Snake Oil In A Stylish Bottle

One of the things that make my heart boil is the use of wrong, but good-sounding comparisons to advance an argument that is obviously wrong. Such a behaviour is a lie, it is a fraud masquerading as sensible reasoning.

Take, for example, the heretical claim coming from this Baetzing guy.

He tries to mask his poison behind a facade of common sense logic. The problem with that is that there isn’t any and he is willingly deceiving you.

No, Mr Holmes. The Church has no physical organs. It cannot ever die because it is Indefectible. Jesus has said nowhere that the teaching of the Church need to change or the Church will die.

On the contrary, the message of Jesus is extremely clear on the immutability of truth. If you love me, keep my commandments. There is none of that “change or die” rubbish in Catholicism. Truth is true forever, God – who is, as this genius should know, immutable – does not fashion a new truth for those who don’t like the old one.

This Baetzing guy, whatever his sexual tendencies (and I allow myself to have my suspicions here, because this level of deception shows that Satan is strong with him) is lying to his sheep, selling them snake oil in a stylish bottle.

Truth does not change. I knew it at six, this miserable con man tries to look smart at sixty and looks, to every proper thinking Catholic, like the fraud he very well knows he is.

This guy, and everybody like him, needs to be defrocked, because he is nothing to do with the One True Church.

Let him become a Protestant, and then he will be able to blather clever-sounding, but extremely stupid slogans as much as he likes.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    Tell that to Francis, any of his episcopal minions or to JP II, who unilaterally and arbitrarily changed centuries of teaching on capital punishment for murder, which I wrote about:

  2. Here is a fruit of the myth of evolution, which is so entrenched that few people recognize it as being fantastical and pernicious. This, coupled with the desire to do what is wrong, is what allows people to think that the essence of a thing can be altered.

  3. This Baetzing guy has cognitive issues. He is not logical. The Catholic Church does not change, evolve, mutate, deteriorate, or die. If she does these things, she is clearly NOT the Catholic Church, but SOMETHING……else.

  4. Mundy.You are on fire!Keep writing.I agree with everything you say about these evil Prelates who sully The Faith.Let us hope that the Good Lord sends us a Traditional Pope who will clean house and eradicate the filth from the halls of The Vatican and wider Church.

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