefore, they close themselves in a perverted bubble where only Xtreme Madness is allowed. They are good. Their girl is precious. They are the avantgarde of a new era. The madness goes on unchecked.

The boy is mutilated or ruined by hormone treatment, his body changed forever. He will, now, never be the man he is supposed to be. At this point, he is ruined forever. If he recovers his sanity and decides that he has made a huge mistake, encouraged by those around him, he will have to realise that he has been, for many years, a perverted lunatic surrounded by lunatics, and will have to leave the rest of his life as a mutilated or hormonally manipulated freak show. If he never recovers his sanity, the descent into an abyss of perversion will take his course until the most likely outcome, suicide.

How many times has this happened to minors? Hundreds of times in the UK alone, apparently, albeit the UK does hormones, but not mutilation. What made the entire bubble explode was not the illegality of it (as in the case of the countless female genital mutilations performed in the United Kingdom, without anyone jailing anyone, because no Government wants to open this can of worms), but the alleged lack of proper procedures and safeguards, as if there were procedures and safeguards that could ensure that only certified minor madmen are ruined forever.

I do not know where this will end. I think that the thing will keep boiling for a couple of years. At the end of the process, we should have a total ban on irreversible interventions on minors, no matter the procedure and safeguards. Which should have always been the case, because even the barking mad UK “gender” legal discipline does not seem to explicitly include the possibility of “gender reassignment” for minors.

Still, we are not there. This is a world where even whistleblowers are “Corbyn-supporting Jews”.

Still, I think that, when we get there – for which we will need legislation, not court orders – the other side of the madness (the possibility for a young madman that could still have a halfway normal life to mutilate himself forever) will go on, because this is the time we live in.

Doctors will, as it is obvious from the linked article above, largely not be opposed.

This is the situation we are in.

Then we complain that the Russians consider the West a den of perverted loonies.

Four Cuddly Bear Cubs

It’s called Russia, Sherlock…

I do not know the political orientation of the author of this article. However, it seems to me that said article makes a lot of sense. I invite you to read it and to reflect on the main point (that is: if Putin = Pure Evil Guy, well then we have a permanent-war-until-a-probable-nuclear-outcome scenario, because “eeeviill”).

I would like to fly a bit higher now (like those Russian drones who stand 1 km up in the air, unseen and unheard, above the Ukrainians lines and give to their guns the coordinates for the fire) and give you a more bird-like (or drone-like) perspective.

The Four Cuddly Cubs are going to be annexed to Mama Bear. It is happening, and nothing will stop the process now. All of Russia finds the Four Cuddly Cubs adorable, and will defend them will all the energy Mama Bear has showed in the past (ask Napoleon, or Hitler).

This creates a completely new situation on the ground, one that makes the old one looks like Cokehead’s Paradise for Zelenski & Co.

The Russians still keenly feel the humiliation of the Tatar yoke. They never forgot the Time of Troubles. They lost (as Soviet Union, I think, but you get my drift) more than 26 million people during WWII, and will do it again any time. They have a total lack of sportiness in what concerns territories they consider authentically, genuinely Russians. The entire Donbas and Black Sea coastal region, including all ports, undoubtedly qualify.

The Russians are, at the risk of being obvious, no Germans. Germans can have millions of innocent German civilians bombed to death, Prussia and Silesia taken away from them, and – again – millions of Germans desplaced, and they will go on for decades telling you how much they deserved it. The Russians will nuke Biden’s sorry ass, no questions asked.

New facts have been created. The four new Oblasts will soon be just as Russian as St Petersburg or Kazan are. This puts even a very prudent, astonishingly patient man like Putin under pressure to not allow any territorial concession on these territories, ever, and to defend them with consequence.

The rest follows from this. As this is now Russian land, the time of the gentle, “you can keep your TV, Internet, electricity, gas, roads, factories and bridges” Special Military Operation is going to an end. In the next two-three months we will see this special military operation more or less gradually morph, officially or unofficially, into something far more closely resembling war. It will still not be as brutal as it would be against, say, the poor Finn army, because the Russians still see the Ukrainians as, largely, their own. But brutal it will be.

Russians don’t wage war the way NATO does, say, in Serbia. That stuff, the Russians do not really even call “war”.

