Germanwings: May We Please Have Non-Muslims Pilots?

The Gateway pundit has reported German sources who say the Co-pilot of Germanwings who flew himself and 149 others to death had converted to Islam. The German prosecutors let us know that there is no religious motive, and the girlfriend dumping him or a more generic depression were at play.

I want to believe the German prosecutors would not go as far as to willingly suppress a possible motive as too dangerous for their career and too explosive in general, but I cannot persuade myself that this is not possible, either. Germany is PC central, and the German prosecution service is attached (other than the Italian one, which is why in Italy not even Prime Ministers are immune from prosecution) to the Government, which means that incurring the ire of the Justice Minister and the Chancellor is not going to be good for your career, at all.

In any way, I have not read any official confirmation that the man had not converted. Which makes it probable, if eye witnesses say he was frequenting the mosque, that he had, and the prosecutors simply consider this a non-event as far as the investigation is concerned.

I beg to differ.

Girlfriend dumping or no girlfriend dumping, it is clear that Islam (the “religion of peace”, remember?) is just one of those thing which might transform a depressed whino into a mass murderer. Add the hate for the West to the already explosive cocktail of depression and romantic disappointment, and there you have it: Satan’s party trick.

I wonder now: how can any aeroplane with a Muslim pilot – particularly a convert, but not necessarily – be a safe aeroplane? Granted, most Muslim pilots are certainly peaceful people with no intention of trying to fly into some skyscraper or simply on the ground, but you can never know when the next “sleeper” (convert or no convert) will strike. Shall captains, therefore, never go to the bathroom anymore? How can we make the cabins accessible in case of emergency without making them accessible to terrorists in 9/11 style? We can’t escape this fact, that this kind of behaviour is compatible with orthodox Islam, and would be praised by those who take it seriously. The fact that most muslim actually don’t does not change a iota in this elementary fact.

I would at least have the option of choosing a “certified non-Muslim operated aeroplane”, as this would do much for my ease of mind. But I suppose this goes against the oh so sensitive PC legislation in the EU, so I guess that other aeroplanes will have to go down before sanity takes charge.

The irony of this is that, if the motivation was a religious one, not even the Islamists will profit of it. There isn’t much glory in killing 150 people in a mass murder you can’t put your label on, and whilst it will make some bastard in some mosque very happy the first element of terrorism act (spreading fear) would not be reached anyway.

But in the end – and to close – it could be that the Islam component was simply that: was moved a suicidal man to fly another 149 “infidels” to death with him.

May I have a non-Muslim equipage, pretty please?

I am afraid not. At least until sanity comes back.



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  1. Talking to my 88 year mother the other day, she said ” Why did the Captain have to go to the Bathroom? It was only a half hour flight couldn’t he last even that long”?

    • This is perfect after the fact wisdom.
      A captain is perfectly free to relieve his bladder whenever he feels like it. There are two pilots, of which the captain is obviously not thinking one of the two is a jihad warrior or a homicidal nutcase.

  2. Well, well, well, the “religion of peace” strikes again! No surprise here, alas! How many more of these terrors are we going to suffer before we awake from our stupid PC stupor?
    I feel sorry for the poor passengers murdered for no reason. May God have mercy on their souls.

    • Well we don’t know, but it certainly is a hypothesis. And even if it was not this time, one wonders how long it is before it happens for real ( or again).

  3. In the US, there must always be two people in the cockpit. If one of the pilots must step out, then a flight attendant or Air Marshal steps in. I think you will se the EU and Asia adopting this rule. We have seen foiled terror plots involving planes here in the US since 9/11, but none of them have involved the cockpit in their designs.

    • Seems a rule whose adoption would be now automatic, but I doubt a female flight attendant who is not trained ad hoc can be any match for a man determined to kill everyone, and therefore her first.


  4. The co-pilot was no muslim. None of his friends means that.
    The post in the Blog of Michael Mannheimer meanwhile does not exist!

    (I am a German blogger an live in the near oft the co-pilot’s home in Montabaur)

    • You are now going too far on the other side.

      Mr Mannheimer states the mosque is the object of investigations. This is factually true, or factually wrong.

      What his friends say is neither here nor there, then he could have kept his conversion from them. I know Montabaur myself directly and from the tales of an acquaintance of mine, and remember it as a rather conservative kind of place. I doubt the news of conversions to Islam would make you many new friends.


  5. Can you think of anything worse than a Moslem airline pilot on Prozac?

  6. I saw a screen shot of a facebook page wherein ISIS lauded the actions of this muslim brother. The post said that the site was taken down but the screen shot was taken before this could happen…Can’t vouch for its authenticity (the facebook page) but it looked genuine. Just sayin’….Prior to seeing this post or having any inkling of a possible muslim dimension, I said to a work colleague that the action was evil – depression and being jilted just doesn’t cover it and the colleague agreed. It simply was not fathomable even with the depression/jilted context. Methought he was possessed…which is tantamount to the same thing.

  7. Silly me – it was on the same post to which Mundabor refers…

  8. You say :

    The Gateway pundit has reported German sources

    But the link you supply says :

    A German news website claims Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim convert. reported:

    So, if I have it right, is it not just the one site which makes this claim ? That’s all I ask, because I believe accuracy is important. Thanks.

    At the same time, I feel sure you may well be correct to impute a certain lack of dedication to the truth from “one or two” persons involved n investigating this horrific event, above all political and economic considerations, credetemi, per piacere.


    • What makes me think is that a journalist say that a mosque is being actually investigated. Which, unless he is a storyteller, he would have from moles at the prosecution authorities.

  9. Here’s another report: Germanwings Alps disaster: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz trawled suicide and gay websites before crash

  10. I have long made it a rule of mine never to fly with any Middle Eastern airline. My father made it a rule of his, never to employ a protestant company. I have simply taken it one step further never to fly on a Muslim airline.

    • The problem is when you fly Lufthansa, and your captain is called Saladin…

    • An exception to this rule is EL AL which is one of the safest airlines in the world! No chance there to find a “Saladin” flying your airplane!
      In a previous post, I was too quick to label the co-pilot of Germanwings a Muslim, only because of the “déjà vu” familiar pattern (911 comes to mind), which made me fall into the trap without sufficient proof. Mea culpa!

    • No. Fully reasonable. The hypothesis must be formulated.

  11. This is a terrible human tragedy. Fringe bloggers can write all they like regarding the co-pilot’s so-called conversion to Islam. Until a reputable and reliable news or government source confirms his ‘conversion’ it should not believed. Yes, the crash was an evil, unspeakable act of murder. But it’s not time to declare him a radical jihadist. Come on people. Think. Critically.

    • Hey, apprentice thinker…
      You are here writing on your free time about “fringe bloggers”, which means that are very relevant for you.
      As to your little collection of banalities, it is indication of everything but critical thinking. Actually, it is the refusal to even think.


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