Actions And Words: On Post-Couf Mass Attendance.

Western catholic bishop, 2020.

Catholics are not coming back to church after the “pandemic”, at least in the USA.

Somehow, I struggle to be surprised.

All over the West, Catholic bishops were at the very forefront of the movement to restrict the religious liberty of their own faithful.

As so often in these disgraceful times, they sent to their sheep an extremely powerful message: worldly cares always come before Christ.

Of course, this was not said that way. When you think that Christ needs to sit at the back of the bus, you always need to look good to those you allow to sit at the front. But seriously, no one bought the “care for the elderly” stunt.

If the Bishops had thought that Christ comes first, they would have told so, first to their sheep, and then to their political class. They would have threatened to raise hell if the elementary religious freedom of being able to attend Mass had been curtailed. They would have excommunicated Catholic politicians imposing such a tyranny, and they would not have cared for what Francis says, because…. Christ comes first.

All this has not happened. The people in the pews, already confused by utter lack of proper instruction, have – confusedly, but clearly – received the message: if Mass attendance was unimportant then, why would it be important now?

Nor do the parishioners really think that, by stopping mass attendance, they are risking hell. They were never told that when they were attending. Instead, they heard all that drivel about the “joy of Christ”, making Mass look like a happy-clappy celebration of the oh so holy, and oh so nice, communiteeeeee in attendance.

Guess what? These people are now reflecting that, as they are so holy and nice, they don’t need to do something which, in fact, not even their priests and bishops consider so important.

Excuses will never be in short supply. The one will say that he prefers to sing his praise to the Lord whilst hiking over beautiful hills. The other will say that he can spend the time he was wasting in traffic talking to his son about the joooooy of Jeeeeeesus. A third will simply reflect that, if Mass attendance had been so important, the bishop would never have been so fast in telling everybody to stay home.

From the perspective of these poorly instructed people, they are not reasoning badly. They are merely building on the half lies and unspoken truths they have been exposed to for many years, and to the attitude of their pastors when they were tested.

Actions speak louder than words.

One would think a bishop knows that.

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  1. This post expresses my thoughts better than I could. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Well said, my dear M. What occurred in 2020-2021 was so existentially EVIL I can still scarcely believe I lived through it—the lies, the hysteria, the lockdowns, the epidemiollogically worthless masks worn before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, hiding our faces from Him and one another. The Mass cancellations, the parking lot Masses, and I believe in one wretched development “drive-through” communion. Then the roll out of the major sacramental of Covidism (the new religion really)—the “blessed vaccine”—loved and spiritually caressed by every Karen and beta-male in the pews and most prelates. To this day, in the vestibule of the local NO parish near me are repulsive signs with cutesy slogans about Jesus “smiling when we sanitize”. (I offer it up). The Eucharistic Ministers do indeed “sanitize” with aplomb in the sanctuary for all to see before administering Our Lord. Of course most are masked.

    I found refuge and sanity in my little SSPX mission parish. Mass not cancelled even once. No mask requirement, no “elevation” of the vaccine from the pulpit—just beautiful, unspoiled, soul-enriching Catholicism throughout those dark months.

    The overwhelming decline of The Church and Western civilization approaches like a freight train. The casualty count will be colossal. Islam will fill the vacuum in most places. The catacombs will be alit with a tiny Remnant—may Our Lord bless and keep them.

  3. Sadly my elderly aunt has not gone back to mass. Yes, she doesn’t go out much but she does go to lunch with friends, to the doctors, to family gatherings etc. but no longer to mass. Her old pastor cemented the lack of mass attendance saying “it’s not about coming to mass it’s about LOVING people.” I have yet to tell her she is committing serious sin…just pointing out how important mass is, that it’s what keeps us strong and sane, and that there is no other love than the love of Our Lord. Prayed a novena for her to return to St. Anne and ask my Guardian Angel every day to look out for her. Hopefully God will give me the grace and charity to speak the words she needs to hear i.e. you are breaking the 3rd commandment. I don’t know if I will add the “and you are risking hell” part. Yet. By God’s grace she will return soon:+) God bless~

    • Hi Maggy,

      Maybe you can remind her what Jesus said: the greatest commandment is to love Our Lord. We do that by worshipping and adoring Him at Mass in the Blessed Sacrament. Loving our neighbor is secondary. God Keep you and your auntie.

  4. I was still living in the Portland, OR area at the time of the ‘lockdown’. Our SSPX chapel was allowed to have 12-14 people in the chapel and cry room. We were reminded PLEASE do not chat in the parking lot after Mass because the chapel was in a very liberal part of the city and we were being watched. But those priests never stopped the Masses. We could not attend every Sunday or Holy Day, so we signed up for space. But it was certainly better than the rest of the churches, which were closed. I will never forget that the SSPX priests did that. A secondary effect is that they gained a lot of admiration from other Catholics, who saw that those priests took their work seriously.

  5. jacintapichimihuida

    Nailed it once again! Thank you for your directness.

  6. Just another Glorious Fruit of Vatican II.

    P.S. The same people who demanded that we lock down, mask up and take the clot shot for the sake of the elderly, believe in euthanizing the elderly (and seem to have taken the occasion to do just that).

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