In Russia, war means, rather, that everything in front of them is destroyed and the Russian tanks advance over the rubble. Search “Russian military doctrine” and you will see what I mean. The Russians don’t do that kind of high-tech, low-casualties warfare NATO is so fond of. They are more like WW II, “steel hell” guys. They don’t really care about how many of their own soldiers will die, imagine how much they care about the enemy losses!

Zelenski can snort all the coke he wants, but this will not change anything in the fundamental way the game has now changed. This is not Russia protecting ethnic Russians living in allied republics and contested regions anymore. This is Cocaine Clown Guy officially sitting on Russian territory, and shooting at Russia to boot.

I do not know about the pace of the escalation (I would say a gradual increase in the next two-three months is the most likely scenario; mind, I have been wrong before), but I do not doubt that a massive escalation **will** come.

The LBGTWTF+ side will not be able – unless they want to be incinerated – to counter this with a massive, all-out, NATO military intervention. They have, for this, no ammo, no military/industrial capacity, and no desire to die. The only thing they can do is to make the demise of the Elenski regime more painful for the Ukrainians and more expensive for NATO, even as a lot of European States senselessly castrate themselves with their own sanctions.

More mercenaries @ $1000/day. More Soviet-era Western tanks about to be destroyed. More howitzers that will go the way of those they have sent before. More HIMARS that will also be slowly, but systematically destroyed. It will be a slow, expensive, bleeding in both men and material.

Plus, all this will have to happen from the background of increasingly more angry European citizen; citizen who were never asked whether they wanted a war and the castration of their economies, and who – with the possible exception of the “Cermans” – will grow more and more intolerant of being told to shut up, pay, lose their job, and freeze.

Time clearly works for Russia. Also, Russia had a clear idea of what they wanted to do, when to escalate, how to react to any possible development, etc. The NATO countries had no Plan B. When the sanction failed, they stood there naked, stupid and, now, freezing.

Incompetent leaders have followed the Twitter mob and thought they would get an easy victory. They will now have to suffer, and we will have to suffer because of them.

Meanwhile, the outcome of this conflict was decided on the 24th February, and nothing will change in that, bar a nuclear confrontation that makes everybody lose.

Invented Diseases

One of the things that anger me most these days is the adoption of liberal ways from the alleged “conservatives”.

The language of the enemy must never be used, unless it is to mock it.

Latest example: the increasing frequency with which alleged conservative outlets like Breitbart and others, mention “gender dysphoria”.

There is no gender dysphoria. There has never been. There will never be.

What has always been there, and will always be there, are madness and sexual perversion. A guy is not afflicted by a “condition” that makes him believe he is a gal. A guy is barking mad or, far more likely, a pervert.

It’s as simple as that, it’s the reality that has always been around us. Supposed new diseases are merely the trick of the devil to make us accept abnormality as normal.

We need to react, in the comments or however we can, to everyone from the (alleged) right crowd adopting talking point of the wrong crowd. To accept the language of the enemy is to adopt, or at least condone, the thinking of the enemy.

We think the way we talk. This is why propaganda is so important and every tyrant always makes such an effort to impose his own language.

There is no gender dysphoria.

The “gays” are sexual perverts. And miserable people.

“Reproductive rights” means baby killing.

If we refuse to talk right, we will end thinking wrong.

Lepanto And Putin

Today is the anniversary day of the battle of Lepanto.

It is also Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

I don’t know you, but I can’t avoid seeing the connection here.

Happy Birthday, Mister President!

Social Gospel?

Even he is bored by his own drivel.

I have been informed that the Social Gospel (so-called) has been a thing in the United States for about a century now. It seems to be a mild form of Liberation Theology, with a lot of the whining and the bitching but without the communism and the violence.

Well, let me be very short about this.

The Gospel is social. Christianity (better said: Catholicism, as intended within the frame of proper Catholic doctrine) gives you the framework for all the social recipes, all the social justice, all the social whatever you may desire.

You know what they say, that every time you make the word science be preceded by an adjective, it’s a clear indication that it is not science anymore (social science, political science, etc.). I think the same can be said about the word Gospel, and this “social” Gospel seems exactly the same to me.

There is no such expression in Italian. There has never been. Either Italians never understood the Gospel, or there is something smelling of rotten fish here.

As to the strange social construct mentioned in the title, I would love to know how many of its original proponents had lost the faith or were, even, sexual degenerates, as it is my conviction – proven by solid facts on countless occasions – that those two conditions are an extremely powerful fuel to every kind of deviation from the Gospel to the something gospel, where the word something signifies any kind of fake apostolate because one is very uncomfortable with the authentic one.

