More News From The Papal Maundy Thursday Mass

The appointment of the new Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations was not entirely a surprise...

The appointment of the new Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations was not entirely a surprise...

We must live in very strange times indeed if every hour can bring further, disquieting news from the very top of the Church.

At Rorate Caeli there is a blog post and video (which is copyrighted, so I will not re-post it here) shedding further light on what has happened yesterday besides what I have already reported about.

Please note the following:

1. the official announcement of the fact that the Pontiff washed the feet of people of

different nationalities and faiths, including at least two Muslims and two women,

I have never read in the Gospel Jesus washed the feet of heathens, but again Jesus would obviously not be taken as an example of “inclusiveness” and “dialogue” by Pope Francis (Jesus came bringing a sword, Pope Francis came bringing peace) so He doesn't count. Perhaps Pope Francis has a different Bible than I, though. I am told in Argentina they do strange things anyway.

2. the horrible, horrible, horrible liturgy.

I have heard some sugary crap in my time, but what you hear in the video passeth my limited understanding of ugliness. It's like torture in the kindergarten. I cannot believe there are people – children, or adults – who can believe this utter crap has some semblance of spirituality and be in their right mind.

Called me a Conservative Catholic if you so wish, but to me if your liturgical views are gravely flawed your theology will be gravely flawed too. Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi. There's no escaping this simple truth.

Only two weeks into this papacy, and we wonder when it will end.

I am afraid we are only at the beginning.



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  1. No, Mundabor. I would not call you a Conservative. We are both Traditionalists – this is lamentable, ghastly, appalling, but the intended fruit of the foul Conciliar heresy and the Modernist revolution in the Church – here’s Benedict Carter:

    ”This Conciliarist Church deserves to collapse and collapse utterly. The Spirit of Revolution (which modern Catholics like to claim as the “Holy Spirit”) rules…How to remain charitable when all one feels is total contempt for the Hierarchy which has given us this Revolution with all its hurt and pain, and nothing but disdain for the modern Catholic who for the most part sounds, talks, thinks and moves just like any other protestant heretic?”

    The vile heretics – Balthasar, Lubac, Kueng, all the rest of them, who plotted the Modernist revolution at the Council and destruction of the Faith are cock-a-hoop.

    • Ah well thanks, but I am both a Traditionalist and a Conservative.. 😉

      Benedict is, as very often, right.

      I so wished he wouldn’t so often delete his beautiful comments after writing them, perhaps thinking they aren’t charitable.


  2. Pope Francis suppressed the TLM in his archdiocese thus being guilty of disobedience but likes to be obeyed without question himself. So there should be some interesting events in the future.
    I notice that he reminded the Jesuits of their special vow to support the Pope after his own election but I can’t find any record of him doing so previously. I think it was Fr. Barron who said that he was told by a wise old priest that disobedience is ALWAYS linked to unresolved sin, usually sexual, so O’Brien’s demise, for instance, was no surprise to me.

    • I like the idea of the unresolved sin, and have also written about this in the past; I do believe all those “dissenters” have some embarrassing skeleton in the closet.

      Has Father Barron come around to the fact people go to hell in the meantime?

  3. I did correct him and actually received a reply from him. I pointed out (on Youtube) that Our Lady had said at Fatima that many souls go to hell. He replied that the Church’s teaching trumped any apparition no matter how important ( butI hope that some of his video viewers took the point if he didn’t)

    • Well but that’s exactly the point: Church teaching says people do go to hell! I do not want to see the “Catholicism” series because with Barron you never know whether he is helping you to get to heaven or to hell.


  4. The constant bigging up of Francis as Pope Humble 1st is getting rather tiresome. Whatever one’s misgivings, the celebration of the Maundy Thursday liturgy was touted as a “private”. So be it.
    But then we have selective film and stills of a particular moment, but not the most important moment: the Consecration.
    There appears to be some serious displacement activity going on in this papacy.
    It’s like watching a headstrong country boy being egged on by the urbane sophisticates to tinker with the outward signs as a diversion from tackling the real and present problems within the Vatican.

    • Yes, I wonder how long the Pope Humble I (nice, this one!) will go on before it becomes rather stale.

      In the end, either this Pope starts talking about abortion, contraception, sexual perversion and the like, and then he will be unpopular; or he doesn’t, and then the talk about the humbleness will be just an excuse not to do his job.

      Your remark is also very apposite that for a private liturgy it had pretty much of a media echo…


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