In Season And Out Of Season: About Christianity’s Decline In Great Britain.

There have been articles recently stating that Christians are now less that 50% of the British population. It is, of course, nonsense. Christians are likely less than 10%, even including the lukewarm ones, and they are rapidly decreasing. Millions of official Christians are atheists; mainly, they are Anglicans, waiting to die.

We are now in the Christmas season, and you see absolutely nowhere a link between Christmas and Christ. It is done in order “not to offend”.

The same happens in absolutely everything else. Christianity is offensive. You are still allowed to say that you are Christian, but this might, in the next years, be challenged via the so-called “hate” legislation, which is proving a real cancer for the Country. Of course, Muslims haven’t much to fear from it. They have both machetes (very few) and victim status (all). They will likely be fine.

Why I say all this to you? Do I think that the so-called Church of England can reverse her decay? Of course not. Anglicans cannot, but Catholics still can.

There is still enough critical mass in England for Christians to go on the offensive. However, in order to do that it is necessary that the Church in England remembers what her role is, and acts accordingly.

You seldom hear of a controversial homily; when that happens, the bishop will be very fast in apologising; when you hear a Catholic bishop in the public sphere, it is normally concerning social issues.

Of course the Country dechristianises itself. Christianity is not preached anymore. At least it is not preached in everything that makes it specifically Christian, in all the matters in which Christ offends the world.

Every time you hear a homily, or a prelate on the radio, you know you will hear words chosen exactly for their lack of controversy. Even when they choose (and they are a minority) to voice a mildly Christian point of view, the priest or bishop will always be very minded to soften the blow and, therefore, unavoidably neuter the message.

If a talk about sodomy needs to begin using words like “compassion” and “inclusion”, you have lost already and it would have probably been better to shut up in the first place.

Paradise is not really inclusive, and in hell there is absolutely no compassion. In fact, not even the blessed souls in paradise have any compassion for the damned. The damned have obtained what they have deserved. That’s it. Every form of “sadness” for the damned is simply not compatible with the unimaginable (to the human mind) happiness the souls enjoy in paradise; a happiness that is fuelled by the constant knowledge that everything is exactly as it should be, and no damned soul is allowed to disturb this perfect harmony in the least degree.

In paradise, no mother has any sadness, and therefore any compassion (that is: the ability to suffer with another one), for her damned son. Let that sink in.

Does any bishop tell you that? If he does, does he think it? I doubt, because if he did, his interviews and newspaper articles would look very different.

The decline of Christianity in the UK is not the fault of the many atheists. They are doing their (literally, damned) job. It is the fault of the Catholic clergy who are not doing theirs.

It would be so easy, so easy! Believe you me, there is a quiet, desperate search for answers all around me. There is a spread, but barely expressed desire for a solid grounding, a solid meaning, a scope in life that goes beyond promiscuity, divorce, financial ruin (for the male) or desperate search for intimacy (for the female), old age, decay, nursing home, death, cremation, and utter disappearance.

Brits want, like every human, to confront themselves – at the very least, they long to be forced to confront themselves – with the main issues of life, beyond the stupid virtue signalling that is such big part of the modern, vastly practiced religion of goodism. But they never have anybody willing to give them what they confusedly feel they need. When they listen to a supposed Christian voice , they hear the same rubbish they hear everywhere. It’s not easy, here in Blighty, to get a rooting in the faith unless you already have one, or are, out of your own, God-willed volition, determined to get one for yourself.

The emasculated Church in England has completely neglected the Christian message. The Protestant Mickey Mouse outfits actually mostly hate it, or are embarrassed by it. The BBC (almost no day without some article about some “good pervert”) have taken over the role of educators and moral guides. Nobody challenges the atheists and the worldly without telling them how good they still are, and how many points of common they think there are with Christians.

Let me put me bluntly: you can’t try to find points in common with the enemies of Christ. It is fully irrelevant that, in their own stupid way, they want “a better world”. The problem is exactly that they don’t want Christ and His commandments in it.

We are called to be Catholics in season and out of season.

To my knowledge, not one single prelate, here in England, is up to the task.

This is why Christianity declines .

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  1. With a very few exceptions, the schismatic Church hierarchy has been filled (the Podesta emails spoke of this coordinated “Spring” of the Church) with blackmailable criminals and more “traditional” controlled opposition to legitimize the overt criminals. The SSPX apparently is OK with this, which is troubling. The flock is scattered and many no longer know the voice of the True Shepherd. The members of the N.O. parish I used to attend voted overwhelmingly Democrat, many dismissing their abortion stance as “only one issue”, and “I hate Trump”. I have been told the “masses” are very short, sometimes 15minutes, and the practice of putting out the crosses for the aborted babies has been discarded, as well as the annual March for Life trip. A large part of this conversion from Christianity is that parents want to eliminate the idea that their children are sinful, and divorcees/co-habitors want to be in the Church, and the idea that they are in illegitimate marriages abolished. They no longer accept absolute Truth. But God is merciful, and the scattered Faithful have many sources online, and books. That said, at the diocesan TLM parish I attend, we recently had a “communitymeeting” to discuss what we liked about the TLM, and what of the N.O. could be used to “improve” the TLM (LOL, as IF!). The Sacraments will probably be abolished/perverted, valid Masses criminalized as “hate”. We are under chastisement, and it is going to get worse.

  2. Amen. God bless you Mundy:+)

  3. Opportune et importune….In season and out of season.
    The motto of The Militiae Sancta Mariae [Knights of Our Lady].
    Several different groups are around with differing views, some traditional some resistance, some novus ordo. One new one founded by Bishop Fellay in 2018 to provide for the wreckage of the order from the resistance mindset that infected much of the leaders and caused the destruction of large groups in the SSPX.

  4. Joseph D'hippolito

    This is what happens when one church (in this case, the Church of England), receives state patronage and support. Eventually, that church identifies more with state and societal elites than with Christ, thus emasculating itself spiritually. If you think that’s not a risk for Catholicism, just look at Germany, where the Kirchensteuer supports both Catholic and Protestant churches. Or, look at the Vatican, with its unfolding financial scandals.

    I’m not arguing about theology here, but about human nature. Those who receive money, favor and privilege from the state will not bite the hand feeding it.

  5. I believe GB is in much worse condition than we are in the States. (I know we will follow their path if we don’t change.) The influx of Albanians and others on the southern coast every day is causing tremendous harm to the demographics. Mark Steyn on GB News does a great job of narrating the collapse but I don’t believe there will be much left of ‘Jolly Old England’ in another year or two…maybe less. And the demise of the US will be a slower but equally painful one, unless somehow citizens decide they have had enough. I’m not holding my breath for that.

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