We are Catholics. When we are properly instructed, we have all the social doctrine we need, and we don’t need any social doctrine that is not there.

I would suggest a daily effort to save one’s soul instead.

This is, in fact, the most social thing one can do for both oneself and society.

Working Harder

Some days ago, I saw a guy on the walkway. He was a big, burly guy, and all of his body cried “I am a man”.

He wore a whig, I don’t remember of which colour anymore, likely blond. His rock must have been made for him by a tailor, because it contained his rugby-esque proportions without effort. The two thick, footballer leg that emerged from below it were enveloped in sort of leggings of some absurd colour, a kind of purple.

The guy was carrying out one of the most despised activities in nowadays Britain: feeding the darn pigeons.

I walked the other side of the street, but couldn’t avoid noticing Man-Joke. Not only his entire appearance attracted the attention, but the ostentatious way he was offering food to the pigeons actually screamed virtue, in the deranged way onl6 a man who believes himself a woman can signal virtue.

Nobody cared for him. Nobody even noticed the monstrous caricature of manliness exhibited by Man-Joke. In today’s Britain, where being completely covered in tattoos does not cause one to even blink, the guy must barely have had his existence as a human being noticed.

I could not avoid noticing the total failure. Freak Guy was dressed in that way exactly in order to attract attention. He was signalling virtue (in the stupid way a mad man can) with the obvious purpose of putting himself on a stage. Still, his performance had no success at all, it was a total bomb at the street box office.

And then it hit me.

Britain is too accustomed to every perversion to even give perverts the pleasure of having their unique brand of depravity recognised. No. Here in Britain, you will simply be ignored, as everything else has been condemned by someone, sometime, and the self-centredness prevents for giving a straw for everything happening outside of one’s little bubble.

Italian Trannies, no doubt, choose “homophobia” as their suicide reason.

I think the British ones will have to work harder.

Give Peace A Chance: Mundabor’s Nine Points Ukraine Peace Plan.

The past…

As it is fashionable to suggest peace proposals nowadays, I will allow myself to add mine to the mix. Whilst I am not a mega billionaire, I think my proposal will be way more realistic.

So, here we go.

Russia remains Russia. Crimea and the new provinces remain Russia, because they are Russia. It is senseless to propose that Russia had a vote redone. It’s like asking Italy to remake the Tuscany annexation vote.

Zelenski and his men go. Zelenskkki gets shipped to Florida, or shot, or poisoned. His friends are very fast in packing, or meet a bullet from very near. A new government gets in power. Possibly led by Zaluzhny. This way you have the toxic guys out, and more reasonable people in. Military people tend to be more realistic than corrupt comedians. A new page. Fresh wind. That kind of stuff.

Ukraine remains neutral and disarmed. An army of 50,000 max. A symbolic Air Force. There will be no navy anymore (see below). This is because Russia must be satisfied that no issues will ever come from that side. Without this, no peace will be achievable.

Russia gets all the parts of former Ukraine they are really interested in. This will be, largely, the part with a strong Russian component and/or strong Russian tradition. Nikolayev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, obviously Zhaporozhie (already Russia from today). Why? Because Russia wants them, because they belong in Russia, and because Putin will get them anyway. They are right on all accounts, btw.

Russia guarantees the boundaries of the remaining Ukraine. This prevents Poland, Hungary and Romania from carving out their own filet pieces out of it. I know that, for example, Lvov was traditionally Polish, and Galicia traditionally Habsburg/protohungarian. Tough luck. NATO does not advance one metre. Makes everybody happy in the long term.

Denazification is imposed on The Ukraine. Arrest and delivery to Moscow of all Neonazi commanders of Azov, Kraken etc. to be trialled in Moscow for crimes against humanity. Destruction of all monuments to Stephan Bandera. Ban on paramilitary or political organisations, cultural circles, or magazines glorifying Bandera or Nazism. Russia to bomb directly, Israel-style, in case of non-compliance.

Russian as Ukrainian official second language. No discrimination against Russian ethnic people remaining in the Ukraine. This is self-explanatory. Again, non-compliance to be bombed directly and without warning.

Ukraine can join the EU along the Austrian model. EU will find it difficult to keep poor, poor Ukraine out. As a result, EU has the privilege of pumping countless billions into a sewer. Ukrainians get a sweet, sweet cookie, one they longed for for decades. Stupid EU tax payers get to put their money where their stupid little flags are. Everybody is happy.

Vote on peace terms is held in NuUkraine. All the UN observers your heart desires. If they vote no, the war resume on the same day and, at the end of it, there will be no Ukraine. If they vote yes, it’s the will of the people. Democracy at work.


Very reasonable and realistic. Sensible, moderate, and eminently achievable. A peace for the real world, not Twitter fangirls and gender curious soy boys.

What does the Ukraine get, you will ask? Survival, peace, and the sweet, sweet EU cookie. They have deserved none of them, of course, but one has to give them something to prevent them from self-destructing to the last Neonazi combatant ( and his Nazi wife).

There will be no vote on this. I am no Musk. My readership of this proposal will be around 1500.

But I will get back to this post when the conflict ends and see what has gone differently, and why.

I almost forgot…

I will accept the Nobel Peace Prize. I will not take part to the ceremony but will send a written address to be read by whatever idiot is in charge of it.

Prize money to be paid to the SSPX, Italian branch.

No Appeal, Or: The Most Devastating Shock Imaginable.

If you are like me you will stop, at times, thinking of how it must be to realise that one is in hell. In all confidence, it tends to happen to me when I wake up at night, because I am a guy who does not get back to “sleeping mode” easily, and advancing age makes my mind revolve more and more often around the Four Last Things.

What always strikes me as so absolutely brutal is… the absolute brutality of it.

If I get a horrible tax bill, I can appeal and get it overturned. If I get a ticket for speeding, I can appeal and see whether the speed camera was rightly calibrated, etc. If I got a cancer diagnose, I could never exclude the possibility of medical error. Even if I were accused of homicide, I would have all possibility to defend myself and hope that justice works correctly. There would always be something that can happen next and change things.

In the case of hell, none of this applies. When one realises he is there, it is the most definitive thing on (or outside of) the planet. There is no “wait a minute”. There is no “there must have been a mistake”. There is no appeal, and there is no hope.

This, we all know. But I wonder how many really get it. How many feel it. How many get not the knowledge, but the shiver.

I have found myself, a couple of times, in the position to really feel what it is, of course within the limits of my poor, human imagination. I have imagined, vividly (as it happens to you, or at least to me, when I wake up at night), that it would happen to me. That it has happened to me. That I am in hell, now.

It’s not that I wanted it. I did not seek it. It is that, at night, my imagination works in 3D and Technicolor.

It was terrifying and, at the same time, a very salutary experience. Salutary but so difficult, that I don’t want to get into the “experiment” again. So shocking, in fact, that the aftereffect of that terror remained with me the day after, in broad daylight, whilst working at the office.

What I remember very distinctly, is the (initial) inability of the mind to even grasp the concept. Your mind, involuntarily but irresistibly, again and again, comes back to the concept of reprieve, of remedy, of “appeal”, of something that happens next and can change the outcome. This is obvious, I think, as our human mind is not really wired for the concept of infinity. Even the mass murderer condemned to life imprisonment realises his jail is, whatever comes next, **not forever**. In fact, even one condemned to death will soon realise – if he has a brain – that he has a last occasion to set up his house in such order that he will avoid hell, forever.

But the one who finds himself in hell, he is screwed forever the very moment he first realised he is screwed; and whilst the concept of screwed will be grasped immediately, the concept of “forever” will require a time of terrifying adjustment as the brain trains itself to understand what it really, really means for him.

This would be terrifying for one, like me, who has believed in hell all his life. I can’t even begin to fathom the sheer apocalyptic feeling overcoming the one who finds himself in hell after never giving a thought to it for decades, unless it be to mock it. The fear of hell I have is, at least, the product of the fear of the Lord. The reality of hell for one without (during life) the fear of the Lord must be the most devastating shock imaginable. I reflect on how many times it happens every day, and it makes for very sobering thinking.

I don’t want to find myself in that situation of imagination running wild again. Still, I think that the experience was salutary. It was a kind of preventative warning. It was like that “chi tocca i fili muore” (“he who touches the wires dies”) writing I saw on electricity pilons as a child, the black skull and bones on top of the words making the point once again for the illiterate and the incurably stupid. To me, the writing gave a slight shiver.

I wonder how many atheists, with degree and PhD, are just that stupid. Their intelligence, real or imagined, is just an obstacle to proper understanding, and the prelude, perhaps after decades of smugness, to the most devastating shock imaginable.

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


I have long thought about what has V II introduced that was, actually, an improvement.

I think I have, finally, found one.

This morning, at Mass, as I was observing the traffic wardens so expertly directing the masses of faithful toward communion, it dawned on me how things have changed since my time as a child.

You might not remember those years, but I do.

Constant traffic accidents in church. Old men crashing against frail grandmas, sending them to the hospital, or to the cemetery. Young boys turning without indicating, and causing countless tragedies when they impacted against pregnant mothers-to-be. Impetuous young men rushing to communion in flagrant violation of the speed limit, causing a vast number of bereavements. Plus, there was the constant anguish of hearing the sirens of the ambulances, and the disruption of Mass that all this caused.

I remember that crossroads were particularly dangerous. When the stream of people coming from one side of the church merged with the stream of people coming from the other side, a funeral was never far away.

Plus, you need to remember that people, in those time, were far more rigid than they are today. Therefore, they could break bones (including the neck’s) much more easily.

This was clear for anyone to see. A constant tragedy of blood and despair.

Nobody did anything to prevent the carnage.

And then V II came. With V II, the Traffic Wardens were introduced. These brave men and women decided to risk the ultimate sacrifice in order to put an end to the massacre.

At the beginning, many of them fell in the line of church duty. But it was not in vain. In time, it worked.

Today, you can go to Mass safe in the knowledge that, thanks to the Traffic Wardens, you will never risk hospital, or death, in the dangerous stretch between your pews and the priest distributing communion.

Yep. The more I think about it, the more I am persuaded that this is a huge improvement.

It must have been the Spirit Of Vatican II, you see…

The Three Europes, According to Putin

You tell me if this guy looks like he is bluffing…

Putin’s yesterday speech was long, momentous, and utterly brutal.

I would like, here, to take one part of it and say two or three words about what I think this part of the message meant for the conflict, for Russia, and for all of us.

Putin made two clear distinctions. The first, between Russia and the West. The second, between the “Anglo Saxons” (means, here, UK and USA) and the rest of the West.

From a military/political point of view, he sees the US bullying the rest of the west, with the UK serving as Dobermann and all the others as Chihuahuas. From a cultural point of view, he sees the USA as leading a wave of madness and degeneracy, with the Dobermann trying to keep up and the Chihuahuas more or less ready to obey orders.

There are, therefore, in this vision, three Europes.

The first one is Russia. This is the Europe which wants to stay Europe. The Europe which reveres its cultural and religious values and keeps honoring traditional Western European culture. The Europe for which a penis makes you a male and a vagina a female, with all that entails.

The second one is the Anglo Saxon bloc. This is the Europe which wants to become a madhouse. Trannie soldiers, celebrations of degeneracy in every form, corruption of the youth since childhood, rented uteruses for rich perverts, “parent 1 and parent 2”.

The third one is the remaining European Countries. Some of them more traditional, some of them veering towards madness. All of them, unable to make their own path and to escape the immense economic pressure of Big Bullying Fag.

If you ask me, Putin has reassured the first Europe, thrown down the gauntlet to the Second, and told the Third to choose side.

This was a very intelligent move. A lot of Poles, a lot of Czechs, even a lot of Ukrainians hearing him talk of “Parent 1 and parent 2” will instinctively know – in fact, will not be able to deny – that, however much they may hate him, he is right on fundamental, foundational, civilisational questions. They know what the Anglo Saxon Faggotry is trying to do to their children and nephews. They know what their instincts, basic decency, and religious traditions says about that.

At home, in Russia, where his popularity is unabated and gaining ground, millions will have heard his words as if it was music. He promised them that Russia will not, ever, slide down the path of sexual degeneracy. In fact, Russia is tightening its degeneracy legislation right now.

As to the third, the Degenerate Europe (and West), he has clearly stopped to care. We will be mocked, and deservedly so. We will be ignored, and deservedly so. I hope it does not happen, but I am sure that, if we deserve it, he will bomb the living shit out of us, too. This is what, at some point, might happen if you allow your country to become a Sodom.

Sodoms have this strange tendencies to attract destruction.

More has emerged from yesterday’s event, but I wanted to throw some light on this aspect here first.

Because, whatever you may think of it, this is a conflict between the forces of light and those of darkness.

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